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Southport Boats 27 Center Console (2013-)

Brief Summary

Breathes there a man with soul so dead that never to himself has said -- after seeing a Southport 27 -- "She's a real beauty!" Designed by the world-renowned firm of C. Raymond Hunt & Associates and built by a team of experienced big-boat builders who decided to strike in small-boat territory, the Southport 27 was first introduced in 2003 and turned heads at boat shows all over the American East Coast.
Trouble was that ownership of the company changed hands several times, were usually under capitalized, and the brand was slow to get traction. Then the Great Recession hit.
Now the Southport 27 CC is back and she is owned by a far larger company than ever before, one with profit centers in diversified composite manufacturing for the U.S. Military and heavy industry. Construction of the boat has been moved from North Carolina to Maine and the future for the Southport 27 CC has never looked brighter.