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Yamaha 242X E‑Series (2019-)

2 x 1.8L 1812cc HO Yamaha Marine Engine

Brief Summary

The Yamaha 242X E-Series has been updated with important innovations and technologies that not only make the boat ready for wake surfing, they add a whole new dimension to how owners can enjoy this boat. Yamaha has added the NMMA Innovations Award winning Connext Helm Control System that integrates the entertainment features, operational functions, and all the essential systems information in a 12” touchscreen display. This system has an intuitive interface controlled from the high-resolution, glare-proof LCD touchscreen, key pad or joystick controller.

Key Features

  • Removable dinette table with pedestal that mounts at cockpit and stern
  • Adjustable Captain's Chair with flip-up bolster
  • Portside entertainment area
  • Integrated removable cooler
  • Bow reboarding ladder and stern integrated swim platform
  • Additional wet storage behind backrests with 12-volt outlet
  • Teak-style marine-grade mat
  • Fusion marine stereo with stern stereo remote
  • 3-position "No Wake Mode™" control

Test Results

2000 5.8 5 4.4 1.32 1.15 59 52 60
2500 6.6 5.7 5.05 1.31 1.14 59 51 67
3000 7.6 6.6 7.05 1.08 0.94 49 42 70
3500 8.5 7.4 7.9 1.08 0.94 48 42 70
4000 10.1 8.8 8.25 1.22 1.06 55 48 71
4500 16.5 14.3 8.8 1.87 1.63 84 73 72
5000 24.1 20.9 9 2.67 2.32 120 105 72
5500 32.2 28 9.7 3.31 2.88 149 130 76
6000 37.4 32.5 11.85 3.15 2.74 142 123 81
6500 41.3 35.9 15.45 2.67 2.32 120 105 86
7000 44.9 39 18.85 2.38 2.07 107 93 88
7550 50.3 43.7 23.45 2.14 1.86 96 84 90


Length Overall 24' / 7.32 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,032 lbs.
1,829 kg
Tested Weight 4,752 lbs.
2,155 kg
Draft 1' 8''
0.52 m
Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8' 2''
2.49 m
Weight Capacity 2,698 lbs.
1,224 kg
Person Capacity 12
Fuel Capacity 50 gal.
189 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 4,752 lbs.
2,155 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.5 sec.
0 to 30 4.9 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 3 blade ss
Load 2 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 85 deg., 65 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1.8L 1812cc HO Yamaha Marine Engine
Std. Power 2 x 1812cc 1.8 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Yamaha 242X E-Series running

The Yamaha 242X E-Series has been upgraded with wake and surf technologies that make her even more capable for waterborne families.

Yamaha 242X E-Series running

The Yamaha 242X E-Series has a LOA of 24’ (7.32 m) and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m) with a draft of 20” (0.51 m).


Yamaha 242X E-Series running

The Yamaha 242X E-Series handled well at both close-in maneuvering speed and when running at high speeds.

The Yamaha 242X E-Series is designed and built for family and friends to fully enjoy their days on the water as well as a platform for tow-sport enthusiasts. Wake surfing has become exceptionally popular and Yamaha is acutely aware that dedicated inboard wake surf boats are extremely expensive. The Yamaha 242X E-Series weighs-in at about half the price and still provides a credible wake for surfing. In addition, the Yamaha 242X E-Series introduces some innovative features that make it even a greater value.

Most dedicated wake surf boats have inboard, shaft driven props under the keel. The jet-powered 242X E-Series is inherently safer for all watersports, because there are no external props. With this updated Yamaha, families can enjoy the boating lifestyle they love and add wake surfing to the day’s activities.

Better Wake

Jet boats have never been known for their high wakes, but Yamaha is changing all of that with the 242X E-Series. Yamaha also engineered a system to make a surfable wake that has better push, a deep pocket and a clean face they call “Surf Pointe Technology.” They adjusted the jet-drive nozzle positions to create the ideal wake and by adding three ballast tanks with a total of 1,400 lbs. of water ballast, the boat sits deep, creating a larger more ridable wake.

These technologies and innovations do not compromise the performance and handling of the Yamaha 242X E-Series. They just give families more reasons to enjoy fun times on the water.

Major Features

Yamaha 242X E-Series ballast

Shown is the centerline ballast tank set under the deck, there are two more, port and starboard that make up the ballast system.

Ballast System – The Yamaha 242X E-Series comes complete with triple ballast tanks that add up to 1,400-lbs. (635 kg) of additional mass. The added weight pushes the boat deep, creating a larger pocket in the wake.

Yamaha 242X E-Series wake surf

The Yamaha 242X E-Series was specifically designed to create a surfable wake.

Wake Shaping – Yamaha’s engineers consulted with professional wake surfers to tune the jet drives so they vector the jet nozzles at just the right angle to create a wake with more punch, a clean face and a larger pocket. Yamaha has branded this system Surf Pointe™.

Yamaha 242X E-Series lcd screen

The 12” high resolution LCD screen is especially bright and glare protected.

Helm Control System – The NMMA Innovations Award winning Connext helm control systems provides all critical boat and entertainment functions through three devices: a 12” high-resolution LCD touch screen, a dash mounted touch pad or the systems joystick controller. Multiple speeds and acceleration rates can be programed for a dialed in, repetitive performance. It also provides GPS chart plotting.

Yamaha 242X E-Series stereo

Watersports and pounding music go hand-in-hand, and Yamaha integrated their Wet Sounds™ stereo system into the entire boat, including tower speakers and a sound bar above.

Aluminum Wakeboard Tower – The color matched tower is complete with a Bimini top that has two positions, a sunroof and a solar battery charger. There are two Wet Sounds™ speakers and a sound bar are mounted on the tower. There are also two wakeboard racks mounted outboard that swivel inboard for loading and unloading.

Custom Tuned Audio Package – Yamaha calls their audio package Wet Sounds™ that includes a Fusion stereo, subwoofer, and a sound bar.

Transom Seating – The award winning, patented, two-tiered transom seating and integrated swim platform provides a social area for interacting with swimmers or for launching watersports.

Yamaha 242X E-Series metal

The underwater metal is covered with a combination of alumite mixed with a ceramic coating and epoxy paint to resist corrosion. The bottom has a 20-degree deadrise and draws 1’8” (0.51 m).

Articulating Keel – The articulating keel eliminates much of the low speed wandering that jet powered boats are known for and it keeps the boat tracking straight with self-centering steering while on plane.


Yamaha 242X E-Series running

Our test boat was powered by twin Yamaha 1.8 L H.O. engines.

The Yamaha 242X E-Series has a LOA of 24’ (7.32 m) and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m). With an empty weight of 4,032-lbs. (1,829 kg), full fuel and two people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 4,752-lbs. (2,155 kg).

With the twin 1.8L (1812cc) High Output Yamaha Marine engines turning at 7550 rpm, we reached our top speed of 50.3 mph. The best cruise was measured at 5500 rpm and 32.2 mph. At that speed, the 9.7 gph fuel burn translated into 3.31 mpg and a range of 149 statute miles, all while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 50-gallon (189 L) total fuel capacity.

Acceleration Times and Test Conditions

Yamaha 242X E-Series data


Yamaha 242X E-Series running

The water was calm on the day of the test. To simulate chop, the Yamaha 242X E-Series handled crossing the photo-boats wake with good control and little pounding.

The test 242X E-Series handled well, providing predictable performance at low and high speeds. There was a slight pull to the wheel below 24 mph, or so, but above that, the articulating keel served to keep the wheel centered and in fact, self-centering.

Turns were sedate with a gentle roll into the turn. She would only spin out on the turn if it was held long enough and the speed dropped to about half. Otherwise, turns are as normal as any other boat. Overall, with three-quarter turn steering it’s quite easy and enjoyable to drive.


Yamaha 242X E-Series wake surf

As for the wake, Surf Pointe, providing the optimum jet nozzle position certainly makes a difference.

The beauty of this system is that it doesn’t compromise the boat’s handling, there are no buttons to push and nothing to program. Surf Pointe is always on.

Safe Operation

The big plus of a jet-powered sportboat is that operation in extreme shallows can be worry-free, even when there are unmarked sandbars, rocks and stumps; the drive system is virtually flush with the bottom of the boat.

Jet propulsion eliminates the danger of a spinning prop when swimmers or wake-boarders are in the water. The inventive Articulating Keel should make handling around the docks much easier than with conventional jets. Like all Yamaha jetboats, the 242X E-Series features Yamaha’s patented clean-out ports that allow for the removing of weeds and debris from the jet pump without having to get in the water or swim under the boat.

Boat Inspection

Transom Seating

Yamaha 242X E-Series transom

The transom has two-tiers of seating with a step-through to the cockpit.

The swim platform and step-through are covered with teak-style, non-skid floor matting. There are two wrap-around bucket seats built into the transom with two backrests mounted on the step down to the swim platform.

Yamaha 242X E-Series speaker

There are drink holders for the upper and lower seating. Note the Fusion stereo remote mounted low for in-water access. The port and starboard speakers are two of the ten total speakers onboard.

Yamaha 242X E-Series wet storage

Yamaha has provided wet storage that can be found behind the upper seat backs.

Yamaha 242X E-Series transom seating

Under the transom seating are the jet pump cleanouts. With Yamaha, you don’t have to get in the water to clear the pumps of vegetation or other debris.


Yamaha 242X E-Series cockpit seating

The four-tone cockpit seating is firm and plush, the deck is covered with a snap-in teak-style marine-grade floor mat.

The captain chairs swivel to allow two more people to join in on the conversation.

Yamaha 242X E-Series starboard seating

Under the starboard side seating is storage for a dedicated cooler and under the port side seating is the battery access.

Yamaha 242X E-Series battery switch

Battery switches are behind the batteries on the aft wall of the storage area. We would like to see these moved to the outside in recessed receptacles.

Yamaha 242X E-Series aft bench

The aft bench seating opens easily with the gas assisted struts.

Yamaha 242X E-Series engines

The twin Yamaha 1.8 liter, High Output marine engines are easy to reach for day-checks.

Yamaha 242X E-Series mount

Shown is the pedestal mount for the removable dinette table (not shown) that comes standard. Yamaha has also provided a table mount integrated into the transom seating area.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bimini top

The Bimini top on the tower has two positions and is shown here in the downward position.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bimini

The up position gives the operator more room and visibility standing up while docking.

Yamaha 242X E-Series solar panel

On the top of the Bimini top is a standard solar panel that provides charging capabilities.

Yamaha 242X E-Series wake board racks

The tower comes with wakeboard racks that swivel inboard for loading or unloading wakeboards, skis or surf boards.

Yamaha 242X E-Series companion seat

The port fully adjustable side companion seat slides forward and back, swivels and reclines. The armrests fold up and out of the way.

Yamaha 242X E-Series helm seat

The helm seat has all the functions of the companion seat with the addition of a flip-up bolster.

Yamaha 242X E-Series console

The lockable port side console opens to reveal storage area that can also be used for changing or can be converted to a head for emergencies.

Yamaha 242X E-Series glove box

There is a lockable glovebox in the lower aft side of the port console.

Yamaha 242X E-Series storage

There is additional storage above with a flip down door that serves as a tray.

The top of the console has non-skid teak-style mat so incidentals placed there do not slide around. Next to the companion seat is a grab handle and drink holder.


Yamaha 242X E-Series helm

The helm is well laid out and with the fully adjustable helm seat, all the controls are within easy reach of the operator.

Yamaha 242X E-Series connext

The Yamaha Connext displays all of the vital engine and systems information as well as integrating with the entertainment features of the 242X E-Series.

Yamaha 242X E-Series connext

The boat’s vital information such as depth, fuel level and battery levels, stay within view even when the operator switches to different modes.

Yamaha 242X E-Series helm station

To the right of the tilt steering wheel is the touch pad controller for the Connext Helm Control System.

The joystick controller for the Connext Helm Control System is to the right of the touch pad. There are three access points for the Connext, the 12” touch screen, the touch pad and the joystick controller.

The binnacle-style throttles are on the starboard side within comfortable reach. Through the Connext system they can be synced for single lever operation of both engines.

The Connext Helm Control can be programed for set speed and acceleration rates to create consistent, repetitive watersport runs.

Yamaha Cruise Assist and 3 Position “No Wake Mode” also can be set. Cruise Assist holds the boat at a set speed and can be bump adjusted in 250 RPM increments. “No Wake Mode” keeps the boat at a steady speed that is deemed acceptable in most no wake zones.

Yamaha 242X E-Series mirror

The Yamaha 242X E-Series comes with a standard billet windshield mirror for monitoring tow sport riders.

An optional 180-degree windshield mirror is one of many accessories that Yamaha offers.

Our Inspection

Yamaha 242X E-Series walkthrough

Like most dual console bowriders, the Yamaha has a traditional walkthrough windshield.

Yamaha 242X E-Series wind shield

The door for the helm console storage access is a bi-fold that fills in the walkthrough to create an air dam for chilly days on the water.


Yamaha has made the bow seating area exceptionally flexible by cleverly utilizing inserts.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bow

Traditional lounge seats allow two or three people to sit on each bench facing inboard or one person on each in a lounge position facing forward.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bow

By removing the forward lounge seat extensions, the lounge seating converts to provide forward facing seating with footwells.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bow

Adding the standard forward seating inserts converts the lounge seating into a commodious sun pad.

Yamaha 242X E-Series sun pad inserts

The sun pad inserts can be positioned into the walkthrough to form a middle seat for three abreast seating.

Yamaha 242X E-Series forward lounge

The forward lounge seats open to reveal deep, marine felt lined storage.

Yamaha 242X E-Series railings

The stainless steel grab rails provide security. The speaker and drink insert has the speaker back and drink holder forward. These both could be repositioned so the drink holder is placed within easy reach.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bow anchor

The bow anchor locker hatch is covered with a non-skid teak-style mat.

Yamaha 242X E-Series ladder

The anchor locker also contains the forward, three step beach boarding ladder. Note the gas assist strut on the hatch, something we rarely see in class. And, in fact, few sportboats or wake boats have a bow ladder, something usualy only deckboats have.

The anchor locker hatch ingeniously doubles as an anchor keeper with a bracket that securely holds the anchor in place when the hatch is closed.

Yamaha 242X E-Series bow step

With bow-in beaching being such a popular activity, Yamaha built a secure step into the bow for access to the forward boarding ladder.

Tandem Axle Trailer

The Yamaha 242X E-series comes with a standard painted tandem axle trailer with swing away tongue for storage. The optional galvanized tandem axle trailer with swing is recommended if operating in saltwater.

The standard trailer comes with a spare tire mount, disk brakes, chrome wheels, aluminum fender with step plates, LED lights, safety chain, adjustable winch stand with strap and hook.

The height of the boat and trailer is 10’11” (3.33 m). With the tower folded down, the height of the boat and trailer is 10’ (3.05 m). The length of the trailer is 25’ (7.62 m). With the tongue folded the length is 23’9” (7.24 m). The dry weight of the boat and trailer is 5,382-lbs. (2,441 kg).
Yamaha 242X E-Series capacity

The 242X E-Series has a rated capacity for 12 people. She draws 1’8” (50 cm).

Options to Consider

Yamaha has an extensive list of accessories on their website. Everything from wake surfboards to branded mooring covers and U.S.C.G. required throwable floatation devices.

If you are considering launching and operating in saltwater, the optional galvanized tandem trailer would be recommended.


MSRP starting at $73,999.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price does not include prep, freight or tax.


The Yamaha 242X E-Series is a good fit for active boating families that enjoy a full complement of watersports along with their social boating lifestyle. It is easy to operate at speed as well as in close in maneuvering situations. Innovative forward and transom seating make it a comfortable and flexible boat for all the undertakings that dynamic boating families may choose to participate in.

Yamaha persistently demonstrates that they have a strong understanding of what their owners desire in a sportboat by continuing to evolve their products with advanced technology and innovative features. In many cases, it is before their customer even knows that they really wanted it.

With Surf Pointe technology and the articulating keel, Jet powered boat enthusiasts will find features they have been craving in a tow sportboat at a good value. Add the safety of jet power and the whole family can enjoy boating adventures in style and security.

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