Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC)

ITC Digital Display

Isotherm’s Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC Digital Display) shows, controls and regulates the temperature inside a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of the refrigerator/freezer cabinet, which reduces the power consumption of the unit. The ITC Digital Display works with a holding plate to form a cooling unit called ITC+ and many sizes of plates are available.

Broad-Ranging Compatibility

The ITC Digital Display is intended for users and owners who want a clean-looking interface and refined product interaction plus reduced on-board power consumption. An air sensor in the cabinet works with an electronic-control unit to detect the actual air temperature and process it in combination with user-selected settings.

Remote product interaction is easy to set and read because data readings appear on the display. They include messages like “temperature set or detected,” “selection of energy saving operations,” “Compressor’s operation mode settings ITC, Eco and Overcooling mode) and a choice of three battery protection levels.

Isotherm ITC Digital Display

The ITC Digital Display shows a variety of information simply by scrolling through it.

Product integration is simple because the ITC Digital Display is compatible with control units from Indel Webasto units, allowing for a flush installation or wall-mounted units. These then become ITC+, delivering the advantages of the advanced system logic to the energy-storing technology.

Isotherm ITC flush mounting

The display panel can be installed in a variety of locations. Here we see flush mounting.

System Features

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Integrated microprocessor manages system to maximize performance
  • Remote Product Interaction lets user set the temperature, select energy-saving settings, choose from three battery protection levels and access the compressor’s operation mode settings (ITC, Eco and Overcooling).
  • Simple, easy-to-install kit upgrades Isotherm refrigerators with Danfoss/Secop compressors. ITC Digital Display is compatible with the control unit IWM part #SEG0002DA and Secop 101N0212 for BD35/50F. Allows for recessed-flush or wall-mounted installation. 
  • Up to 25% energy savings from compressor-efficiency gains
  • Up to 40% energy savings with combined effect of cold-energy surplus stored in food and drinks
  • Boost mode for quick cooling
  • Soft Start function avoids starting surges. The number of compressor revolutions is kept to the minimum allowed for approximately 30 seconds at every start of the compressor. This balances internal pressures on the gas circuit, preventing possible compressor blocks. At the end of the process, the compressor returns to standard settings
  • Includes Over Cooling Function to accumulate cold when there is a surplus of energy. Such as when the battery is in charging mode (battery charger, engine on, etc.) and when shore power is available.
  • Smart storage and use of cold energy optimizes the efficiency of Danfoss/Secop compressor and uses the cooling energy storage potential of food and drinks inside the fridge. The cabinet air temperature is continuously monitored via a dedicated air sensor that prevents freezing of contents. When a power surplus is available, the cooling energy is stored and used when the system runs solely on battery power. 
  • ECO Mode function is activated by the user, the refrigerator will operate at minimum power in energy-saving mode. Achievement of the set temperature can’t be guaranteed in this mode because priority is shifted to reduce power consumption. Battery capacity is also preserved to maximum achievable timing. When the ECO function is active, the Soft Start function is available and the compressor operates at a fixed 2500 rpm.
  • Optimized compressor efficiency is achieved by continuously scanning a set of key environmental factors and through advanced proprietary algorithms. The optimum compressor speed maximizes the performance/battery drain ratio.

ITC Digital Display retrofit refrigerator

The ITC Digital Display system can be retrofit on current refrigerators.

What’s In the Box?

  • Instructions manual
  • Digital display
  • Digital display support frame
  • Container for wall installation
  • Container for flush mounting installation
  • Temperature sensor with cable
  • Grille and temperature sensor support
  • Display connection cable
  • Filter and prolonging cable for AC/DC
  • (2) M2.5 Screws
  • (2) Self-tapping screws
  • Rubber cable grommet


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