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200 HPDI

Brief Summary

Yamaha's revolutionary High Pressure Direct Injection was a giant technological leap, delivering fuel at an amazing 700 psi, vs. 90-450 psi of conventional direct injection. The difference in power to plane, acceleration, top-end speed, and fuel economy was nothing short of amazing according to Yamaha. A unique sound-dampening system makes our HPDIs dramatically quieter than conventional two-strokes. And they're so clean-running, they exceed the Federal EPA 2006 emission requirements, as well as earning a California C.A.R.B. two-star rating for very low emissions. Engine comes standard with a limited two-year warranty.

Key Features

  • The Proven Homogeneous Combustion Chamber Design maximizes power and fuel economy in the critical 2500-5500 rpm range
  • The Vapor Separator Tank removes vapors from the fuel for increased engine stability and reliability
  • Counter Rotation dramatically reduces steering torque and arm fatigue, while providing more control and acceleration
  • Yamaha HPDIs exceed the Federal EPA 2006 emission requirements, and have earned a California C.A.R.B two-star rating for very low emissions.
  • Oil Bi-Pass Groove around the bottom piston ring delivers the precise amount of oil to the top ring, enhancing durability
  • The Multi-Charge Monitoring System keeps your batteries charging whenever the engines are running
  • Front-Mounted Freshwater Flushing device makes it easy to completely flush the engine, in the slip or at home
  • Connect Yamaha's Digital Engine Management System to a GPS unit and track your mileage, speed and ETA along with your position
  • Precision Blend™ Oil Injection automatically injects just the right amount of oil, based on load and speed
  • Specifications

    Type of Engine
    Number of Cylinders
    Horse Power 200
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Fuel Delivery
    Shaft Length Options
    Shift Throttle Control
    Displacement 158.40cu in
    Steering Control
    Recommended Fuel
    Alternator Output 45 amps
    CARB Rating 2-Star
    Engine Monitoring System

    Captain's Report