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Yamaha VX Limited HO (2021-)


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Brief Summary

The VX series from Yamaha is in the mid-level of the performance spectrum and that is key to its industry-leading success. The lineup consists of 7 models that offer hi-end performance along with technology. Of all the models, the Limited HO is at the top of this Recreational Series line, and certainly provides the most bang for the buck.


Length Overall 132.7"
Beam 48.8"
Person Capacity 3
Fuel Capacity 18.5 GAL

Engine Options

Tested Engine 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Std. Power 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 High Output Yamaha Marine Engine

Captain's Report

Yamaha VX Limited HO: Accessory-Packed Mid-Level WaveRunner

By Capt. Steve

The VX Limited HO is among the most popular WaveRunners from Yamaha. It’s comes loaded with accessories that complement its sporty performance.


The VX series from Yamaha is in the mid-level of the performance spectrum and that is key to its industry-leading success.  The lineup consists of 7 models that offer hi-end performance along with technology.  Of all the models (VX Limited, VX Cruiser HO, VX Cruiser, VX Deluxe, VX, VX-C and VX Limited HO) the Limited HO is at the top of this Recreational Series line, and certainly provides the most bang for the buck. 

Limited Means Accessory Packed. 

Anytime Yamaha uses the term “Limited” is means the model comes will all the accessories available.  In the case of the VX Limited HO, it includes the factory-installed speakers that are connected to a custom audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.  The speakers are matched to the hull and blend seamlessly for a striking look.  As watersports are at the top of the list of good times this model represents, there’s a color match tube with a bungee style holder that attaches to the tow-ring to keep it on for the ride to the play area.  Of course, a tube also needs a tow rope and water toy inflator, so both are included.  For the end of the day, there's also a custom-made cover and two fenders will add protection at the dock. 

All of the included accessories can be carried on the VX Limited HO, including the tube that doesn’t need to be deflated. Everything else fits into the 28.4-gallon (107.51 L) of total storage.

Design Styling

For this model year, the whole VX lineup has gotten a new design style.  It has a much more angular and aesthetically-pleasing stylized look and includes an assortment of black, blue, red and green, depending on the specific model.   The speakers integrate nicely into the hull at the front of the footwells.  Just above, there are two mirrors that integrated into the cowling and both are well inside the dock strike zone. 

The speakers and mirrors are integrated nicely into the hull form.  Notice the improved overall design styling. 


LED Screen – The VX limited HO also comes loaded with all the technology Yamaha offers for its WaveRunner series.  At the top of those technology features is the 4.3” (10.92 cm) LED screen. This provides features on data such as speed, RPM, trip data, etc... along with a security lockout to prevent unauthorized use.  These features are all accessible through various screens with scrolling and selecting being done through a touchpad right underneath the right side handlebar.   To the left side, and again under the handlebars, are audio controls.   

The 4.3” (10.92 cm) Connext screen is the focal point of the technology features. 

RiDE – Next is the RiDE technology.   This allows users to use the left trigger to activate neutral or reverse.  Just give the left trigger a quick squeeze to apply neutral or squeeze and hold it to apply reverse.  This allows for much more maneuverability at the dock and more controlled deceleration when at speed.  All while still being able to control steering since the hands never leave the handlebars.  Now notice we said “activate” neutral and reverse, not “shift” into.  That’s because there really is no shifting going on.  It’s a matter of lowering a bucket behind the jet nozzle to redirect the thrust down for neutral or forward for reverse. 

TDE – Then there’s the Thrust Directional Enhancer.  This gives us a little bit more maneuverability at low speed and also gives an additional boost for when trying to back off a trailer. 

Cruise/No Wake – Next is the Cruise/No Wake button.  When operating at idle speed, press and hold the single button.  There will be three beeps acknowledging activation, and now it will hold a no-wake speed without having to hold a finger on the throttle trigger.  Conversely, when we're at cruise speed, press and hold the same button, get the three beeps, but now squeeze the throttle all the way.  The unit will then hold the speed at which the button was pressed.  Plus, the system also allows for incremental changes with the right thumb with an up/down rocker. 

With the “no wake” feature, the VX Limited HO will hold a speed at about 1200 RPM without having to hold the throttle trigger. 

When in Cruise mode, speed can be adjusted with the up/down rocker on the right handlebar. 



At the front is cavernous storage that makes up the.  Another compartment is just ahead of the driver, and this one is not only lighted it also includes a USB port and a 12 Volt accessory plug (remember that water towy inflator?).  There's a nice little spot on the side for putting the cell phone into.   There's one last compartment under the seat and this is removable. 


Removing the seat also gives us access to the 1.8-liter High Output (there’s the HO in the model name) Naturally Aspirated Yamaha Marine Engine.  It displaces 1812CC, and it’s a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke connected to a 155mm high-pressure jet pump, and yes… it runs on regular unleaded gasoline. 

The seat is a cruiser style with a scalloped design and holds up to three.  It's a bit narrower allowing for a better grip with the knees… the strongest part of the body.   

There's improved decking.  The wells are self-draining. 

The large aft deck is all padded.  There is a large reboarding step and an upgraded tow ring in the back.  Four pull-up cleats are added to the package. 


Color Carbon with Lime Yellow

Rider Capacity 1-3 persons

Dry Weight  794 LBS (360.15 kg)

Length  132.7" (337.06 cm)

Width  48.8" (123.95 cm)

Height  47.2" (119.89 cm)

Fuel Capacity 18.5 GAL (70.03 L)

Storage Capacity 28.4 GAL (107.51 L)

NanoXcel Ultra-lightweight Hull Yes

NanoXcel Ultra-lightweight Deck Yes


This model has been Yamaha’s best-selling WaveRunner thanks to its class-leading performance, handling and versatility.  It features the same race-ready hull design as the high-performance GP series WaveRunners that provides precise handling.  It also has dynamic stability that makes riding with multiple passengers more comfortable.  Overall, it's just a fun ride to be on so it's no wonder that it's such a successful model.  The more you give the more she'll take, but at the same time she's forgiving enough to make this everyone’s WaveRunner.   At $13,549, it’s also a bargain.