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World Cat 400CC-X (2023-)

2 x 600-hp Mercury V12 Verados


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Brief Summary

The new World Cat 400CC-X is a stunning catamaran that's turning heads in the boating world. From the spacious deck layout to the top-of-the-line electronics and amenities, the 400CC-X truly sets a new standard in offshore performance and comfort.

Test Results

700 4.3 7.7 3 1.4 1.2 770 669.7 59
1000 5.8 5 4.1 1.4 1.2 762 662.9 63
1500 7.4 6.4 5.7 1.3 1.1 706 613.7 66
2000 9.5 8.3 9.7 1 0.9 532 462.9 69
2500 13.3 11.5 15.1 0.9 0.8 477 414.8 72
3000 21.4 18.6 21.8 1 0.9 532 462.9 82
3500 28.1 24.4 29 1 0.8 526 457.2 81
4000 33.7 29.3 35.7 0.9 0.8 513 446.2 83
4500 38.7 33.6 48.8 0.8 0.7 431 374.4 83
5000 43.1 37.4 56.5 0.8 0.7 414 360.2 87
5500 48.3 42 80 0.6 0.5 328 285.4 86
5950 52.7 45.8 101.2 0.5 0.5 282 246.2 86
World Cat 4000 Perf_Chart_2023.png


Length Overall 39' 8"
12.1 m
Beam 12' 8"
3.86 m
Dry Weight 14,500 lbs.
6,600 kg
Tested Weight 17,097 lbs.
7,754 kg
Draft 21"
53.34 cm
Fuel Capacity 604 gallons
2,286.39 L
Total Weight 17,097 lbs.
7,754 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.5 seconds
0 to 30 6.7 seconds
Props 26p verado 12
Load 2 persons; 362.4 gal. fuel; 50 lb gear
Climate 84 deg., 72 humid; wind: 0-5 mph, seas:0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 600-hp Mercury V12 Verados
Opt. Power 2 x 600-hp Mercury V12 Verados

Captain's Report

World Cat 400CC-X: The Flagship of the CC lineup

World Cat 400 CCX

The World Cat 400CC-X is a catamaran with a boatload of premium features.

Brief Summary

World Cat created two new flagship models, one a center console (our 400CC-X test model) and one a dual console (the 400DC-X), to sit at the top of the food chain.  At 39’8” (12.09 m), these models are quite a leap above the next smaller 32’ (9.75 m) models. The builder spared nothing when equipping these new cats.  With a host of modular options, this large catamaran can manage to fit the bill for a host of tasks, be it fishing, entertaining, diving or cruising.


World Cat sought to create an offshore dayboat with luxurious appointments, huge storage solutions and versatility to accompany the unmatched cat performance when it created the 400CC-X. 

Major Features

  • Lockable under gunwale rod storage
  • Forward Step lockable rod storage
  • Bow casting platform
  • Forward entry head design
  • Center swim platform with heavy-duty dive ladder
  • Hull side boarding door
  • Standard fiberglass T-Top
  • Remote-controlled vented helm windshield
  • Yamaha or Mercury power choices
  • Standard 604-gallon (2,286 L) fuel tank or 712-gallon (2,695 L) optional tank


Engine options available include quad 300-hp, twin 450-hp (both from either Yamaha or Mercury) or twin 600-hp Mercury V12 Verados. 

The World Cat 400CC-X has an LOA of 39’8” (12.09 m), a beam of 12’8” (3.86 m) and a hull draft of 21” (53.34 cm). With an empty weight of 14,500 lbs. (6,577 kg), 60% fuel and two people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 17,094 lbs. (7754 kg).

With twin 600-hp Mercs turning 26-pitch prop sets and run up to 5950 RPM, we reached the top speed of 52.7 MPH.

Best Cruise came into 3000 RPM at 21.4 MPH. At that speed, the 21.8 GPH fuel burn translated into 1 MPG and a range of 532 statute miles. All while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 604-gallon (2,286 L) total fuel capacity.

Now that was during our test with the local driver. Mercury Marine also tested the same boat and power package at their facility and reached a top speed of 57.3 MPH and a best cruise of 33.5, which produced a range of 599 miles.

In acceleration tests, we reached planing speed in 4.5 seconds. Almost at the same time, we reached 20 MPH.  We cruised through 30 MPH in 6.7 seconds and 40 in 10.8.


She’s a fun boat to drive, but like all cats, they have their little quirks, so let's go over some of them. First, turns… Not quite a level turn, but almost. It's got maybe a 5-degree lean into the turn. It'll lean more if you put it into a performance turn, that is, crank it hard over and put some power to it.  Then you can get it to lean more into the turn, as you would expect. But with the hulls being on both sides, it stays relatively level. It handles nice and gently into the turn, but then it'll grab. So, if you put it into a hard turn, be prepared for that. Hold on as it'll force you to one side if you're not ready for it.

Next, when you're going at cruise speed, once you get up on plane, give it some up trim, get that bow up a little bit, get some air underneath the deck in between the two hulls, and that'll act as a cushion and give you a nice smooth ride. That's another feature that's typical of a catamaran, and nice with this one.

There was not much as far as sea conditions go so not much to comment on, and that’s unfortunate.  Snotty conditions are where these boats really start to handle the best. I've come to find that with the World Cat, if you get into some less-than-ideal conditions, slowing down is not necessarily your best option. Add speed so you can get those hulls penetrating those waves and go through it better. If you slow down a bit, then you're going to be going up and down and opposing those waves. Give it some power.

When docking, you always want to keep in mind that there's never a slide toward the dock, you have to drive the boat up to the dock. The hull design features hard chines that come up at the bow and elevate to the point where they become spray rails. And I also appreciate that there's a wave piercer in between the two hulls that eliminates a lot of the sneeze effect that we typically see with catamarans, where the spray will come out and then up and over the bow.

Boat Inspection

world cat 400 ccx

The layout of the World Cat 400CC-X shows an open floor plan of a wide-beam cat. At the bow is the optional Cat Track seating.  


The 6’3” (1.9 m) fore and aft cockpit length is where most of the action will take place, regardless of what that action may entail.  There’s an added safety factor with the 27” (68.58 cm) high bulwarks and caprails are 9” (22.86 cm) wide.   

At the starboard transom, there’s a pull-out storage bin.  An optional Summer Kitchen includes a 36L cockpit refrigerated drawer.   Above there’s a hatch over a sink and a covered electric grill.  Under the hatch lid, there’s dedicated storage for a cutting board that fits over the sink, cargo net storage and a paper towel holder. 

world cat 400 ccx

This is the Summer Kitchen option that includes a sink, grill and cockpit refrigerator.   Notice the raw water washdown and large deck drain. 

To port, there’s a 60-gallon (227.12 L) livewell.  It’s aerated and pressurized and a viewing window allows for keeping an eye on the little critters.   Between these two features is a transom door leading to the center swim platform.  This includes a heavy-duty dive ladder held in the stowed position with magnetic latches and tension hinges.  The platform decking is padded non-skid. 

world cat 400 ccx

The 60-gallon (227.12 L) livewell is to port.  Notice the dual support struts holding the hatch open. 

world cat 400 ccx

In the center of the transom is the door to the swim platform.  It includes a heavy-duty ladder suitable for use as a dive ladder. 

Transom Options

This transom setup is modular and a number of choices are available to suit an owner’s desires.  In addition to what we have on our test boat, they include:

  • 200-qt Insulated Fishbox
  • Molded-In Transom Seating
  • Dive Center Module 
  • Combination 30 gal Livewell & Cooler w/ Chiller Plates w/ Sureflo 1100 GPH (Portside Only) 
  • Bait Prep w/ FW Sink, Storage and Bait Freezer w/ 3 Trays (Starboard Side Only)

Ahead there’s a standard 41” (104.14 cm) wide mezzanine seat with flip-down armrests.  There’s a self-draining and insulated cooler underneath and beverage holders to the sides.  Combination Beverage holders/rod holders line the seatback and they’re large enough to hold your big gulp drinks.  That seatback also flips down to create a rigging table with a padded surface.  This standard seating comes with a standard hardtop but an extended version is also available.  Another seating option is sleigh seating that includes the extended hardtop and a second row of triple captain chairs with aft tackle storage and a slide-out cooler.  In either case, to both sides of the forward row of seats, there are tackle storage compartments.  At the trailing edge of the hardtop are optional rocket launcher-style rod holders.

world cat 400 ccx

The standard seating for the cockpit calls for this aft-facing mezzanine seat with storage underneath.  An option allows for a second row of triple seats, much like is at the helm station. 

Features in the Deck

Two hatches at the aft end of the deck provide access to mechanical components such as the sea chests for all drains to lead into a single overboard discharge.  We’ll also find the engine start batteries, bilge pumps, high water alarms and remote-activated battery switches.

Hatches just ahead house a pair of optional Seakeeper gyros, a Seakeeper 2 to the port side and Seakeeper 3 to starboard.  Yes, this is a mismatch and not a typo.  It was actually engineered by Seakeeper to meet that company’s stringent parameters and by having one being smaller, it keeps the price down.  If the gyro option isn’t chosen, then these compartments revert to 460-qt (435.32 L) fishboxes.

To the port side, there’s a hull-side dive door.  To both sides, there’s under-gunwale rod storage and the bulwarks are padded to protect the expensive reels.  At the bow, and to both sides of the console seat, there are two more in-deck compartments. This time, they measure in at 616 qt (582.95 L) and they’re both macerated. 

world cat 400 ccx

There’s under-gunwale rod storage to both sides.  To port, there’s this dive door.  The forward deck hatch has a Seakeeper gyro inside. 


Transitioning to the bow is via the 24” (60.96 cm) wide side decks alongside the console.  This is an area where a cat really outshines the monohull set as we usually see an average width here of 16” (40.64 cm).  To the sides of the console, there are four vertical rod holders to each side and holes in the T-top will accommodate longer rods. 

world cat 400 ccx

Notice how the 400CC-X's wide beam allows for so much room moving forward.  

At the bow, the features start with additional under-gunwale rod storage to both sides.  Here, they accommodate rods up to 8’ (2.44 m) and there are lockable covers.  Ahead of the console, there’s a 43” (109.22 cm) wide forward-facing seat.  It includes flip armrests, beverage holders and grab handles to both sides. 

Further forward, there’s a bench seat across the bow with storage underneath, including dedicated storage for the optional bow sunshade and supports.  With the optional cushions removed, it serves as a massive casting platform.  Bolsters top out at 30” (76.2 cm) from the deck. 

world cat 400 ccx

The bow seating includes a forward bench and another seat ahead of the console.  Two coffin boxes on slide tracks are part of the Cat Track option.  To the bulwarks, there’s covered under-gunwale storage and it’s lockable. 

world cat 400 ccx

With the Cat Track seats moved to the center, there’s access to both sides for fishing.  Notice the deck storage underneath. 

Just behind this bench seat, our test boat was fitted with optional Cat Track seating that consists of dual 68-qt (64.35 L) insulated coolers with cushions.  These can slide to any location across the bow either together or separately.  They have locks that will hold them in position when moved from the center out to the sides. In the center, they create walkaround coffin boxes.  When positioned with one to each side there’s a full 4’ (1.22 m) of space between them.  Each includes removable chaise lounge seatbacks.   Rod holders are to the outboard sides.

Head Compartment

It stands to reason that a cat this large would have a substantial head compartment and the design team at World Cat didn’t disappoint.  Here, the head is accessed from a forward opening door at the forward console seating.  When open, it provides an entry 31” (78.74 cm) wide, far more than a side console entry would.

There’s a step-down and both the step and deck are treated with rubberized non-skid.  To port, there’s a vessel sink atop the Corian counter with a mirror just above.  Shelf storage is above and below with connectivity included to the lower shelf.  To starboard, there’s another shelf with a lower one duplicated from the opposite side.  Above there’s an opening portlight for ventilation.  Headroom is 4’6” (1.37 m), which leaves 3’3” (.99 m) of sitting headroom.   

world cat 400 ccx

The head access is wide and the door is held open with a gas strut.  Inside the compartment is huge. 

world cat 400 ccx

At the aft bulkhead, there are two hatches.  The lower hatch opens to reveal the main breaker panel.  The upper hatch exposes the back of the helm console to ease installations. 


The helm console is huge and World Cat takes full advantage of the available real estate to populate the panel with three 17” (43.18 cm) displays.  Dual 22” (55.88 cm) displays are also an option.  Climate control vents are above and connected to the 8k BTU air conditioning system.  There are three sections of tempered glass with the forward windshield also fitted with an electrically actuated vent.  A compass is mounted atop the dash. It's flanked by recessed areas to drop “stuff” in and the bases are padded.  This would also be a good place to add connectivity or charging options. 

world cat 400 ccx

Choose from dual 22” (55.88 cm) displays or these triple 17” (43.18 cm) for the helm. 

The helm is in the middle of the console and allows for observers on both sides of the operator.  The wheel is mounted to a tilt base.  Waterproof electrical switches are above.  The JPO (Joystick Piloting for Outboards) joystick and DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift) engine controls are to the right.  The engine display is to the left. 

world cat 400 ccx

There are three individual helm seats, all with flip armrests and flip bolsters that adjust fore and aft.  Below the console, there are three levels of footrests.  As this is such a large console, shorter captains will appreciate the flip-down platform that raises the occupants 4" (10.16 cm) off the deck.  When lowered, a panel is exposed that allows access to the house batteries. 

Optional Equipment


  • (2) Garmin 22" Displays-B175M THTD, 315 VHF 2-AIS Antennas, AIS 800, Fantom 24" Radome
  • (3) Garmin 17" Displays-B175M THTD, 315 VHF, 2-AIS Antennas, AIS 800, Fantom 24" Radome
  • Stereo Upgrade Package — Adds (2) Subs, (2) 8.8", (2) 7.7", (2) 800/600W Amps
  • Transducer/Sonar Module Upgrade-Garmin GSD26 Sonar Module & CM599LH 3kW Flush Mounted THTD
  • Forward Light Bar — 20" RIGID SR-L 13,000 Lumens with Halo Blue Ring
  • Dual Seakeeper Gyrostabilizers (SK2 & SK3 — Replaces Aft Fishboxes) (Requires Lithium-Ion Battery Upgrade)

Shadow Package

  • Graphite Gray Powder coating
  • Black Carbon Trim
  • Gray Console Helm and Hardtop Underside
  • Black Rub rail
  • Edson Carbon Wheel

Seating Options

  • Mezz Seat w/ Large Hardtop — Triple Captain Chairs Helm Seat with Aft Facing Mezzanine Seat and Large Hardtop
  • Sleigh Seating w/ Large Hardtop — Second Row Triple Captain Chairs with Aft Tackle Storage and Slide-Out Cooler
  • Cat Track™ Seating — (2) 68 qt Insulated Coolers w/ Cushions to Make Configurable Wrap-Around Bow Seating or Centerline Coffin Boxes
  • Cushion Accent Colors
  • Double Diamond Inset Stitching on All Cushions

Transom Modules

  • 200 qt Insulated Fishbox
  • Molded-In Transom Seating
  • 60 gal Aquarium Livewell (Includes Hooker 2500 Pump Upgrade) (Portside Only)
  • Dive Center Module
  • Combination 30 gal Livewell & Cooler w/ Chiller Plates w/ Sureflo 1100 GPH (Portside Only)
  • Summer Kitchen — Sink, Electric Grill and 36-ltr Fridge (Starboard Side Only)
  • Bait Prep w/ FW Sink, Storage and Bait Freezer w/ 3 Trays (Starboard Side Only)
  • Bait Prep w/ FW Sink, Storage and Bait Freezer w/ 3 Trays (Starboard Side Only)

Fishing Options

  • Plumb Aft Below Deck Fishboxes as 80 gal Livewell (Includes Hooker 2500 Pump Upgrade)
  • Oversized Fishbox — Increases From 65" (616 qt) to 91" (900 qt) — (Not Available w/ Extended Range Fuel)
  • Additional Hooker 2500 Backup Livewell Pumps
  • Hardtop 6-Rod Rocket Launchers (Corner Mounted)
  • Outriggers-GEMLUX Bluewater Outrigger Bases with 22' Collapsible Carbon Fiber Poles (Black)
  • Outriggers-GEMLUX Bluewater Outrigger Bases with 22' Internal Rigged Carbon Fiber Poles (Black)

Additional Options

  • 8K BTU Helm Air Conditioner
  • Lithium Battery House Bank Upgrade w/ 160A Charger
  • Extended Range Twin 54-gal Fuel Tanks — Total Fuel of 712 gal
  • Reverso Automatic Outboard Flushing System
  • Underwater Lights — (4) RGB
  • Forward Manual Med Shade
  • GEMLUX Fly Shade System (Black) w/ Collapsible 9' Poles and Coastal Bases
  • Hardtop Underside Color to Match Hull
  • Black Powder Coating for T-Top Frame and Windshield
  • Helm Accent Colors (Standard)
  • Paint Engines Custom Paint Color


The World Cat 400CC-X is an absolute powerhouse of a boat.  She has solid handling characteristics and a layout that’s extremely functional and roomy.  Much roomier than a monohull, that’s for sure.  She’s also clearly premium level. 

World Cat also built a lot of versatility into the design so owners can dial in the boat to their specific tasks.