Boaters enjoy the great outdoors, but sometimes relief and protection from the burning rays of the hot sun is necessary. Welcome BocaShade, a simple, manually deployed, patented awning that can extend the shade of a cabin top, hardtop, or T-top over the cockpit or foredeck of boats up to 37' (11.27 m) long.

Editor’s Report by Capt. Nick Martinez


Extending shade over cockpit seating is simple with BocaShade. Pull it out, no additional supports or straps, no motors, wiring, or complicated installs, just shade dockside or underway.

Key Features

  • Telescoping frame
  • Constructed from stainless steel and light-weight aluminum
  • Fade-proof Sunbrella® marine canvas for durability
  • Permanently mounts to either the forward or aft end of a boat’s top
  • Extends or retracts in less than 30 seconds
  • Available in sizes of 5', 6', and 7' (1.52 m, 1.82 m, and 2.13 m) in length
  • Wind-tested up to 50 mph


Owners of small recreational boats will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of BocaShades.


BocaShade was developed by company founder and chief product engineer, John Cao, to protect his family and friends during long, fun-filled days on the water in the harsh Florida sun. The mission of BocaShade is to extend shade relief on boats up to 37’ (11.27 m) in length with a simple, manually-deployed awning that needs no additional supports and can work equally well underway.


gear box

There is a gear box that is used to roll the BocaShade’s Sunbrella fabric up and simultaneously retract the telescoping arms back into the stowed position.

BocaShade MDX™ is a patented system that is operated by manually pulling the frame open. For tops with high overhead clearance an undermount solution may be more desirable to facilitate opening and closing operations. The space saving design is fully retractable and easily stowed.

Color Options



t top

An undermount installation on a soft T-top requires only four mounting brackets. Note the Velcro straps in the middle of the shade that keep the fabric from billowing.

BocaShade can be installed either below or above the cabintop, hardtop, or T-top. The choice of top mount or undermount allows for flexibility in avoiding previously installed gear like an electronics box. BocaShade installations can easily be done by a DIY boater or professional installer. One key to installation is to ensure that the frame rails are mounted parallel to each other.


BocaShades have aluminum mounting hardware with plastic backing disk.

closed position

The BocaShade in closed position does not interfere with any other equipment mounted on the hardtop of this boat. A zippered boot is available to cover the Sunbrella during trailering operations.


Many boat manufacturers offer BocaShade options and will factory install them.

forward deck

A BocaShade installed over the forward deck is great when the boat is at anchor or at the dock.


  • Model MDX5  5' (1.52 m) shade length = $1,499  (+199 for over 63” width)
  • Model MDX6  6' (1.82 m) shade length = $1,599  (+199 for over 63” width) 
  • Model MDX7  7' (2.13 m) shade length = $1,699  (+199 for over 63” width)  
  • Boot cover ($225.00)

Pricing is based on 63” (160.92 cm) wide Sunbrella - other widths available.


Extending the shade of the T-top on this center console will make boaters more comfortable.



BocaShade doesn’t quit underway – it has been tested at speeds up to 50 mph. We note that the forward shade is not deployed underway.

BocaShade is a valuable boating accessory. There are no spare poles or straps to store. It’s simple, easy to use, and provides effective shade relief for recreational boaters at a modest price.