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Vicem Yachts Classic 58 (2019-)

2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11

Brief Summary

The Vicem Classic 58 is, as her name would suggest, a traditional yacht built to reflect the Downeast style of cruiser, and she’s true to form with her conventional shaft and rudder propulsion system to her interior finished in fine mahogany by craftsmen at the builder’s yard in Turkey. However, this “classic” takes traditional to a new level, as Vicem has built her from mahogany, using cold-molded construction and encapsulating the entire hull in West System epoxy. The result is a hull with a solid feel that sets her apart from the rest of the competitive set of production yachts.

Key Features

  • Cold-molded construction of mahogany and WEST System epoxy
  • Twin 725-hp Volvo Penta D11 diesels with conventional shaft-drive configuration
  • Hand-built mahogany interior
  • Galley-down, three-stateroom, two-head layout
  • Extensive mechanical space and lazarette
  • Aft-deck galley console with grill, sink, and refrigerator
  • Available bow and stern thrusters
  • Moveable folding table can serve aft deck or salon

Test Results

600 7 6 2.1 3.4 2.9 2227 1936.9 72
1000 10.5 9.1 7.1 1.5 1.3 972 844.9 73
1250 12.3 10.7 13 0.9 0.8 622 540.5 73
1500 13.9 12.1 23 0.6 0.5 397 345.3 76
1750 19.1 16.6 31 0.6 0.5 405 352 75
2000 24.5 21.3 44 0.6 0.5 366 318.1 78
2250 28.3 24.6 58.5 0.5 0.4 317 275.9 79
2450 31.4 27.3 75 0.4 0.4 275 238.8 80


Length Overall 58′ 0'' / 17.68 m
Beam 16′ 7''
5.06 m
Dry Weight 59,500 lbs.
26,989 kg
Tested Weight 62,139 lbs.
28,186 kg
Draft 5′ 0''
1.50 m
Deadrise/Transom 16.5-deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Person Capacity 12
Fuel Capacity 730 gal.
2,763 L
Water Capacity 220 gal.
833 L
Total Weight 62,139 lbs.
28,186 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 13.1 sec.
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 5 persons, 1/4 fuel, 1/4 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 83 deg., 78 humid; wind: 6-12 mph; seas: flat

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11
Std. Power 2 x 800-hp MAN R6 800 CRM
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Vicem Classic 58 running

The Vicem Classic 58 has more than just a handsome profile: She’s inherently different from almost every production yacht out there.


If the Vicem Classic 58 has one mission, it is to deliver a yacht to boaters who yearn to get away from cookie-cutter fiberglass cruising yachts. With a Downeast-inspired design set apart by all-wood cold-molded construction, she has a three-stateroom, two-head layout highlighted by lavish use of finely crafted wood—virtually impossible to find these days in anything but fully custom yachts. The reason for all of this is that she is built in Turkey where old-world shipwrights still ply their trade. The result is a yacht with a strong, puncture-resistant, a solid feel, a fine interior finish, and a backstory that’s a little more interesting than some of the other production yachts out there.

Distinguishing Features

    • All-wood cold-molded construction using mahogany and WEST System epoxy

    • Hand-built mahogany interior

    • Varnished mahogany aft bulkhead with a pair of wood-framed sliding doors

    • All-yacht entertainment system with Fusion stereo-control heads in each stateroom

    • Conventional shaft drive propulsion with rudder steering

A Word About Cold-Molding

First, let’s talk about what sets this boat apart from most boats on the market: Cold-molded construction. She’s built on a jig, where her structural members of laminated mahogany are sealed together with epoxy, then covered with strips of mahogany laid down in layers.

Vicem Classic 58 frame

The yacht has an all-wood framework, including the keel, stem, and transom.

Vicem Classic 58 wood

Laminated mahogany and Sapele structural frames undergird the hullsides. Vicem tells us all the wood is from farmed, sustainable sources. The angle of the grain of the first layer of mahogany strips is visible.

The first layer of the hull’s mahogany strips goes on at a minus-45-degree angle, fitted with galvanized boat nails and more epoxy. The next layer goes on at 45-degrees, so it’s at a 90-degree bias from the first. This forms a structure that capitalizes on the lightweight strength of the wood, using its grain as a structural element. Two more layers are added, on the bias to the angle of the last layer, with epoxy and nails.

Vicem Classic 58

This digital rendering shows the direction of the grain on the strips of the mahogany in two layers of the cold-molding.

Vicem Classic 58 hull

Here’s the nearly completed hull, with strips angled, butting one another tightly, and crossing the layer beneath.

Vicem Classic 58 e glass

A boatbuilder lays e-glass over a frame inside the hull to be hand laminated to seal in the cold-molded wood.

The Hull is Super Strong

The vulnerability of boats with fiberglass hulls is that they are easily punctured. That is why some builders have solid fiberglass below the waterline – they are more puncture resistant than boats with cored hulls. But the Vicem hull is far more puncture resistant than either one of them because of the multiple layers of cold-molded wood that is encased in the epoxy and fiberglass.

By putting fiberglass on the inside and the outside, Vicem attains the low maintenance advantage of fiberglass. The cold molding of wood in the hull allows the boat to be built without expensive molds being made, and gives remarkable strength to the hull.

Features Inspection

Vicem Classic 58 layout

The Vicem Classic 58 has a typical Downeast-style layout on her main deck.

Vicem Classic 58 docked

Her profile is unmistakably influenced by Maine designs, yet Vicem uses some traditional build techniques.

Swim Platform

Depending on the height of the dock, boarding is via the fixed swim platform or the side deck. The platform measures 4’2” by 15’10” (1.27 m by 4.83 m). The transom is 3’9” (1.14 m) above the platform.

Vicem Classic 58 swim platform

Our test boat had a fixed swim platform.

Vicem Classic 58 ladder

A telescoping reboarding ladder is mounted to the underside of the swim platform for easy access from the water.

A molded transom door is 24” (61 cm) wide and has a stainless latch, and it swings out on stainless steel hinges. Once open, access to the aft deck is up two steps. The two steps to the aft deck are differing heights with 11” (27.94 cm) and 10” (25.4 cm) risers, respectively. The Glendinning Cablemaster provides automated deployment and retraction of the shore power cable, sealing the cable behind a stainless cap positioned to starboard of the transom door.

Vicem Classic 58 transom door

When closed, the transom door is mostly noticeable by its hinges on the transom.

Vicem Classic 58 transom door

The transom door latches open, simplifying guest boarding.

Vicem Classic 58 pull out shower

A pull-out shower is handy on the inboard side of the transom stairs.

Vicem Classic 58 bulwarks

Hatches in the aft bulwarks offer access to the Cablemaster mechanism as well as stowage for docklines.

Aft Deck

The aft deck is finished in teak. Built-in steps to either side simplify access to and from the side decks. Along the transom, there’s a 9’ (2.74 m) long settee that bends around the port quarter with a 3’11 ½” (1.21 m) section along the port bulwarks. There’s an additional L-shaped seat forward to port, and a 25” (64 cm) wide single seat on the starboard side to round out this gathering space. Finely finished solid-wood trim pieces hold the cushions in place. Lockers beneath the cockpit seating across the transom as well as under the side seats to port and starboard keep gear handy yet out of the way.

Vicem Classic 58 aft deck

The welcoming aft deck has loads of seating for the crew to get comfortable.

Vicem Classic 58 lounge seats

This forward lounge lets a guest stretch out facing aft or inboard.

Vicem Classic 58 trim

The finely finished wood trim looks good while holding the cushions in place.

Vicem Classic 58

Hatches beneath the seating all around the aft deck conceal useful stowage.

Vicem Classic 58

Note the handy side-deck step to starboard as well as the locker under the seat.

An aft-deck table measures 29½” (74.93 cm) square and stands on a sturdy pedestal with a teak base. It unfolds to be 59½” (151.1 cm) long, and has a compass-rose-design inlay. Rather than have two fixed tables, one in the cockpit and one in the salon, Vicem created one table that can be moved to either location, or anywhere else.

Vicem Classic 58 table

When folded, the aft deck table doesn’t dominate the deck space.

Vicem Classic 58 table

Unfolded, the table is nearly 5’ (1.52 m) wide and can serve much of the transom lounge.

Vicem Classic 58

Two people can easily move the table in to the salon.

Vicem Classic 58 awning

An electric cockpit awning unfolds from the aft edge of the house top to shade the aft deck.

An aft-deck galley console has a counter that measures 36” by 29” (91.44 cm by 71.12 cm), and flips up on gas-assist rams to reveal a sink with folding faucet and an electric grill.

Vicem Classic 58 console

When closed, the console forward and starboard on the aft deck has a useful countertop.

Vicem Classic 58 grill

When flipped up on gas-assist struts, the cover reveals a sink and grill awaiting the chef.

Vicem Classic 58 refrigerator

A refrigerator and a locker are located beneath.

Foredeck Access

To get to the foredeck, the side decks are 13” (33.02 cm) wide aft, where a robust stainless steel rail provides security and is 26” (66.04 cm) high. Moving forward, the side decks widen to 22” (55.88 cm) wide alongside the trunk cabin where the rail is nearly 33” (83.82 cm) high. There are wooden handrails along the house top and the trunk cabin.

Vicem Classic 58 side decks

The side decks get wider and the rail height climbs as the beam increases forward.

Vicem Classic 58 hand rails

Varnished handrails along the top of the truck cabin improve comfort moving forward.

Vicem Classic 58 trunk cabin

Trunk cabin handrails are a pleasant addition, particularly if available lounging cushions are placed on the cabin top, for sunning at anchor.

Vicem Classic 58 cleats

A springline cleat with integrated chafe guard is built into the toerail outboard of either side deck.


On the foredeck, an Ultra anchor sits on a stainless pulpit, and is managed with a low-profile vertical windlass. Hatches to port and starboard open wide to offer access to the rode locker as well as stowage.

Vicem Classic 58 windlass

The vertical Lofrans windlass manages 328’ (102 m) of 1/2” (1.2 cm) chain, including 6’7” (2 m) of stainless chain. The rest is galvanized.

Vicem Classic 58 rode locker

Access to the rode locker is from both sides.

Vicem Classic 58 stowage

Stowage for fenders and gear is also accessible through the bow hatches.

Vicem Classic 58 trunk cabin

On the trunk cabin, hatches provide egress to the master stateroom forward as well as the port guest stateroom and the starboard guest head.

Vicem Classic 58 remote

The housetop has a remote-control spotlight as well as port and starboard hatches.

Vicem Classic 58 radar

A radar mast places the 4-kilowatt Garmin GMR 18 xHD radome in the optimal position.

Entering the Salon

Back on the aft deck, we can enter the salon through double doors made of varnished mahogany and glass. They slide outboard to allow entry to the salon and open to be 5’2” (1.58 m) wide. They can latch open to create an indoor-outdoor feel on nice days. There’s a step with a 7” (17.78 cm) riser up into the salon from the cockpit.

Vicem Classic 58 large windows

The large windows in the aft bulkhead and doors let in natural light while improving the view aft from the helm station.

Vicem Classic 58 aft deck

When the doors are wide open, they create an easy indoor-outdoor feel in the salon and aft deck.

In the salon, the first thing we noticed is, of course, the wood joinery. This is a trademark of Vicem as a yacht builder and they use mahogany veneer and solid wood to capitalize on the skill of its craftsmen in woodworking to make this interior special. The mahogany sole has holly inlay around the edge — something we only see in the best custom motoryachts — and the settees and cabinets are underlit with LEDs. The settees measure 7’ (2.13 m) long on both sides and have drawers beneath.

Vicem Classic 58 salon

The mahogany has a fine finish throughout the interior.

Vicem Classic 58

A drawer is built of solid wood and capitalizes on onboard space in the salon.

The salon headroom is the second thing we noticed – it’s 7’ (2.13 m) throughout. The salon is brightly lit from side windows and the windshield forward, in addition to the aft windows and glass doors.

Vicem Classic 58 salon

The scale of the salon is very comfortable, thanks in large part to its headroom, even at the elevated helm deck.

Vicem Classic 58

Shades block out the sun as needed, or prying eyes at the dock.


The helm console is at the forward end of the salon to starboard, constructed of finely finished mahogany joinery and placed to starboard forward in the salon, and has a compass mounted atop the console in line with the wheel. The helm deck is a 6” (15.24 cm) step up from the main deck, to give better sightlines.

Vicem Classic 58 helm

One doesn’t often see a helm console constructed of wood, but the Vicem craftsmen have done just that, and the finish holds up to close inspection.

The helm dash has a pair of 12” (30.48 cm) Garmin GPSMap displays. The next panel down has switches to port that operate the electrical system, such as bilge pumps, wipers and windlass, plus a dedicated autopilot control head. To starboard are the engine throttle and shift levers, the trim tab controls, and the levers to control the bow and stern thrusters.

Vicem Classic 58 garmin

The test boat had 12” (30.48 cm) Garmin displays but we think the helm could have easily handled 16” (40.64 cm) displays or even larger.

Vicem Classic 58 electrical

Electrical systems are controlled by helm-dash switches, including bilge pumps and wipers, while the Garmin autopilot had its own control head.

Vicem Classic 58 trim tabs

To starboard on the helm dash are the toggles for the Side-Power bow and stern thrusters, the Lenco trim tab controls with LED indicators, as well as the throttle and shift binnacle for the Volvo Penta diesels.

Vicem Classic 58

The leather-wrapped wheel is mounted on a tilt base.

Vicem Classic 58 windshield

The three-pane windshield is raked and each panel is 38” (96.5 cm) from top to bottom. The center pane is 38 ½” (97.79 cm) wide and the side panes are 41 ½” (105.4 cm).

Vicem Classic 58 windshield

We got used to the wide mullions on the windshield quickly and easily looked past them.

Vicem Classic 58 helm

The helm is served by a bench seat for driver and companion that’s 47” (119 cm) wide with a fixed back and mahogany arms.

Vicem Classic 58 foot rest

There’s a fold-down stainless steel and teak footrest to use while seated.

Helm Door

One of the best features of this helm is the door to the side deck. The door swings forward and latches open for ventilation, but also improves the view when docking, and simplifies the job of managing lines once in the slip.

Vicem Classic 58 helm door

The helm door has a cutout in its shape to help it swing past the bowrail.

Vicem Classic 58 door

The door swings forward to get out the way when the skipper needs an unobstructed view.

Vicem Classic 58 helm step

The helm door has a 9 ½” (.24 m) step to get out to the side deck.

Salon Features

Opposite the helm to port, is a bar console with stowage for bottles and glasses to facilitate onboard entertaining. The locker abaft the starboard settee houses the Fusion marine stereo and stows the remotes and other media electronics.

Vicem Classic 58 concealed

Concealed outboard of the starboard settee…

Vicem Classic 58 tv

…is a pop-up 40” (1.02 m) flatscreen TV.

Vicem Classic 58 console

The forward console has dedicated stowage for bottles and glasses.

Vicem Classic 58 bottles

Bottles stow in the shallow locker forward.

Vicem Classic 58 locker

The outboard locker holds up to 24 glasses securely in a seaway.

Vicem Classic 58 remotes

The crew will never lose the remotes if they’re stowed in this dedicated spot.

Vicem Classic 58 table

A cocktail table optimizes space with a couple of ottomans that tuck beneath it.

Lower Deck

Vicem Classic 58 accommodations

The accommodations plan shows a three-stateroom, two-head layout but the space is augmented by overheads of more than 7’ (2.13 m).


Down the companionway, consisting of five steps with 9 ½” (24.13 cm) risers equipped with LED courtesy lights, is the galley. The space has an atrium feel because it’s open to the windshield above for natural light.

Vicem Classic 58 galley

Looking down into the galley from the main deck, we can see it has an L-shaped counter.

The galley has finely finished lockers and high-end appliances, and is convenient to the helm for snacks. Refrigerator and freezer drawers keep food and drinks cold as well as in place in a seaway.

Vicem Classic 58 galley

Lockers provide abundant stowage and the joinery conceals appliances as well.

Vicem Classic 58 refrigerator

Refrigerator and freezer drawers stand at the ready to provide cold drinks for day trips or keep provisions for longer cruises.

A microwave and locker above are both ready for snack duty, while a pair of drawers expand the stowage for kitchen utensils tools and flatware in between. A four-burner Bosch cooktop is served by an overhead vent fan, and there’s a dishwasher beneath. An underhung sink set in the marble-effect Corian countertop has a view out the hullside window, and below is a locker with a trash can that emerges and opens its lid when the door is opened. A pair of opening portlights add natural light and ventilation.

Vicem Classic 58 microwave

The microwave is mounted in the galley joinerwork.

Vicem Classic 58 cooktop

A four-burner Bosch cooktop is set in the Corian countertop.

Vicem Classic 58 vent fan

A vent fan with light is mounted in the underside of the overhead cabinet.

Vicem Classic 58 dishwasher

A dishwasher has a wood-finished front to help it blend in.

Vicem Classic 58 countertops

The Corian countertops have a marble finish, not to mention the view from the sink, where a pull-out nozzle simplifies cleanup duty.

Vicem Classic 58

These opening ports, which measure 15” by 5 ½” (38.1 cm by 13.97 cm) add even more light and air to the galley.

Vicem Classic 58 ac dc

Behind two cabinet doors we find the AC and DC electrical breaker panels, set just above eye level.

Vicem Classic 58

In the sole of the galley, there is access to plumbing and bilges. Note the structural element of that cold-molded hull.

Vicem Classic 58 washer dryer

The companionway stairs lift for access to a combination washer/dryer.

Vicem Classic 58 tank

In the sole of the passageway beneath a hatch is the blackwater tank, with access to the fittings.


From the galley we head forward to the master in the bow. The passageway is enclosed in solid mahogany door frames and rounded bulkhead corners. The passageway is 25” (63 cm) wide, and has 7’3” (2.21 m) of headroom. The overhead is painted in gloss white to top off the classic feel.

Vicem Classic 58 accent

Note the holly-inset accent strip on the sole of the passageway and master leading forward.

Vicem Classic 58

The doors have curved frames at the top, 6’7” (2.01 m) off the deck. This is expensive to do and is a sign of superior craftsmanship.

Master Stateroom

The master stateroom has a berth that measures 78” head to foot and 66” wide (198.1 cm by 167.6 cm), so it’s wider than a queen-size mattress. The overhead is 7’2” (2.18 m) and there’s 4’7” (1.41 m) of headroom over the berth. The berth has reading lights to either side and sits 30 ½” (77.47 cm) off the deck. Again, the finish includes holly inlays and the rounded bulkhead treatments, something we rarely see on even the most expensive yachts these days.

Vicem Classic 58 berth

The berth has a 10 ½” (26.67 cm) step to either side, to make it easier to get in bed.

Vicem Classic 58 wood detail

This detail shows the fine woodwork of the master stateroom, a level of finish consistent with the rest of the interior.

The master stateroom is illuminated by hullside windows port and starboard and opening ports are placed high, in the sides of the trunk cabin. Lockers to starboard add stowage. A 27” (68.5 cm) flatscreen TV is mounted on the aft bulkhead.

Vicem Classic 58 shelves

There are 10” (25.4 cm) wide shelves beneath the hullside windows.

Vicem Classic 58 hatch

An opening hatch over the berth is an emergency exit, and is equipped with a sliding shade and bug screen.

Vicem Classic 58 hanging lockers

A pair of hanging lockers are in the aft quarters of the stateroom and the lights inside turn on automatically.

Vicem Classic 58 lockers

Starboard lockers have stowage for personal items.

Vicem Classic 58 stereo

To port the locker has a built-in 120-volt AC outlet and serves as a spot for media electronics, including a Fusion stereo control head.

Vicem Classic 58 tv

The flatscreen TV is positioned up high for viewing from the berth.

A hatch in the sole provides access to the batteries and connection box for the bow thruster. There’s also a through-hull here with a strainer for the air-conditioning and a pump.

Vicem Classic 58 hatch

This hatch in the sole of the master stateroom provides ready access to service points.

Vicem Classic 58 thru hull

Access to through-hulls is critical for safety and Vicem has done a good job of meeting “readily accessible” requirements—that is to say, it can be reached without tools— stipulated by the ABYC standards. The double hose clamps are a nod to CE standards.

Master Head

The master head on the Vicem Classic 58 is split, with the lavatory on the starboard side with a Corian counter with basin sink and lockers beneath, and a mirrored medicine cabinet above. Opposite is the standalone shower with an entry foyer for dressing, a bench finished in the same marble-effect Corian, plus a shelf for toiletries. The shower has a wand, an overhead rain head, and a teak grate over the sump for excellent drainage.

Vicem Classic 58 head

The starboard head compartment has a vanity with stowage for toiletries, as well as a medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

Vicem Classic 58 shower

The shower has a bench and an anteroom for privacy while toweling off.

Vicem Classic 58 teak

The teak grate ensures quick drainage to the sump.

Guest Stateroom

Abaft the master and to port is a guest stateroom with over-under berths. A locker has media electronics including a Fusion stereo. Beneath that is a 23” (58.42 cm) flatscreen TV, positioned to be visible from both berths, and a lighted hanging locker with split doors. A nightstand is next to the lower berth. Berths measure 77” (195.6 cm) head to foot by 34” (86.36 cm) wide and the lower has 27” (68.58 cm) of headroom above, while the upper has 28 ½” (72.39 cm). The overhead is 7’3” (2.21 m).

Vicem Classic 58 berth

The upper berth has access to a pair of opening ports to ventilate the space.

Vicem Classic 58 electronics

A single piece of joinery has an electronics locker and the flatscreen TV mounted to it…

Vicem Classic 58 hanging locker

…and a hanging locker beneath.

Vicem Classic 58 sole hatch

A hatch in the sole gives additional access to ship’s systems allowing inspection and repair without damaging the sole.

Guest Head

Opposite the port stateroom is the day head, which is shared with the starboard guest stateroom. The joinery is underlit with LED courtesy lights. The shower has an acrylic door and a teak grate, a wand showerhead and a shelf for toiletries. The opening port provides added ventilation. The Tecma marine sanitation device has a locker above with additional stowage.

Vicem Classic 58 guest head

The guest head is shared by both guest staterooms—the starboard double has private access—and has a roomy layout.

Vicem Classic 58 head

This head has a basin-style sink on a Corian counter…

Vicem Classic 58 head locker

…with a locker beneath to stow toiletries.

Vicem Classic 58 shower

An opening port in the shower helps with ventilation.

Starboard Guest Stateroom

The starboard guest stateroom has a private entrance door to the guest head. This double has a pair of berths measuring 77” head to foot by 32” wide (195.6 cm by 81.28 cm), a hullside window, a pair of opening ports high on the ceiling and an overhead of 7’ 3” (2.21 m). There’s a hanging locker with an automatic light and a shelf for media electronics and a Fusion stereo. A pair of drawers round out the stowage. A filler cushion can convert the room to have a single large berth.

Vicem Classic 58 berths

The berths each have an LED reading light.

Vicem Classic 58 shelves

The lockers over the berths make the most of the space with some useful shelves.

Vicem Classic 58 day head

While the head serves as the day head, there’s a door connecting it directly to the stateroom.

Vicem Classic 58 shelves

A pair of open, fiddled shelves outboard stow personal items.

Vicem Classic 58 hanging locker

The hanging locker also stows entertainment electronics on a high shelf, including a Fusion stereo control.

Vicem Classic 58 tv

A 23” (58.42 cm) flatscreen TV is positioned high on the forward bulkhead.

Vicem Classic 58 drawers

Drawers show the same quality craftsmanship, as does the sole with its holly accent.

Vicem Classic 58 filler cushion

The filler cushion creates a single large berth for this stateroom.

Vicem Classic 58 hatch

A hatch in the sole allows access to systems. Note also there’s no exposed wood in the bilges of this cold-molded hull, it’s all sealed in epoxy.


Let’s see how she performed in our test. The Vicem Classic 58 has a length overall of 60’ (18.28 m) and a beam of 16’7” (5.06 m). With an empty weight of 59,500 lbs. (9,879 kg), 204 gallons (772 L) of fuel, and five people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 62,139 lbs. (28,186 kg).

Vicem Classic 58 profile

In profile we see the Vicem Classic 58 has long bow sections and her helm station amidships.

With the twin 725-hp Volvo Penta D11s powering our test boat, we reached a top speed of 27.3 knots at 2450 rpm. Best economic cruise came in at 1750 rpm and 16.6 knots. It was at that speed that the 31.0 gph (117.3 lph) fuel burn translated into 0.5 nmpg (0.26 kpl) and a range of 352 nm (651 km).

Vicem Classic 58 running

The Vicem Classic 58 was well-mannered in the ICW, with no surprises and responsive slow-speed handling.

Vicem Classic 58 running

Underway in calm seas, her sharp forefoot slices through the water.

Acceleration from a standing start to plane averaged 13.1 seconds. She exhibited a bit of bow rise with hard acceleration, but nothing unusual.

Vicem Classic 58 running

With hard acceleration, the Volvo Penta D11s were able to get real purchase through her 28.5” (72.39 cm) diameter, 35.5” (90.17 cm) pitch props.


We brought the Vicem Classic 58 out of the inlet where gusty winds created a mild chop just to run her through some turns and see how she handled in the open water. As we saw in the channel, her sharp forefoot cuts through the waves, and at speed, spray formed amidships and was pushed down and away consistently.

Vicem Classic 58 running

Look at how the strake and chine force the spray low and away.

Because there were no substantial seas on our test day, we can’t comment on how she would perform in rough conditions but her cold-molded hull felt solid. Her conventional-shaft Volvo Penta engines responded to the throttle, while her rudders provided good feel as they took commands from the wheel and laid her into some comfortable, inward-leaning turns.

Vicem Classic 58 shaft drives

The Vicem Classic 58 provided a comforting level of control with her conventional shaft drives and rudders.


Bow and stern thrusters make things easy around the dock. The helm side door proved invaluable for keeping an eye on the pilings.

Vicem Classic 58

Side-Power bow and stern thrusters combine to make her easy to handle in close quarters.


Let’s check out what makes her tick. A 26” (.66 m) square hatch in the cockpit down a removable ladder to a lazarette, a roomy utility room beneath the aft deck with a 4’8¼” (1.43 m) overhead. Here we find unfettered access to the steering gear. Open access and labeling makes it easy to lay hands on the stern thruster along with its batteries in a tidy, vented box. Phase Three battery chargers for the starting and house batteries, the shore power cable, and air-conditioning system. Hoses and wiring are neatly run in concert with a fixed fire-suppression system.

Vicem Classic 58 cockpit hatch

The hatch in the cockpit sole opens wide, allowing for easy access as well as stowage of cushions and larger items with ease.

Vicem Classic 58 ladder

The stainless steel ladder has teak treads and drops into receivers at all four corners for a secure hold.

Vicem Classic 58 lazarette

While it has stoop-height headroom, the lazarette lays out much of the yacht’s equipment in plain sight.

Vicem Classic 58 gear

Steering gear is readily accessible at the aft end of the space.

Vicem Classic 58

The stern thruster and other components are plainly exposed in the well-lit space.

Vicem Classic 58

Stern thruster batteries are in a box, labeled to simplify service.

Vicem Classic 58 chargers

Battery chargers are easy to locate and labeled clearly to show which is which.

Vicem Classic 58 shorepower

The shorepower cable stows coiled in a tub.

Vicem Classic 58 ac

The Webasto chilled-water air conditioning compressor is situated for easy inspection and service.

Vicem Classic 58

A fixed fire-suppression system stands at the ready in the lazarette.

The freshwater system is installed here as well with a pair of 115-gallon (435 L) tanks connected to balance the water load and an Isotemp water heater placed for easy inspection. Components such as the pressure pump and fittings are neatly labeled, though the temptation to stow gear in this space may put the plumbing at risk should heavy items shift in a seaway.

Vicem Classic 58 water tanks

A pair of water tanks are situated to port and starboard, holding a total of 220 gallons (833 L) of fresh water.

Vicem Classic 58 heater

A hot-water heater is placed on a shelf along the forward bulkhead.

Vicem Classic 58 pressure

The pressure tank and pump for the fresh water system is easily accessible.

Engine Room

Primary access to the engine room is through a door in the forward bulkhead that measures 1’10” by 3’9” (0.56 m by 1.14 m). The engine room has a 5’2” (1.58 m) overhead and houses the two 725-hp Volvo Penta D11 diesels with ZF 305-3A-E transmissions with 2.037:1 gear ratio and conventional shafts as well as the 11-kilowatt Cummins Onan generator.

Vicem Classic 58 engine room door

The engine room door has a stainless steel frame and closes with a watertight stainless steel door.

Vicem Classic 58 engine room

Because so much equipment is fitted in the aft compartment, the engine room has good space.

Vicem Classic 58 genset

The Cummins Onan genset is positioned along the aft bulkhead.

Access to engine filters and service points is easy, with 2’½” (0.62 m) between the engines, and 1’6½” (0.47 cm) over the mains. The through-hull and strainer for the generator are outboard of the port engine, where there’s 1’7” (0.48 m) of space outboard, compared to 10” (25.4 cm) to starboard.

Vicem Classic 58 engine service

Engine service points are easy to inspect.

Vicem Classic 58 engine room

The strainer for the genset is at-a-glance easy to check.

The exhaust system for each engine doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns to negotiate. Substantial shafts run through Tides Marine Sure Seal shaft seals. The space is lined with sound-deadening perforated aluminum panels and, because so much equipment is installed in the lazarette, there’s not much room for clutter. The batteries are installed neatly in a built-in box.

Vicem Classic 58 exhaust

The exhaust is a pretty straight shot from riser to muffler.

Vicem Classic 58 fuel tanks

Fuel tanks are positioned outboard and hold 365 gallons (1,382 L) of diesel each and have sightglasses and fuel-water separators mounted to the inboard side.

Vicem Classic 58 sure seal

Tides Marine Sure Seal shaft seals keep the lubricating water flowing.

Vicem Classic 58 engines

The main engines have space on all sides to allow access for repairs or maintenance inspections.

Vicem Classic 58 batteries

Batteries are easily inspected in a fixed, vented battery box with a loose lid.

Through-hull fittings are mounted beneath removable deck panels with inspection ports for viewing the strainers and slots for quick access to the seacock levers, though we’d rather see wingnuts rather than Phillips-head screws holding that panel in place.

Vicem Classic 58 access

Access to view strainers and turn off seacocks is through slots in a removable deck panel.

Vicem Classic 58 strainers

The strainers are visible through these ports.

Vicem Classic 58 at a glance

While the slots allow the through-hull valves to be turned on and off, at-a-glance access would be preferable.

Vicem Classic 58 oil change

An oil-change system on the aft bulkhead makes service simpler.

Vicem Classic 58 electrical

Electrical distribution boxes are mounted on the aft bulkhead and clearly labeled.

Vicem Classic 58 wiring

Tidy wiring in the distribution box shows that the craftsmanship continues beyond just the woodworking, but throughout vessel systems.


Vicem has a good reputation in the marine industry, and it is a company that cares about boat building – it is very much old world in that respect. But the company is as modern as any when it comes to utilizing the latest equipment, building procedures, and installation procedures.

Vicem offers boat owners a pleasant and classy alternative to the every-present Clorox bottle.