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Superior Torque at Low- and Mid-RPM Range

Brief Summary

What makes boats jump on plane quickly, rather than struggling to slowly build up a head of steam to get on plane? It all has to do with torque at the low- and mid-RPM settings. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 line of 2-stroke outboards were introduced in 2014. These engines were a completely new design from a clean sheet of paper, using direct injection and a new combustion chamber designed in concert with professors at the University of Wisconsin, designed with a shape that optimizes power.

Key Features


Type of Engine
Number of Cylinders
Horse Power 400
Fuel Type N/A
Fuel Delivery
Shaft Length Options
Shift Throttle Control
Steering Control
Recommended Fuel
Alternator Output
CARB Rating
Engine Monitoring System

Captain's Report