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BF 50

Brief Summary

The Honda BF 50 is the lightest fifty-horsepower, 4-stroke engine in the world. The new erogonomically designed center mounted tiller handle provides ease of operation and improved handling.

The Honda BF 50 is available in two different types: L and X. The information on this page represents the L type unless specified.

Key Features

  • Autostart enrichment automatically adjusts the air-fuel mixture for quick, easy starting and warm-up.
  • A gas assisted tilt function makes it easy to tilt the engine for running in shallow water.
  • Fresh water flushport flushes debris and saltwater out of the engine.
  • Patented non-linear rubber mounts provide smoother operation at all engine speeds.
  • The standard 10 amp charging ensures that batteries remain charged while operating electronics.
  • 3-year limited warranty


Type of Engine 4-Stroke
Number of Cylinders 3
Horse Power 50
Configuration In-line
Weight 214.00lbs
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injected
Shaft Length Options 20 in for L / 25 in for X
Shift Throttle Control
Displacement 49.00cu in
Steering Control Tiller
Recommended Fuel
Alternator Output
CARB Rating
Engine Monitoring System

Captain's Report

Honda Outboards: Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates

Honda’s BF50 and BF40 horsepower (hp) outboard engines have been designed to pack maximum power and easy handling into a lightweight, compact and ergonomic design.
Ideal for pontoon, shallow-draft walleye or bay bass boats running in flats or deep water, both models deliver superior performance in a lightweight package; both are loaded with user-friendly features that provide smooth, quiet operation with instant throttle response and performance.

“In the U.S. alone, there are more than 44 million recreational anglers who depend on their boat engines to get them to their favorite fishing holes,” said Robin Senger, Honda Marine Marketing. “Our goal at Honda Marine is to provide a reliable, technologically advanced engine that not only keeps them on the water, but gives them time for one more cast.”

The higher horsepower (hp) BF50 is a featherweight: with dry weight ranging from 205 lbs (93 kg) to 214 lbs (97.5 kg) depending on configuration, it is the lightest 50 hp, 4-stroke engine in the world.

Both the Honda BF50 and BF40 feature the Auto-Start Enrichment System; automatic choking; a longer, center-mounted tiller handle; fingertip control of critical functions; an exclusive, Non-Linear Mounting System; a 3-cylinder engine with a 3 to 3 Induction System; and the innovative offset crankshaft.

World-Class Features

 Similar to fuel-injection, the microprocessor-controlled Auto-Start Enrichment System allows both engines to be started with the simple turn of a key, while automatically adjusting the air-fuel mixture for quick, easy starts and warm-ups and increased power and torque at any rpm;

 The convenient, 8-inch center mounted tiller handle is longer than on previous models, allowing anglers to improve maneuverability and control;

 Throttle friction control, power tilt/trim control and engine alert indicators are located at the operator’s fingertips for quick, comfortable adjustment at a glance. And a generous -4-o to +12o trim angle makes for maximum performance and handling, speeding anglers to their honey holes in rapid time;

 Honda’s patented, exclusive Non-Linear Mounting system incorporates non-linear rubber mounts for smoother operation at all engine speeds;

 The lightweight, compact, 3-cylinder engines utilize a 3 to 3 induction system, or one carburetor per cylinder, for instant throttle response and increased fuel efficiency; the design is more responsive than competitive throttle bodies with long intake runners;

 An offset crankshaft places both engines in a class by themselves in terms of quiet operation; this innovative design reduces vibration by locating the powerhead directly over the transom pivot point, helping make the BF50 and BF40 engines among the quietest outboards on the market.

The Honda BF50 engine is available in both 25-inch and 20-inch shaft models, while the BF40 comes in a 20-inch shaft size.