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Yamaha EX Limited (2021-)


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Brief Summary

The EX Series of waverunners is Yamaha’s five-model affordable line up that brings new meaning to the word bargain. Yamaha’s newly added model, the EX Limited is their flagship model that comes loaded with accessories while still maintaining a reasonable price tag.  All have the same hull but add increasingly more features to meet specific customer’s needs.

    Key Features

    • 1 to 3 person seating capacity

    • Available in Pure White with Green

    • 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine Engine

    • Multifunction Information Center

    • Large Glove Box

    • Two-tone Deck Mats

    • Upgraded Tow Hook


    Length Overall 126"
    Beam 44.5"
    Dry Weight 602 lbs.
    Person Capacity 3
    Fuel Capacity 13.2 GAL

    Engine Options

    Std. Power TR-1 4 Stroke engine

    Captain's Report

    By Capt. Nick Martinez


    The flagship to the EX Series is the EX Limited, a feature-packed model that maintains a competitive price. Enhancements on this new WaveRunner include two Yamaha branded fenders, pull-up cleats, an upgraded tow hook, a color-matched tube, a 12-volt tube inflator w/outlet, a tow rope, a matching cover, portable audio speakers, waterproof bow storage and removable compression-molded storage.  With prices on the EX line ranging from $6,999 to $9,599 the features being offered are more than expected, but that’s not a surprise coming from Yamaha.

    Because the EX Limited is generally designed for watersports, where there are often multiple passengers onboard when towing, the EX Limited is fitted with wider sponsons for enhanced dynamic stability. 

    Performance and Handling

    The EX Limited has plenty of power provided by her TR-1 4-Stroke engine that not only provides strength but good fuel economy. Under the waterline, the EX Series shares a stable, yet playful hull design. Even with a passenger aboard, her wide sponsons help keep her solid and comfortable feel. This model also comes with one of Yamaha's best features,  RiDE Technology. RiDE Technology lets drivers switch into neutral with the quick squeeze of the left trigger or, if held down, shifts it into reverse. RiDE also helps decelerate faster when at high speeds, all while still being able to maintain control since the hands never leave the handlebars.

    The EX handled nicely in tight turns and with the TR-1 engine she was very responsive to the throttle.


    With the TR-1 powering the EX models, Yamaha reports a top speed of 51.1 mph and a best cruise of 29 mph with a 3.2 GPH fuel burn. 

    Underneath the one-piece seat is the engine bay providing easy access to all checkpoints.  

    Features Inspection

    Yamaha’s EX Limited comes with a plethora of fun accessories to have a fun day out on the water, and all of them come standard.

    The EX Limited comes with Yamaha’s RiDE technology with features activated from the left hand trigger.  

    There EX Limited includes removable and adjustable ECOXGEAR waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

    The forward compartment comes with a roll-top 5.41 Gal. (20.5 L) roll-top waterproof storage bag.

    The glove box storage in front of the driver is among the deepest we've seen.  

    The EX Limited comes with a custom tube with a tow rope, storage bag and inflator.

    Yamaha upgraded the tow ring for easier, and more secure, attachments.  

    There are two pull up cleats on each side of the EX Limited.

    The digital display under the handlebars shows the RPM, Fuel, and Speed. The upper right part of the screen cycles between the voltage and engine hours.


    As mentioned earlier there are five models to choose from in Yamaha’s affordable EX line. Each having its own purpose and features.  Prices start at $6,999 for the standard EX model all the way to this EX Limited model at $9,599. 


    While Yamaha's EX line is targeting entry-level riders, don't expect to grow out of it.  Indeed, each one has the performance and handling that will keep it a family staple for years to come.   The EX Limited, being at the top of the series, will further ensure its longevity with so many of the most desired accessories already included. At a bargain price, this fully loaded wave runner would be a welcome addition to any family.