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Skeeter SL190 (2005)

1 x 150-hp Yamaha Four-Stroke

Brief Summary

Test engine -- 1 x 150-hp Yamaha Four-StrokeBest cruise -- 31.4 mph @ 3,500 RPM

Cruising range -- 207 miles

What is your idea of a perfect weekend? How about heading out early to catch dinner, getting back quickly to pick up some friends or the family, changing into your swimsuit and then heading back out for a day of skiing. You no longer need two boats to do it. Skeeter took some of the best of its fishing features from its rigs and combined the luxury of a ski boat to make a great combination to fit both needs in one hull. This year’s redesign of the SL190 is definitely a demonstration of luxury, comfort, and craftsmanship on board.