Jabsco Quiet Flush Toilet

Ready When Nature Calls

The marine toilet is one of the least-talked-about pieces of equipment aboard most watercraft, and yet one of the most essential. 

With its simplified installation, ease of serviceability and sleek touch sensor control, the Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 brings a whole new level of convenience and comfort as well as value to the ‘head’.

It’s available in a compact version, allowing it to fit into the close confines of center consoles and other boats with confined space, as well as a regular size for yachts designed for extended cruises.

The Quiet Flush is relatively easy to self-install: For maximum flexibility in tight spaces, the base can be rotated, allowing the pump to discharge to the left, right or rear.

Jabsco Quiet Flush Toilet quick-release system

All marine toilets occasionally need servicing. A quick-release system on the Quiet Flush provides easy access to the macerator pump and discharge hose with no tools needed, per the company.

Jabsco Quiet Flush Toilet adjustable flush cycle with touch sensor panel

The Jabsco electric has an adjustable flush cycle with a touch sensor panel. Users can choose three settings — including a water-saving, eco flush cycle, important for freshwater flushing models using onboard water supply.

Jabsco Quiet Flush Toilet discharge pump

The system has a powerful but compact and quiet discharge pump that removes waste, and is easily disassembled if necessary.


•    Rotatable base and discharge pump for flexibility in tight spaces

•    Quick-release system provides easy access to the discharge pump

•    Touch sensor panel with three settings, including water-saving, eco flush cycle

•    Quiet soft-close seat on regular bowls

•    Powerful centrifugal discharge pump to break up and evacuate waste

•    Uses existing pressurized water pump for flushing. (Pump must deliver at least 11 L/min.)

•    Includes solenoid valve to control flushing pump, mountable in any orientation (Fresh Water models only)

•    Supplied with separate pump for use with sea/river/lake water (Sea Water models only)

•    Electronic control panel featuring 'eco' water saver mode

•    Rotatable base and discharge pump to ensure pipework can be routed to rear

•    Easy clean shroud hiding all fixtures

The compact size pricing starts at about $680, the regular size at about $815. See details at Defender.