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Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW (2016-)

1 x 150-hp Mercury 4-stroke

Brief Summary

Thanks to the light weight of aluminum plus the carefully-engineered hull design -- what Tracker calls the Power-Trac offset transom -- the Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW delivers performance that's competition for high-performance fiberglass bass boats with similar power. She approached mile-a-minute speeds with just 150 horsepower in our test runs. She's a fully-loaded bassing machine typical of those from the Tracker stable, with a 12-volt Minn Kota trolling motor, Lowrance Elite 3 sonar and an aerated livewell with timer among the standard features.

Key Features

  • Tracker's largest aluminum Mod V boat
  • Oversized step-to-bow deck area
  • Lighted 27-gallon aft livewell
  • Minn Kota trolling motor, Lowrance fishfinder, Mercury outboard and trailer
  • Backed by The Tracker Promise warranty
  • Versatrack accessory-mounting channel
  • Power-Trac offset transom and Revolution variable-deadrise hull with Smooth Ride Guarantee
  • 2 folding fishing seats and 3-across cockpit seating
  • Lockable center rod box

Test Results

700 3.8 3.3 0.55 6.91 6.01 187 162 72
1000 5.4 4.7 1.05 5.1 4.43 138 120 86
1500 6.7 5.8 1.7 3.91 3.4 106 92 88
2000 14.2 12.3 2.55 5.57 4.84 150 131 91
2500 23.7 20.6 3.05 7.77 6.76 210 182 96
3000 27.5 23.9 3.85 7.14 6.21 193 168 99
3500 31.5 27.3 4.7 6.69 5.82 181 157 101
4000 35.2 30.6 5.85 6.02 5.23 162 141 105
4500 41.3 35.9 7.7 5.36 4.66 145 126 107
5000 47.5 41.3 10.3 4.61 4.01 125 108 110
5500 55.4 48.2 12.65 4.38 3.81 118 103 117
5800 57.9 50.3 14.25 4.06 3.53 110 95 120


Length Overall 18' 7'' / 5.66 m
Beam 98''
2.49 m
Dry Weight 1,770 lbs.
803 kg
Tested Weight 2,271 lbs.
1,030 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 10-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,350 lbs.
612 kg
Person Capacity 4
Fuel Capacity 30 gal.
114 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 2,271 lbs.
1,030 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.3 sec.
0 to 30 8.1 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 14 5/8'' x 24'' Tempest Plus SS
Load 2 person, 9/20 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 89 deg., 80 humid.; wind: 0-0 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 150-hp Mercury 4-stroke
Std. Power 1 x 150-hp Mercury 4-stroke
Opt. Power 1 x 115-hp Mercury ELPT FourStroke
1 x 25-hp Mercury ELPT FourStroke
1 x 9.9-hp Mercury ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust ProKicker
1 x 90-hp Mercury ELPT FourStroke
1 x 115-hp Mercury Pro XS FourStroke


Deck Warranty Extended Limited Lifetime

Captain's Report

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW running shot

At 18’7” (5.66 m) LOA, the Pro Team 195 TXW is the largest boat in the Tracker Mod V Series.


The Pro Team 195 TXW is designed to deliver plenty of bang for the fishing buck, with a base price for boat, motor and trailer of $24,795. At 18’7” (5.66 m) long, she’s the largest boat of her kind that Tracker produces, making her big enough for larger lakes and rivers. She comes with a 150-hp Mercury 4-stroke that the builder says produces speeds approaching 60 mph.
Her large bow deck and aft deck area gives anglers plenty of room to fish and the boat comes standard with a Minn Kota trolling motor and a Lowrance fishfinder, and there are two on board livewells with a dividing tray and storage for a collection of tackle.
Passengers sit comfortably between hot fishing spots on three bucket seats, with storage below the center seat, and fore-and-aft pedestal fishing seats are included., The Pro Team 195 TXW features an integrated cooler and buyers can also opt for a second console to port.
And for $24,795, the boat comes on a single-axle trailer with a fold-away tongue and a jack, creating a complete package.

Features Inspection

Guaranteed Performance.

Tracker’s "Revolution" hull comes standard on the Pro Team Series and the manufacturer sells the boat with a Smooth Ride Guarantee, which states that the Tracker Revolution hull will give the driver the smoothest ride in an aluminum Mod V boat, or the buyer can return it within 30 days for a full credit towards any Tracker boat of equal or greater value, it’s a testament to how comfortable most people find this boat.


Tracker uses 5052 marine-grade aluminum for the all-welded Pro Team 195 TXW’s one-piece hull and transom, having a good mix of strength and corrosion resistance.
There are “all-welded” and “all-riveted” camps among small aluminum boat buyers and builders, but both methods can produce long-lasting craft, and Tracker’s construction is commendably robust and expertly finished.

The longitudinal stringer

system is welded by robots for high uniformity and a better fit in the hull, creating a one-piece unit before it’s set in place, supporting the hull below and deck above.
Two-part expanding foam provides the level flotation required by the Coast Guard, stiffens the hull skins and makes any aluminum boat, much quieter and more pleasant at speed. The pressure-treated plywood decks should also last a very long time. In fact, the deck has a lifetime limited warranty.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW hull

The one-piece stringer grid is pressed into the hull and welded in place for unitized construction.


The Pro Team 195 TXW rides on a color-matched, powder-coated trailer that’s treated with what Tracker calls “Galvashield” corrosion protection. It comes with a one-year warranty, and a three-year guarantee against structural failure due to corrosion alone. The Tracker trailer is equipped with chrome wheels, a swing-away tongue and diamond-plate step pads so owners can climb aboard easily.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW trailer

With a package weight of 2,541 lbs. (1,153 kg), the Pro Team 195 TXW can be towed by many mid-sized vehicles.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW floorplans

Above, the Pro Team 195 TXW has plenty of space to move around for a boat that’s less than 19’ long. Below, Tracker provides plenty of storage space.

Features Inspection


The Pro Team 195 TXW’s 39-sq. ft. (3.62 sq. m) forward deck is the largest that Tracker has ever produced on an aluminum bass boat. Standing securely all the way forward on this boat, which challenges the form stability on any small boat with the narrowing waterline below, is the result of the carefully proportioned deadrise distribution in the hull.
The bow is equipped with a Minn Kota Edge trolling motor with 55 lbs. (25 kg) of thrust, which is plenty for a boat of this size and freeboard, and a 45” (1.14 m) shaft. There’s also space for optional electronics forward, and even a trim switch for the outboard motor.

There’s a pedestal base

for a removable fishing seat just abaft the trolling motor foot pedal control. Tracker also has something it calls a Versatrack mounting system along the gunwale which allows the owner to easily attach and remove accessories, including rod holders and cutting boards.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW carpet

The bow casting deck and all the walking surfaces are covered in 16-oz. marine-grade carpet.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW fishing seats

Removable fishing seats fore and aft let anglers relax during a long day on the water.

Aft Deck.

The centerline bucket seat back folds down so anglers can step up to the aft fishing deck. The area spans the full beam back aft and has storage tubs outboard with a 27-gallon (102 L) aerated livewells that features a timer and recirculation systems. Outboard on each side are two more small lockers. The large aft hatch opens to provide access to the twin batteries (a third is an option) and to the livewell and bilge pumps.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW fold down seat

With the middle center bucket seat back folded down, it’s an easy step up to the aft fishing deck.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW livewell dividers

Tracker supplies a divider for the livewell so that fishermen can keep different species of bait separated.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW blue led lights

For night fishing, the livewell is equipped with blue, low-amperage LED lights.

The Helm.

The Pro Team 195 TXW’s helm console comes with a removable acrylic windscreen, and a dark soft-touch brow to reduce glare from the speedometer and gauges. Between the gauges is a bungee cord that holds a cell phone in place, for instance, if the driver wants to use a navigation app. To starboard, the Lowrance color fishfinder mounts on a bracket, while below, the throttle is comfortably located on the gunwale.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW helm

A safer boat to run: The dash panel design puts all of the gauges up high, and clear of the steering wheel, so that the driver never has to look down to check speed or engine rpm.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW cell phone holder

In the center of the panel, a bungee cord can hold a cell phone in place.

The Seats.

The Pro Team 195 TXW has two fixed bucket seats outboard and the third folding seat in the middle. In addition to folding down for access aft, it pulls forward so that the boater can get to an optional third battery. There are also handholds between the seats.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW cockpit depth

Notice the depth of the cockpit next to the helm seat. Our test captain felt that he sat deeper, and therefore felt more secure, in this boat than other bass boat models.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW cup holders

The cup holders forward of the middle seat are easy to reach, but out of the way when moving about.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW center seat forward

The center seat can fold forward for access to the optional third battery. Also notice the grab handles.

Storage Space.

Tracker combines open storage and dedicated fishing lockers intelligently in the Pro Team 195 TXW. In the bow, two outboard compartments measure 3’8” x 2’3” x 1’3” (1.1 m x .69 m x .4 m) and the center locker has a rod rack and a guide map on the underside of the hatch, indicating maximum rod length. There are bungee cords for securing rods on deck, dual dry storage tubes and a cooler in the step leading from the cockpit to the forward fishing deck.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW center locker

The center locker can accommodate up to 8’ (2.44 m)-long rods and there’s a legend on the underside of the hatch to tell fishermen where to store their gear.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW rod bungee cords

Bungee cords in the deck keep extra rods secure during a trip between fishing spots.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW rod space

Ahead of the port bucket seat, there’s space for six more rods in this dedicated rack.

Power and Performance

The Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW has a LOA of 18’7” (5.66 m) and a beam of 98” (2.49 m). With an empty weight of 1,770 lbs. (803 kg), 45% fuel, test power and two people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 2,271 lbs. (1,030 kg).
The Pro Team 195 TXW is powered by a Mercury 150-hp 4-stroke outboard and with a 24” pitch Tempest propeller, we ran the boat to a top speed of 57.9 mph at 5800 rpm. The engine burned 14.25 gph giving her a range of 110 miles. Best cruise was 23.7 mph at 2500 rpm, where she burned 3.05 gph, giving her a range of 210 miles.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW running shot

With a 150-hp 4-stroke outboard, the Pro Team 195 TXW ran 57.9 mph.

Fast and Quick.

What Tracker calls its “Revolution Hull” has the running surface stopping short of the transom. This reduces wetted surface so top end will be a tad higher. The truncated running surface would, however, have the happy effect of feeding a cleaner waterflow to the prop, with the engine effectively set further aft, marginally improving acceleration from a stop. In our tests, the boat planed in 3.3 seconds and ran to 20 mph in 5.1 seconds and to 30 in 8.1 seconds.

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW revolution hull

The Revolution hull uses variable deadrise to create a flat aft running surface, and this “twist” in the bottom also helps keep the bow down at speed. Here is a good view of the the notch in the transom that provides cleaner water to the propeller.

Options to Consider

• Vinyl floor and decks: $200 (makes the boat easier to clean)

• Trailer brakes upgrade: $445 (we’d strongly recommend the best possible brakes for the trailer -- this is no time to be cheap!)


The base price for the boat, trailer and motor is $24,795.


The following items are part of the Tracker Warranty --

• 5 year bow-to-stern warranty

• 3 year warranty on powder coat finish adhesion

• 3 year warranty on factory-installed trolling motor and fishfinder

• Limited Lifetime structural and deck warranty

• Provisions for transfer to second owner

• One-stop factory warranty solution

• Full coverage throughout the warranty period — No pro-rating

Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW fishing shot

The Pro Team 195 TXW has everything a fisherman needs to head straight to the lake.


The Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW is a very well built aluminum bass boat that has the size and performance to handle medium to large-sized lakes and rivers safely and comfortably, for the prudent, experienced operator.
For the price, she comes well-equipped with a trolling motor, fishfinder, divided livewell, plenty of storage and a trailer.
The 150-hp 4-stroke motor is plenty of power -- fast without being inherently dangerous for the inexperienced operator -- and still efficient enough to make operating the boat very economical. The trailer rounds out the package to make this a true turn-key rig.

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