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Triton 225 WA (Not in Production)

Brief Summary

The boat pictured above looks like a small express to us, because we expect a true walkaround to have deep side decks that are easy and safe to maneuver as one walks around the boat working a fish – that means having one hand on the pole and the other on the crank. That translates into “two hands for the fish and none for angler or the ship...” That’s why “walk arounds” were called walkarounds. It meant that in a sloppy sea you could actually walk around the perimeter of the boat and keep your balance by leaning against the center console or cabin on one side and the gunwales and life rails on the other side. It meant that you could move from stern to bow working a fish much like you would on a center console, but with the added advantage of having the convenience of a cuddy. Now, none of this should detract from this very nice looking 22’ Triton, because by any other name it is still a nice looking 22’ Triton.
There is a good reason that the lines, hull shape and topsides of this Triton 225 WA look so graceful to our eye, and that is because it was designed by a man who is a life-long boater, a former boat race driver, and career boat builder. He is a man who has wrung more fresh and saltwater out of his socks than most, and who therefore knows what a well-designed boat “should” look like, how it should function, and how it should ride and handle. His name is Earl Bentz, and at 57 years old he is one of the legends in the boat building industry.

Let’s get past the “WA” nomenclature and find out more about the Triton 225 WA, more about Earl Bentz, and about a $7,000 rebate on the 225 that is like manna from heaven.