Marinco EEL ShorePower Cord Sets

The EEL ShorePower plug has a weathertight seal so the threaded ring can’t be cross-threaded.


Editor's Report by Eric Colby

Marine accessory supplier Defender Industries carries the full line of the new EEL ShorePower by Marinco shorepower cords. Traditional shorepower plugs have a threaded ring that secures them in place. Misusing or stripping those threads can lead to unsafe operating situations. Marinco has a new patented locking system that eliminates the need for threaded fittings and the company says it creates a watertight seal.

Easily Engaged Lock

EEL stands for Easily Engaged Lock and it clamps down using Marinco’s patented Jaw Clamp Technology that is designed for use with the boss ring on NEMA connections. It won’t damage the inlet boss ring and the EEL ShorePower plug has a built-in light that makes it easier to connect in limited light.

Additionally, an alert light comes on if the plug is still connected and the EEL ShorePower has power indicator lights at both ends so the user knows if power is flowing through the cord. For more safety, when engaged, the jaws cannot release and the EEL ShorePower connects to any brand of NEMA configured inlet. Finally, it meets Underwriters Labs (UL) testing standards.

The plugs have a power-indicator light that can be seen easily in low light.


Features of the EEL ShorePower include a watertight molded plug and connector ends for longer life. The cord itself is available in 30-Amp 10 gauge or 50 Amp 6 gauge in white or yellow and a variety of lengths. The contacts are nickel-plated for improved corrosion resistance.

EEL ShorePower plugs also have an integrated light to facilitate making the connection.


Defender has the Marinco EEL 50 Amp ShorePower cord in 25’ (7.62 m) and 50’ (15.24 m) lengths. A buyer can get a 30 Amp cord in sizes ranging from 12' (3.66 m) to 50’ (15.24 m).

Choice of Adapters

EEL ShorePower Pigtail Adapters let a user connect from one dockside receptacle to a boat side inlet with dissimilar power configurations. The adapters have a sealing collar where applicable and it creates a watertight seal when connected. Defender carries all seven pigtail configurations and they can be used in wet situations.

Pigtail adapters are available for virtually every combination of shoreside and boat-side plugs.


Marinco also makes Y-Adapters and Straight Adapters with the EEL plugs. The five Y-Adapters available from Defender also have a sealing collar and can be used in wet locations. Straight Adapters are one-piece units, but they don’t have sealing collars and aren’t recommended for use in wet locations. They should only be used in a dry location like powering a boat from a 15-amp household outlet.

Y-Adapters have twin identical connections on the boat and a single at the dockside terminal.


Defender carries the full line of EEL Y-Adapters.

The EEL Straight Adapters help connect dissimilar plugs but should not be used in wet locations.