Electric Outboards at METSTRADE 2021

Remigo outboard

The 2.5-hp Remigo outboard motor seen here being installed was given an Honorable Mention by the judges at METS for its innovative and practical design for small sailboats and tenders. It has a 2.5-hp electric motor, lithium-ion battery pack, prop, BMS and controls all contained in one lightweight, portable unit.

Two years of COVID-19-pent-up marine-product introductions burst forth on the world’s largest marine-equipment stage — METSTRADE — two weeks ago in Amsterdam. Most significant were 10 electric outboard motors with stated horsepower from 1 to 267. None of the electric motors on display was from the U.S., as European electrical engineers and entrepreneurs dominated the show. The future of boating is undeniably electric — the only question is when. Take a look at Part I of our two-part video report on electric outboard motors displayed at METS to see what the pioneers are doing. We think you’ll be surprised.