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Yamaha 212XD (2021-)

2 x 1.8L Yamaha Marine Engines

Brief Summary

The 2021 Yamaha 212XD is the latest model to Yamaha’s 21-ft. (6.4 m) series with all the same reliability and functionality, plus newly-added technology to make it that much better.

Key Features

  • Yamaha's patented Connext 12.3" (31.24 cm) touchscreen display
  • Yamaha’s E-Series drive-by-wire system
  • DRiVE technology
  • Bow reboarding ladder
  • Folding aluminum wakeboard tower
  • Painted trailer with swing-away tongue

Test Results

1650 3.7 3.2 1.6 2.4 2 106 92.1 72
2000 5.1 4.4 2 2.6 2.3 118 102.3 74
2500 5.8 5 2.6 2.3 2 101 88.2 78
3000 6.4 5.5 4.3 1.7 1.5 78 68.1 75
4000 8.6 7.5 5.9 1.5 1.3 66 57.5 75
4500 10.7 9.3 7.3 1.5 1.3 66 57.2 79
5000 24.9 21.6 9.9 2.5 2.2 114 98.7 84
5500 30.2 26.2 10.9 2.8 2.4 124 107.8 85
6000 45 39.1 21 2.1 1.9 96 83.6 85
7400 50.2 43.7 25.6 2 1.7 88 76.8 91


Length Overall 21' 3"
6.48 m
Beam 8'6"
2.6 m
Dry Weight 3,598 lbs.
1,632 kg
Tested Weight 4,516 lbs.
2,048.42 kg
Draft 19"
48.26 cm
Deadrise/Transom 20°
Bridge Clearance 7' 3"
2.21 m
Weight Capacity 2,200 lbs.
997.9 kg
Person Capacity 10
Fuel Capacity 50 gallons
189.27 L
Total Weight 4,516 lbs.
2,048.42 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

0 to 30 6.1 seconds
Props 3 x 14.7
Load 3 persons; 50% fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 78 deg.; 85 humid.; wind: 0-5; seas: level

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1.8L Yamaha Marine Engines

Captain's Report

Mission Statement

The 212XD is Yamaha’s premiere wake boat that has all the functionality of a watersports and family crossover with many features that come standard. She also includes a deck and hull designed for maximizing space, comfort and versatility. Yamaha even includes a trailer.  


With Yamaha's twin 1.8 L High Output engines, the 212XD is a powerful boat with the capability to not only carry a lot of family and friends but also hold filled ballast tanks and tow someone at the same time. This jet drive boat easily came up to plane and reached its best cruising speed (and time). She also reduced noise levels thanks to her sound dampening hull and engine compartment that creates a quiet ride, easily allowing conversations even at cruising speed. 


With the addition of the articulating keel, the 212XD accommodates off-throttle steering. The 3/4 turn steering makes the boat quick to respond and helped make it easy to handle. When in slow turns, she kept her speed well but in performance turns, don't be afraid to add a little throttle to counter the bleeding speed. We found that she has a tight turning radius at a moderate to slow speed but that radius expands the faster you are going. Overall, she was a comfortable riding boat that was quick to respond to maneuvers and had plenty of power to keep her going strong even when fully loaded.

Engine Compartment

The engine compartment is easily accessible through a hatch with gas-assisted struts attached to heavy-duty brackets in the engine bay.

This boat comes with two Yamaha 1.8 L high-output engines. The way the engines are installed leaves plenty of room for maintenance as well as daily engine checks.

There are three ballast tanks on the 212XD, one center soft tank and two hard tanks to either side in the boat's quarters. All three equal 1,100 gallons (4,163.95 L) of ballast.

The Articulating Keel is connected by a tie bar to the starboard nozzle so steering controls both at the same time.


One of our favorite features of Yamaha boats is the aft swim platform patio. With a 19” (48.26 cm) deck up top and a 16” (40.64 cm) deck below there is plenty of space to lounge or get staged for watersports/towing. There is a place to mount the pedestal table on the starboard side and the stereo controls on the port.

There is a removable center cushion in the aft seating that when removed, creates a step and leads to the boats aft transom patio.

The swim platform makes an excellent staging area but also an ideal relaxing area with seating for two.


There is storage in the center deck and inside both consoles. On the port side is a dedicated space for a 38-quart (36 L) cooler that comes standard.

Both captain and observer seats have flip-up bolsters, flip-down armrests, as well as adjust forward and aft.

The cockpit seating is wrap-around style and with 37” (93.98 cm) of cockpit depth.

There is 6’4” (1.93 m) of headroom under its collapsible aluminum tower.

The cockpit comes standard with a stowable table that includes Marine Matting and two beverage holders. Just another nice touch by Yamaha.

There is also a Wet Sounds speaker facing aft-mounted on the tower arch.

The tow sports arch also comes with two swiveling wakeboard holders, one on either side.


The Helm on this year’s model of the 212XD comes standard with Yamaha’s patented Connext 12.3" (31.24 cm) touchscreen display that can also utilize joystick control. This controls most of the boat's electrical functions. With the Connext touchscreen, the driver can read the water temperature, RPM levels, fuel gauge, GPS location, depth, trip information, and even display a nautical chart. The captain can also control all the boat's functions such as ballast tanks, speed control, Bluetooth, courtesy, and docking lights all through the Connext unit. When using the display for watersports, it can store up to five profiles when it comes to their wake, speed and acceleration preferences.

The steering wheel has ¾ turn steering that helps with the boat's responsiveness in handling and docking.

The 212XD also comes with Yamaha’s DRiVE technology. With the addition of Yamaha’s E-Series drive-by-wire system, you get push-button start-stop, engine sync, single-throttle and paddle controls for docking. The paddles control forward and reverse propulsion for each engine. They are also progressive so the driver can add more or less throttle if needed without ever having to take his or her hands off the wheel. Look into our Yamaha DRiVE technology video for more.

This year’s model of the 212XD comes standard with Yamaha 12.3" (31.24 cm) Connext touchscreen display with joystick control.

The screen includes a digital compass display in the middle.

There is a comfortable helm and observer seat that have flip-up bolsters, flip-down armrest as well as adjusts fore and aft.


The bow cushions can be arranged in multiple configurations from a sun pad to a general seating area. Fully forward, there are steps going up the bow hatch so we can help facilitate bow in boarding. There is a beach reboarding ladder in the anchor locker. The two seats are 25” (63.50 cm) apart and the padded bolsters come up 13” (33.02 cm). There are two beverage holders on the bow step, two more in the gunwales aft and two speakers facing inward.

The bow seating can configure into a forward sun pad.

Or the two front cushions can be removed to allow seating with your feet on the deck.

There is also the option to fill the center walkthrough with a seat back to three-across seating.

The bow locker has space for a Danforth anchor and includes a three-step ​​​​​​beach reboarding ladder.

There are storage compartments under both port and starboard bow seating.


It was nice to see Yamaha add some of the features we usually see in larger models to their smaller counterparts, from the DRiVE system to the Connext touchscreen display. With everything on this boat coming standard, it’s an ideal beginner to intermediate level wake surfing boat at a comfortable price. This boat would suit most families either just wanting to spend the day on the water or wakeboarders who want to have a good day's fun.

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