2021 NMEA Awards: Satellite TV Antenna: KVH TracVision UHD7

The high-performance 60 cm (24 in) TracVision® UHD7 antenna delivers satellite TV entertainment at sea with the ultra-high definition of 4K for DIRECTV® plus built-in support for DISH Network® and Bell TV. That’s why it won the Satellite TV Antenna category the 2021 National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Awards program.

Three Times the Tracking

The next generation of KVH’s award-winning TracVision HD7, the new TracVision UHD7 simultaneously tracks three DIRECTV satellites for a viewing experience that includes local channels and DVR support. The TracVision UHD7 features:

  • HD and 4K reception using KVH’s advanced multi-satellite tracking TriAD technology (4K DIRECTV only)*
  • Compatibility with DISH programming throughout U.S., Central America, or Caribbean waters, and Bell in Canada
  • Advanced stability tracking for exceptional reception in rough seas or on top a tuna tower

Explore Global Coverage.

The TracVision HD-series and TV-series are designed not only to provide the best possible performance but also a level of flexibility that will enable you to watch virtually any high-powered regional TV service around the globe. Explore our TV coverage around the world.

The UHD7 has a choice of dome styles and can install on a hardtop or mast on most yachts.

Patented TriAD Technology

This technology simultaneously receives broadcasts from three separate DIRECTV satellites so every TV on board can be tuned to any channel on any device at any time. No locking up, rebooting or lengthy satellite searches because the UHD7 is constantly receiving program data.

Digital Single Wire Multiswitch

With a digital SWM module and out-of-the-box support for 26 satellite TV tuners plus the option to expand to a total of 104, TracVision UHD7 can deliver the best satellite TV entertainment available to every television set onboard.

Convenient TracVision App

Exclusive KVH App for setup and installation assistance, checking signal strength, switching to secondary satellites, downloading software, and sending information to KVH support.

KVH TracVision UHD7 Configuration Wizard

Our Wizard will help you choose the system configuration that best suits your satellite TV needs. Just answer a few brief questions to display the parts you will need and the wiring diagram for your selected configuration.

Because it’s constantly tracking satellites, the UHD7 can provide global service.

Easy Control via the TracVision TV-Hub

TV-Hub integrates advanced technology into a single compact, lightweight, and durable unit that’s straightforward and easy to use. Automatic satellite switching and the fastest satellite acquisition speeds paired with built-in support for DIRECTV, DISH Network and Bell TV provide continuous access to premium programming and local channels throughout the world. And its built-in Wi-Fi interface allows access to system information from any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Optional Dome Designs

The TracVision UHD7 is also available in alternate dome designs for attractive dual-dome installs. Choose the tapered base version to match the award-winning TracPhone V7-HTS satellite communications system or an 89 cm dome for larger yachts.