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Yamaha 275SD (2019-)

2x 1.8L 1812cc supercharged Yamaha SVHO marine

Brief Summary

Yamaha is stepping it up, both in size and in luxury appointments on their new 275SD. She represents several firsts for Yamaha -- first 27' (8.23 m) model, first model to have dual 1.8-liter SVHO supercharged marine jet-drive engines and the first with Yamaha’s new advanced technology -- the Yamaha DRiVE Control system.

Key Features

  • Yamaha’s first luxury 27' (8.23 m) runabout category
  • First Yamaha boats powered by twin, supercharged Yamaha marine engines
  • Yamaha DRiVE technology for enhanced low speed maneuverability
  • 12.3'' (31.24 cm) Connext touchscreen with 16 million colors and 1000 nits brightness
  • Comes standard with patent pending swim-up seating that attaches to stern and sits just below the waterline
  • Enclosed head compartment

Test Results

1250 3.7 3.2 1.2 3.2 2.8 261 226.6 69
1500 4.6 4 1.5 3 2.6 246 213.7 72
2000 5.6 4.8 2.1 2.7 2.4 219 190.7 75
2500 6.8 5.9 2.8 2.4 2.1 197 171.1 83
3000 7.6 6.6 3.7 2.1 1.8 166 144.7 86
3500 8.4 7.3 5.4 1.5 1.3 125 108.9 88
4000 9.3 8.1 7.4 1.3 1.1 102 88.5 91
4500 11.5 10 10.1 1.1 1 93 80.6 92
5000 2.2 17.5 13.7 1.5 1.3 119 103.6 94
5500 31 26.9 17.1 1.8 1.6 147 127.5 97
6000 3.1 21.3 1.7 1.5 138 119.7 96 N/A
6500 40.5 35.2 26.5 1.5 1.3 124 107.8 97
7000 45.5 39.6 34.2 1.3 1.2 108 93.7 98
7400 50.2 43.7 40.8 1.2 1.1 100 86.8 99


Length Overall 27' (8.23 m)
Beam 9' (2.74 m)
Dry Weight 5,466 lbs. (2,951 kg)
Tested Weight 6,507 lbs. (2,951 kg)
Draft 22" (0.56 m)
Draft Up N/A
Draft Down N/A
Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8.5' (2.59 m)
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 90 gal. (341 L)
Water Capacity 14 gal. (53 L)
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight 6,507 lbs. (2,951 kg)


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.4 sec.
0 to 30 8.4 sec
Ratio N/A
Props 3-blade, stainless-steel
Load 3 persons, 3/5 fuel, full water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 89 deg., 100 humid; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1.8L 1812cc supercharged Yamaha SVHO marine
Std. Power 2 x 1.8L 1812cc supercharged Yamaha SVHO marine
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Captain’s Report by Capt. Mark Kellum

Yamaha 275SD

The Yamaha 275 Series is the largest of the jet-drive models for Yamaha to date. The 275SD is the premier luxury performance model.



The propulsion comes from dual Yamaha supercharged 1.8-liter SVHO marine engines with jet drives.


The Yamaha 275SD was introduced by Yamaha to fulfill the demand from its owners of smaller models to move up into a larger, more luxurious vessel while still maintaining brand loyalty.



The cockpit layout offers plenty of seating as well as room to move about with 4’ (1.22 m) between the port side and starboard side bench seating.

Distinguishing Features

  • Yamaha DRiVE technology for enhanced low speed maneuverability
  • Industry-first patent pending swim-up seating that attaches to stern and sits just below the waterline
  • Multifunction Touch Screen. A 12.3” (31.24 cm) Connext touchscreen with trackpad makes dialing in the fun simple.

Major Features

  • Low-Speed Maneuvering System. Yamaha’s new DRiVE technology makes docking and low-speed maneuvering simple.
  • Dual 1.8L Supercharged Marine Engines. Twin Yamaha 1.8L SVHO engines.
  • Convertible Stern Sunpad. The forward-facing aft bench seats have flip-flop backrests. When in the forward position, they convert to aft-facing lounge sun pads.
  • Galley. Yamaha has added a galley with premium countertop, storage drawer, storage for a 30-quart (28.39 L) cooler and freshwater sink.
  • Hardtop with Skylight. The Yamaha 275SD comes standard with a hardtop with two integrated skylights.
  • Wide Beam. The beam on the Yamaha 275SD is 9’ (2.74 m), rather than the more standard 8’6” (2.59 m).
  • Yacht Certification. The National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA) has certified the Yamaha 275SD complies with all applicable American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards.



The v-hull of the 275SD has Yamaha’s distinctive wide flare topsides forward that adds social space in the bow of their boats.

Patents for design features such as the articulating keels and the jet intake cleanout system are just a few of the innovations Yamaha is becoming known for.  The new DRiVE system and the Connext technologies are indicators that Yamaha will continue to innovate.

Stern seating

Yes, the swim-up stern seating is a creature comfort, but when married to Yamaha’s already innovative swim platform design proves they are not just copying every other builder.


Yamaha manufacturer

A big benefit of buying a Yamaha is that the boat and engines are made by a single manufacturer and assembled here in the USA at the Vanore, TN facility.

Being built

Yamaha achieves one measure of quality control by using computer driven precision cutting and drilling equipment on the hulls and decks of their boats.



With the dual 1.8-liter Yamaha SVHO supercharged marine engines, the boat easily got up on plane quickly.

The Yamaha 275SD test boat was powered by dual 1.8-liter Super Vortex High Output marine engines. With the hull design and construction, the Yamaha 275SD that was tested was able to get to plane in less than 3 seconds.

Starboard cruising

The Yamaha 275SD is designed to have very little bow-rise and both the hull design and placement of engines makes this possible.

The Yamaha 275SD has a length overall of 27’ (8.23 m) and a beam of 9’ (2.74 m). With an empty weight of 5,466 lbs. (2,479 kg), 60-percent fuel, three people, and 50 lbs. of test gear, we had an estimated test weight of 6,507 lbs. (3,952 kg).

Top Speed. With the dual supercharged 1.8-liter Yamaha SVHO marine engines turning the 3-blade stainless steel impellers, Yamaha 275SD reached a top speed of 50.2 mph (80.8 KPH) at 7400 rpm.

Best Cruise. The best economic cruise came in at 5500 rpm and 31.0 mph (49.8 KPH). At that speed, the 17.1 gph (64.73 lph) fuel burn translated into 1.8 mpg (2.9 kph) and a range of 147 statute miles (236.47 km). This was calculated while holding back a 10-percent reserve of the Yamaha 275SD’s 90-gallon (341 L) total fuel capacity.

Acceleration. She reached planing speed in an average 2.4 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 5.9, and 30 mph came and went in 8.4 seconds.



The performance test on the Yamaha 275SD was conducted in calm conditions on a freshwater lake.

As for her handling characteristics, when she was put into a hard turn there was a noticeable power bleed caused when the boat carves into the turn. This is accompanied by a typical decrease in RPMs. When the wheel is straightened out, the speed comes right back, and there’s a noticeable up-shift as the engine performance returns.

DRiVE technology

With the recently introduced Yamaha DRiVE technology, the 275SD performed admirably in close-in maneuvering which proved to be very intuitive, as well as comfortable from a standing position.

Close-in Maneuvering. The Yamaha DRiVE system operates by engaging two paddles located just behind the steering wheel, much like the shift paddles on a high-performance car, easily reached without the operator having to move the hands off the wheel. 

To engage the DRiVE system, simply touch the control button on the Connext touchscreen. Then the paddles are used for controlling the boat, and NOT the engine control lever. Squeeze the right paddle, to move forward, the left to move in reverse (Think “go RIGHT ahead”).  Squeeze either paddle further to add power. The paddles are pressure-sensitive, so a light squeeze adds light power, a firmer squeeze adds more power… limited by the low speed of docking mode. Most importantly, the steering wheel can be manipulated along with the paddles to provide full maneuverability. And this can be done from the standing position, without ever touching the throttle lever.

Touch display

The DRiVE mode can be engaged when the boat is in neutral by touching the mode button on the Connext display.

Drive paddles

The DRiVE paddles are placed behind the wheel and are quite intuitive to operate.

Operational Mode Shift. When in neutral, choose between dual lever mode, single lever mode, or DRiVE mode for close-in maneuvering… all selectable from the Connext touchscreen. Automatically engaging DRiVE mode when shifting into neutral would be a convenient feature. 

Easy to operate

Using the Yamaha DRiVE technology proved to be intuitive and easily operated with a single hand on the wheel.

Features Inspection


Swim platform

Combining a swim platform with a social area is one of Yamaha’s innovations that push the envelope a bit beyond the average builder.

One characteristic of Yamaha boats that distinguishes them from all others is the innovative stern patio. It’s actually a functional part of the boat’s entertainment capabilities. The platform is covered in rubberized non-skid. Seatbacks are integrated into the transom. Armrests to the sides double as steps for boarding. Beverage holders are to both sides, while a stereo remote is to starboard. 

The reboarding ladder is in the center of the platform, something that is not possible with outdrive powered boats. But the real innovation with this model is the seating that Yamaha has created that drops into position at the trailing edge of the platform.  Mounted one way, it’s seating below the waterline. Mounted the other way, and it’s a waterfront table. Most importantly, these seat/table combination devices float. So no worries about losing them when installing or removing. 

In water table

Yamaha continues its innovations with in-water seating which can be reversed to create a table with drink-holders. The pull-out reboarding ladder is between.

One caveat to keep in mind is to be sure to remove the seats from the water before driving off. It might be a good idea for Yamaha to add an engine kill switch to these seats that activates while the seats are installed. 

Stern mountable table

There is a mount for the table to be set up on the riser to the stern lounger.

Boarding step

The armrest for the swim platform seating doubles as boarding steps. Note the non-skid SeaDek for safer boarding and debarking.

Jet cleanout

Under the aft-facing seating is access to the jet cleanout (red arrow), engine maintenance (green arrow), freshwater tank fill port (yellow arrow), and the engine flush port (purple arrow).

Removable divider

Yamaha provided a removable divider to protect the walkthrough to the platform. We’d like to see a more typical gate as this needs to get stowed when not in use and is easy to lose.

Forward Seating

The forward seating is laid out in the typical bow rider fashion with two lounge seats and a forward aft-facing seat. Storage is under both lounge cushions.

Layout of forward seating

The layout of the forward seating is traditional. However, the execution on the Yamaha 275SD is exceptional.

The three-tone upholstery and details such as the insert designator in the foredeck riser gives the forward cockpit a more sophisticated look and feel.

Outboard drink holders

The insert next to the outboard side of the lounge seats has two drink-holders, one of the six-speakers, a tray for holding incidentals, and a USB charging port (yellow arrow).

23. Upholstery

The upholstery details include diamond stitching and custom embroidery. Note the fold-down armrest.

Gunwale mounted grab rail

The gunwale mounted grab rail is not the traditional round, stainless-steel. It is a brushed aluminum with a polygon shape, giving it an integrated style. Note the upholstered armrest/backrest beneath.

Storage space

There is storage space beneath the port and starboard bench seating.

We’d like to see gas-assist struts on opening seats, especially on this luxury-oriented sportboat.

Table mounts

The standard table mounts on the port side mounting plate located on the seat riser.


The forward seating inserts convert the bow into a large sun pad.


Note the substantial windshield supports integrated into both sides of the walkthrough.

The windshield opens to offer access to the helm and aft cockpit.

Most manufacturers of sportboats with walkthrough windshields use single support rods that often look like afterthoughts. Yamaha uses substantial looking, brushed aluminum triangular supports that are integrated into the consoles design giving a more integrated, upscale look.

center windshield

For when the temperature drops, there is a pull-down shade-style wind block air-dam.

Helm Console

The helm console is a very contemporary design with a 12.3” (31.24 cm) “floating” multifunction touch display that serves as the hub for managing the Yamaha 275SD systems and advanced technology which includes entertainment functions, performance curves for watersports, navigation, and all critical boat data. These functions can all be controlled by the touchscreen itself, or via the mouse-like joystick alongside. 

Tilt steering wheel

The helm features a tilt steering wheel with the Yamaha DRiVE technology paddles and the 12.3” (31.24 cm) Connext touch display with maps and systems functions.

Start-stop buttons

On the inboard side of the helm are two cup holders and the engine’s start stop buttons.


On the outboard side of the helm is a joystick for the Connext display, the horn (red arrow), bilge pump (blue arrow), navigation lights (green arrow) and blower control systems (yellow arrow). Just below is the digital shift and throttle binnacle.

Helm seat bin

Alongside the helm seat is a convenient bin for incidentals.


In float mode, the display offers the water temperature, fuel level, Bluetooth functionality, menu of options and depth. Note the custom fit smartphone holder on the outboard side of the screen.

Display Running Mode. When the boat is running, the display automatically switches to running mode with the engine data and status where the Bluetooth status and water temperature were displayed in the float mode. The fuel and depth finder information remains on display. The Yamaha Connext display comes with a GPS function and maps.

Helm storage

On the inboard side of the helm console is a door that gives access to the storage space inside.

Flip up arm rests

The helm bucket seat has flip-up armrests and bolster.

Bolster up

With the bolster up most operators will have an uninterrupted line-of-sight.

Side window

With the bolster down, we found that the forward windshield frame, and the side window frame creates blind spots.  A compromise to the stylish profile of the 275SD.

The Head Compartment has 3’8” (1.12 m) headroom from the deck to the overhead and 2’8” (0.81 m) from the Porta-Potti to the overhead.


The head compartment is a bit tight. The countertop has a slide-out shelf, storage cabinet, and toilet paper holder.

Lockable glove compartment

When closed, the door has a stylish upholstered and stitched brow with the model designator above two cup holders. Below is a good-sized, lockable glove compartment.


Yamaha created a very social area in the cockpit with a galley and L-shaped bench seating on both the starboard and port side. They wrap to forward-facing bench seating with a transom walkthrough between. Throughout the entire cockpit is upgraded snap-in marine carpeting.

Bench seating

On both the port and starboard sides there is bench seating that can be used as forward-facing lounge seating. On the starboard side there is a backrest on the galley that creates an aft-facing lounge seat.


On both the port and starboard bulwarks are insets with two-speakers (yellow arrows), a grab handle (red arrow), and a drink-holder (blue arrow).

Battery switch

Inside the port bench seating along with storage space are the battery control switches, located on the aft bulkhead.

Marine speakers

Forward in the port side aft cockpit seating is the subwoofer. In all, the Yamaha 275SD comes standard with six Wet Sounds Revo marine speakers and the subwoofer.

Under the forward-facing aft cockpit bench seating are storage trays with over the engine access. Note the gas assist struts.

Mechanical space

Under the storage tray is the mechanical space access. On the starboard side is the 14-gallon (53 L) freshwater tank (green arrow) for the galley and shower wand. On the port side are the batteries (red arrow).


With the backrest in this position there is forward-facing bench seating in the aft cockpit with aft-facing bench seating behind.

Shifting lounge seat

The backrest of the forward-facing aft bench seating can be shifted forward to create a large sun pad lounge seat.

Companion seat

The helm companion seat matches the helm seat but does not have a bolster. However, it does recline, unlike the helm seat.

Cup holders

On the outboard side of the helm companion seat are three drink holders, a 2” (5.1 cm) wide grab handle, a bin for incidentals, (green arrow) a USB charging port (yellow arrow) and a courtesy light (red arrow).

Helm seat storage

Between the two helm seats is in-deck storage which would be better served with a gas-assist strut.

The Hardtop

The Yamaha 275 Series models vary available tops. The Yamaha 275S comes standard with a Bimini top, the Yamaha 275SE has a standard aluminum folding wakeboard tower with Bimini top. The Yamaha 275SD has a hardtop with two tinted skylights. The hardtop has an 8’6” bridge clearance.

Hard top

The hardtop comes standard on the Yamaha 275SD and includes two skylights that are lightly tinted.

The Galley

The Yamaha 275 Series are the first boats that Yamaha has included a galley for entertaining. These galleys don’t have a cooktop but they serve as a welcome entertainment console. The Yamaha 275S and 275SE have a truncated galley. The Yamaha 275 SD has an extended version with a larger countertop for preparing repasts.

Cooler storage

There is a storage drawer above and storage for a 30-quart (28.4 L) cooler below.


The freshwater sink has a stainless-steel fold-away faucet and a solid-surface cover.

The Foredeck

The foredeck on the Yamaha 275SD houses the ground tackle locker under a non-skid hatch. There is a pull-up 6” (15.24 cm) cleat forward of the forepeak hatch and the navigation light is mounted on the hatch.


Shown is the sea-deck insert with a debossed model designator, which gives the boat a stylish touch.

Anchor locker

The forepeak hatch opens with a gas assist strut. The anchor is held in place with the anchor keepers.

Forward bench

Under the aft facing forward bench upholstered seat is a non-skid step.


The supercharged water-jet engines are derived from Yamaha’s popular Waverunner PWC. With a combined 500-hp they have plenty of get-up-and-go and tow capacity for watersports.

Not often mentioned but of importance is the corrosion resistant driveline and freshwater flush capability built into these engines.


The Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) supercharger is front mounted and connected directly to the main crankshaft. 


The hull and deck on any new Yamaha Sport Boat purchased for pleasure use from an authorized Yamaha Sport Boat dealer in the United States will be warranted against major structural defects for a period of five (5) years in pleasure use, or for one (1) year in commercial applications. All other Yamaha Sport Boat components will be warranted against defects in material or workmanship, subject to exclusions for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase in commercial applications.


The shallow water capabilities of the Yamaha 275SD and the lack of external running gear for swimmer safety should always be mentioned as advantages of jet drive boats.

Options to Consider

Yamaha does not list options for the Yamaha 275SD. The Yamaha 275 Series models are packaged boats with different levels of features. A side by side comparison of the three 275 series boats and those features is available by visiting the Yamaha website for available packages. The top-of-the line 275SD stands above by including a hardtop, extended galley, and the new Yamaha DRiVE system.

The 275SD is available in 2 colors: Yacht Blue or White hulls


Yamaha does not offer a trailer. Yamaha Boats dealers may offer a matched trailer as an option.


The Yamaha 275SD has a starting price of $129,999.


LED lighting

LED lighting in the hardtop is standard equipment on the Yamaha 275SD.

Yamaha set out to make its first 27' offering to be the gold-standard for luxury jet boats. As far as luxury appointments and quality in construction and innovations, they are dead-on. The performance, as far as power and speed, is also on the mark. In those respects, the Yamaha 275SD is the standard that all other manufacturers will be shooting for.

However, if Yamaha wants to step-it-up it will need to work on dialing-in the Yamaha 275SD performance to be a little more exhilarating when making safe hard turns. Also, adding gas assist struts in several places would up the mark on this already sumptuously appointed jet-boat. All-in, if boaters want a high-end, quality oriented, feature packed recreational sport jet boat they will be hard pressed to do better than the Yamaha 275SD.

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