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Wellcraft 270 Coastal (2009- Not in Production)

Brief Summary

With the Wellcraft 270 Coastal you have a choice of 9 outboard engine combinations from three brands from 2-stroke 200-hp to 4-stroke 250-hp. Wellcraft is over 50 years old and has built more than 100,000 units, an impressive achievement that few boat builders can match. Wellcraft’s 7-boat “Coastal Series” has been quite popular the last few years and we think that is for two distinguishing reasons: 1) they are all express fishboats, even the 21, 23, and 25-footers; and, 2) all except the 360 are outboard powered and there are hardly any outboard express competitors. Further, Wellcraft simply doesn’t have a lot of competition in this niche with any king of power. and as a result it is getting all of the anglers who want to move from center consoles or walkarounds to the advantages of an express design.

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