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Two Oceans 555 (2023-)


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Brief Summary

Two Oceans put together some of the biggest names in catamaran design… names such as Du Toit Yacht Design and Teignbridge LTD among others. The result is an exceptional yacht with premium qualities that can be customized to an owner’s liking. 

Test Results

600 4.4 3.8 0.7 6.2 5.4 4195 3647.5 69
1000 7.1 6.2 2.6 2.7 2.4 1843 1602.8 74
1250 8.3 7.2 4.5 1.8 1.6 1238 1076.1 76
1500 9.6 8.3 7.9 1.2 1.1 825 717.8 76
1750 11 9.5 12.7 0.9 0.8 584 508.1 80
2000 10.9 9.5 182 0.6 0.5 405 352.5 85
2200 14.6 12.7 22.8 0.6 0.6 432 375.9 85
2400 17.9 15.6 26.2 0.7 0.6 462 401.8 85
2600 21.6 18.8 30.8 0.7 0.6 473 411.6 85
2800 24.7 21.5 35.9 0.7 0.6 465 404.4 81
3000 27 23.4 43.6 0.6 0.5 418 363.2 82
3200 29.7 25.8 57.4 0.5 0.4 349 303.7 84
3300 29.5 25.7 58.6 0.5 0.4 340 295.7 83


Length Overall 57' 7"
17.6 m
Beam 25'
7.6 m
Dry Weight 49,600 lb
22,500 kg
Tested Weight 52,782 lb
23,942 kg
Draft 3' 6"
1.35 m
Bridge Clearance 28' 6"
8.69 m
Fuel Capacity 750 gal
2,600 L
Water Capacity 200 gal
760 L
Total Weight 52,782 lb
23,942 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Props 25.98" 5-blade nibral
Load 2 persons; 450 gal. fuel; 50 lb gear
Climate 72 deg., 62 humid; wind: 10-12 mph, seas:0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 550-hp Cummins QSB6.7
Std. Power 2 x 370-hp Yanmar 8LV
Opt. Power 2 x 550-hp Cummins QSB6.7

Captain's Report

Two Oceans 555: A Collaborative Catamaran

Two Oceans 555

The Two Oceans 555 is a luxury catamaran designed for extended stays onboard. 


The Two Oceans 555 was created to be an on-the-water home with luxurious appointments that can cruise with family and friends.

Major Features 

  • Resin-infused construction
  • High bridge deck clearance
  • Sacrificial low drag keel
  • Prop tunnels for shallow draft
  • Standard on-deck master with 4 staterooms/4 heads
  • Galley island with electric lift TV
  • Dual tender/water toy storage and launch locations
  • All exterior decking is non-skid and painted with Awlgrip


The Two Oceans 555 has an LOA of 57’5” (17.7 m), a beam of 25’ (7.6 m) and a draft of 3’6” (1.35 m).  With an empty weight of 49,600 lbs (22,498 kg), 60% fuel and four people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 53,522 lbs. (24,277 kg).

With twin 550-hp Cummins 6.7 diesels turning 25.98” (65.98 cm) 5-bladed Nibral propeller and run up to 3300 RPM, our speed topped out at 25.7 knots.  Best cruise came in at 2600 RPM and 18.8 knots.  At that speed, the 30.8 GPH (116.6 LPH) fuel burn translated into .6 NMPG and a range of 411.6 nautical miles, all while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 750-gal (2,839 L) total fuel capacity. 

two oceans 555

Top speed during our sea trials was 25.7 knots. 

Now to be fair, this test was conducted with the Humphree Interceptors turned off. These are custom-made pieces by Humphree and they follow the curve of the tunnels that the props are nestled into.  With them turned on, the team at Two Oceans reports an additional 2 knots realized over the range of power settings. 

two oceans 555

Here we can see the sacrificial keel that channels clean water to the tunnels just behind. 


One of the most noticeable characteristics in her handling was in the acceleration where the 555 comes up on a nearly level attitude.  There’s also no rumbling as the props come to life.  These traits are thanks to some interesting design features.  Firstly, there’s a small extended keel ahead of the prop tunnels that forces clean (i.e. not aerated) water into the prop tunnel.  Add to that the extremely close tolerance between the prop diameter and the tunnel and you have a very efficient propulsion combination.

two oceans 555

The props are fitted into the tunnel with extremely close tolerances. 

In heavy seas, she responded in true cat fashion with the narrow bows cutting through the waves with no pounding.  There was certainly wind-blown spray that was unavoidable but a comfortable ride nonetheless.  In following seas, the bows still had plenty of buoyancy to prevent any hint of stuffing and the ride smoothed out considerably. In beam seas, she maintained a level attitude throughout.

two oceans 555

Notice the molded-in spray rails that contribute to her dry ride.   

two oceans 555

The 555 has a wide stance and a high bridge deck clearance. 

Boat Inspection

Aft Deck

The aft deck is the first of many social zones on the 555 and it’s accessed via stairs from both swim platforms and boarding gates to both side bulwarks.  Being on a cat with a 25’ (7.62 m) beam this aft deck is, not surprisingly, huge.  We measured it in at 24’9” x 10”5” (7.53 m x 3.17 m).  It’s protected by the extended flying bridge deck 6’8” (2.03 m) off the main deck.  Two Oceans created this area with an open floor plan so it can be fitted out with a limitless combination of furniture choices and layouts.  This owner chose a minimalist design with two wicker sofas, both three across, and a coffee table in between. 

two oceans 555

The aft deck is open to accommodate an owner’s desire.  Here, two wicker sofas and a coffee table make up the opposing seating layout. 

Ahead is a row of cabinets that can also be custom outfitted with the usual cast of features ranging from a wet bar, ice maker, refrigerator, TV… the choice is vast.  This owner chose to simply keep everything open for storage.  A control station with twin engine controls is mounted to port inside the side deck. 

two oceans 555

Aft there’s a platform on a hydraulic lift and cradles in the center indicate its use as a launching platform for a tender or PWCs.  It has a lift capacity of 1,000 lbs (453.59 kg). 

Engine Compartments

The engine compartments are accessed from large hatches in the aft deck.  They are largely mirror images of one another except for the 21.5kW generator being to the port side compartment. 

The compartments are roomy enough to allow full access around the 550-hp Cummins 6.7L engines.  Dual Racor filters are standard. While there are huge alternators on the engines to put power into the batteries, there’s also a separate system from Integral that runs off of a power takeoff on both engines and they blast a fast charge into the huge Victron Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that power the house systems.  So, if these batteries get run down, fire up the mains and the house batteries will be topped off in about an hour.  This system of running the entire vessel off these batteries really makes the generator little more than a redundant system. 

Also impressive is the lower rail running the length of the engine room that serves as a full-length drain for all the deck hatches and overboard systems so that there’s only one single thru-hull for discharging.  Even the flying bridge deck will drain into the hollow support stanchions at the aft corners of the aft deck and into this rail. 


We enter the salon and galley area through a sliding glass door that opens a full 4’2” (1.27 m).  A separate glass bulkhead alongside adds another 2’4” (.71 m) to the opening.  The entire interior is bright and open thanks to the light tones combined with the surrounding windows providing a near 360-degree range of visibility.  Overhead treatments include contoured sections that serve to separate the zones and there’s no shortage of LED lighting.  Most importantly, the main deck is on a single level, from the aft edge of the cockpit deck to the forward interior bulkhead… no steps to contend with. 

two oceans 555

The interior of the 555 is all on a single level.  The salon is to port, and the galley is to starboard.  Dining is ahead. 

Salon seating consists of a wraparound sofa with a padded ottoman in front.  Windows come down low enough to provide visibility to the horizon from the seated positions.  Manual shades are provided, which are sure to last longer than their electrically actuated counterparts.  In the aft corner, there’s a glass-enclosed set of shelves.  Climate control vents are built into the valances over the windows. 

two oceans 555

The decking is low-maintenance fabricated wood.  A simple bulkhead separates the salon from a loveseat forward. 


The galley is to starboard, and it includes plenty of Corian counter space and no dead ends to limit the chef’s travel.  Acrylic counters are standard.  The usual cast of appliances is provided as standard including a 4-burner cooktop, full-sized refrigerator/freezer and a double basin sink with a garbage disposal.  Options include a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, a wine cooler and an ice maker.  We always look for an extraction fan over the cooktop and here it is a model that has a pull-out feature that activates both the fan and the downlights.  The fan also is vented to the outside. 

two oceans 555

The galley is treated with wood finishings.  Notice the island has the Corian continue down the sides.  The two doors seen here conceal the TV. 

two oceans 555

The overhead treatments add to the upscale look of the 555.  Notice the amount of storage in this galley. 

There’s also an island with the Corian counters continuing down the sides in a waterfall effect.  To the side that faces the port side salon, there’s a 55” (139.7 cm) TV on an electric lift.  However, there are also bi-fold doors that can be opened and slid into the sides of that TV so it can also be viewed in the lowered position.  A cool setup, especially if the surface above is being used for serving. 


The dining area is forward and to the starboard side.  It consists of L-shaped seating surrounding a solid wood table mounted to a pair of hi-lo pedestals.  Directly across and to port is another area that can be customized to an owner’s liking.  Design requests seem to have an abundance of wet bar preferences.  A lower helm is another popular request.  In this instance, there’s simply a three-across sofa. 

two oceans 555

The dining area is forward on the main deck and a seating area is just across.  Notice the access stairs to both sides leading to the accommodations. 


A watertight door between the two forward windows leads to the bow social zone.  It includes U-shaped seating with storage underneath and a fiberglass table on a hi-lo pedestal, all in a recessed area flanked by 47” x 80” (119.38 cm x 203.2 cm) sunpads on the elevated bow deck. 

two oceans 555

The bow gathering area is recessed into the foredeck. 

A set of stairs leads to the foredeck that is largely open with several hatches over ginormous storage compartments.  A compartment to starboard includes a ladder leading down and rod holders flank one side.  Then there are two hatches over the ground tackle.  As is typical with a cat, seats are integrated into the bow rails to each side. 


The flying bridge is accessed from molded stairs to the starboard side of the aft deck.  Standard arrangement for the stairs is to have teak treads all the way up, but this owner requested teak only for the three lower steps and then a transition to molded nonskid. 

Once up on deck, there’s a lot to like as it’s a combination of large social areas and a center-mounted operating station.   Social zones start up front with an L-shaped settee to the starboard side of the helm.  A forward-facing bench seat is to the port side with cabinet storage and counter space just ahead. 

Behind is J-shaped seating wrapping around a poly table on two hi-lo pedestals.  A pair of freestanding directors chairs rounds out the seating capacity.  Opposite to starboard there’s a wet bar with Corian counters, a sink and storage.  Refrigeration can be added upon request.  Just abaft there’s a grilling station with plenty of prep area right alongside.  Having the grill located this far aft keeps it our from under the protection of the hardtop that is mounted 6’5” (1.96 m) off the main deck.  There’s ample storage space under this wetbar/grilling station that can be populated with refrigeration, ice maker, wine chiller or just left open for storage. 

two oceans 555

Here we can see the multiple social zones of the flying bridge.  Notice the single windshield ahead of the center-mounted helm. 

two oceans 555

The wetbar is ready to accept any number of customer-requested appliances.  The grill is aft out of the cover of the hardtop. 

Further aft is an open boat deck that can store a dinghy that would be launched by a portside-mounted crane with a 1,000-lb. (453.59 kg) lift capacity.  Rails surrounding the boat deck are removable to facilitate launching and retrieval. 

The helm is forward and center mounted. Two Oceans equips it nicely with standard equipment including dual 16” (40.64 cm) displays, dual Cummins displays, autopilot and a remote spotlight.  Normally the engine controls are mounted on the flat but on our test boat they’re mounted at an angle, and slightly in the accidental strike zone.  The double-wide Stidd helm seat is standard.  Dual Stidd seats are optional.  Most notable is the large tempered glass windshield mounted to the top of the console with heavy mullions to the sides that also serve to support the hardtop. 

To port of the helm console, there’s a walkway to a forward space that, on our test boat, was fitted with a double-wide sunpad.  An option for this space is to have the walkthrough removed and the area populated with solar panels. 

two oceans 555

The helm comes completely outfitted with everything seen here.  Even the Stidd seat is standard. 


As for accommodations, there are many choices starting with a standard on-deck master stateroom in lieu of the dining area and adjacent sofa on our test boat.  In addition, we can opt for…

  • 4 stateroom/4 head with on-deck master
  • 4 stateroom/4 head with lower deck master
  • 3 stateroom/3 head with on-deck master
  • 3 stateroom/3 head with lower deck master

In the case of our test boat, this owner chose the 3 stateroom/3 head with one of the staterooms being the master to port. 


In this case, the master is to starboard, downstairs with fairly steep 11” (27.94 cm) risers.  At the base of the stairs is a sliding door that reveals a stacked washer/drier.   In a nod to Two Ocean’s level of attention, it wasn’t lost on us that that sliding door is held in position by magnetic latches in both the open and closed positions, so no rattling with underway.  Additionally, the drier is vented to the outside. 

The master berth is located forward and measures in at 77” x 67” (195.58 cm x 170.18 cm).  It’s mounted at right angles to the keel and faces a hullside window with an integrated portlight.  Storage is underneath the window and under the berth.  Headroom is 6’9” (2.05 m) which leaves 3’6” (1.06 m) over the berth.  Additional features include custom wood accent cabinetry, nightstands with outlets that include USB connectivity, a fabric headliner with recessed LED lighting and stylized overhead treatments.

two oceans 555

The master stateroom is just forward of a sitting area that has a wall of storage across from it. 

two oceans 555

The master has a queen-sized berth with steps to the sides.  Storage is ahead and below the berth. 

Moving back towards the stairs, there’s a sitting area with a loveseat under a hullside window and it’s facing a massive storage bulkhead with a mix of cabinets and drawers.  Continuing aft and down two steps we come to the master head which is a split-head design.  It starts with the water closet that houses the sink and electric flush toilet behind a closed door.  The main portion of the head is open and includes his and hers vessel sinks atop a solid surface counter.  There’s storage below and above is another hullside window with an opening portlight.  Across is a vanity surrounded by storage.  There’s a walk-in shower behind opaque glass. 

two oceans 555

The master head is in two spaces.  The toilet and sink are enclosed behind a door.  The rest of the head is open except for the walk-in shower.

Guest Staterooms

The guest staterooms are over to the portside hull and there are two.  One forward and one aft.  The VIP is forward with a 75” x 66” (190.5 cm x 137.64 cm) berth mounted athwartships, much like the master.  Headroom is 6’9” (2.05 m) leaving 3’8” (1.11 m) over the berth.  Just outside the entrance is the ensuite head. 

two oceans 555

The VIP stateroom is forward with an ensuite just outside the entrance.

two oceans 555

Like the master, the VIP faces a hullside window. 

Aft is the guest stateroom with two 32” x 77” (81.28 cm x 195.58 cm) berths side by side under a hull-side window.  A filler cushion can be utilized to create a single larger berth.  The headroom of 6’3” (1.9 m) leaves 4” (1.21 m) over the berth.  Another ensuite is just outside the entry door. 

two oceans 555

The guest stateroom features side-by-side berths.  A filler cushion combines the two if desired. 

Options to Consider

Vessel layout upgrade options

  • Open plan main deck with helm station and wet bar. 4 Staterooms and 4 heads on lower deck (See layout options)
  • Open plan main deck with helm station and wet bar. 3 Staterooms and 3 heads on lower deck, master stateroom starboard on owner’s version (See layout options)

Optional interior upgrade 

  • 4 x blue underwater lights

Optional galley upgrade 

  • Dishwasher -Fisher &Paykel DD2SAX9N
  • Splendide 110v washing machine
  • Splendide Dryer 110V
  • GE Deluxe wine center 110V
  • GE 15 Inch Nugget Icemaker

Optional Flybridge upgrade 

  • Dual Stidd Flybridge helm chair upgrade
  • Ice maker – Vitrifrigo 115v
  • Kenyon electric barbeque
  • Propane BBQ
  • Air conditioning

General optional upgrades

  • Retractable shore power lead Glendinning cable master 50A 75ft cable
  • Remote motorized SPOTLIGHT on mast
  • Floodlights: Hella Marine 2X Aft deck and 2X Flybridge
  • Additional transom ladder and shower

Optional davit and transom platform upgrades

  • Steelhead E1000 davit on upper deck
  • Tender lift on lower deck with custom platform

Engine upgrade options

  • 2 x 550-hp Cummins QSB6.7 diesel motors coupled to KMH52 gearboxes, Temmet 25 shafts and fixed propellers with flex couplings
  • Cummins standard electronic engine controls and instrumentation panels at helm console
  • 24v high amp alternators to charge house bank on each motor
  • Water locks and exhaust system to keep noise levels as low as possible
  • Dual Racor fuel filters for each motor
  • Fireport in each engine room
  • Grey paint finish below waterline on the interior of the boat and service areas
  • Sound seal for both engine compartments
  • Main Engine ventilation system: via remote operated fans and fire shut off system
  • Sea Fire system to both engine room spaces
  • Power-assisted hydraulic steering system with emergency override
  • 1 x Onan 19kw MDKDV Generator with sound shield, waterlock and dry exhaust

Watermaker options

  • Sea Recovery Aqua Matic
  • Spectra Newport 1000 110V 111lt/Hr watermaker
  • Spectra Newport 400 24V 54lt/Hr watermaker

Instrument upgrade options – all instrument upgrades are priced on request 

  • KVH TracVision TV5
  • AIS send and receive
  • Sounder module
  • Other instrument requests to be discussed with Sales agent
  • Wind Speed and direction/Barometer
  • Flir Camera


It’s vividly apparent that a lot of design thought went into this boat and as we walk through her, you can feel it, you can see it. While I may not agree with a lot of the customized features that went into this boat, it’s all that the customer wanted and you can't fault the company for those kinds of decisions. But to me what that does is it emphasizes how much the company is willing to do for a customer and how far they're willing to go to customize this boat exactly to your specifications.