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Tyde Icon

Brief Summary

What if you could take this emission-free luxury transport from the road and bring it to the water? BMW, in collaboration with electrical engineers and experts in foiling and boat construction and the new boat builder -- TYDE -- has done just that with THE ICON.  Let your imagination run and think of the possibilities.

The BMW-inspired Tyde ICON seen measures 44’2” (23.5 m) long and is 14’9” (4.5 m) wide and is powered by a 240 kWh BMW battery bank providing energy to drive 2x 100kW motors turning aft-facing dual props.  She travels on three foils, and is said to have a top speed of 33 knots, and can cruise 50 nmiles at 24 knots.  She is for sale, and the company is looking for dealers.