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F 90

Brief Summary

This 90-hp 4-stroke outboard has enough muscle to move your 1000-lb. boat at over 40 mph and give you 5.75 mpg at best cruise. How much more horsepower do you need? How much more fuel do you need to burn? This relatively new engine from Yamaha has four cylinders, DOHC, fuel injection, 20” and 25” shafts and weighs 369 lb, according to the company.

Key Features

  • Multi-Port Precision Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Single throttle valve
  • Composite Intake Manifold
  • The New, Multi-Function Tiller Handle
  • High Output Alternator
  • Top-Mounted Flywheel
  • Microcomputer Ignition
  • Double Overhead Cam Design
  • Variable Trolling Speed
  • Specifications

    Type of Engine 4-Stroke
    Number of Cylinders 4
    Horse Power 90
    Configuration In-line
    Weight 369.00lbs
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Fuel Delivery
    Shaft Length Options
    Shift Throttle Control
    Displacement 97.00cu in
    Steering Control
    Recommended Fuel
    Alternator Output
    CARB Rating
    Engine Monitoring System

    Captain's Report