Raymarine says the display delivers wider viewing angles and sharp contrast and the home page has simple app icons that can be personalized.

Editor's Report by Eric Colby

Raymarine’s Axiom+ is the company’s latest generation of multifunction displays. It is optimized for speed and equipped with a powerful quad-core processor that lets a user redraw charts and navigate with augmented reality.

Clear View

Defender Industries carries a full line of Axiom+ units ranging in display size from 7” (17.8 cm) to 9” (22.9 cm) to 12.1” (31 cm) as well as all the accessories needed to use them including transducers, card readers and radar radomes.

In today’s ultra-competitive electronics market, an MFD that’s intuitive and easy to use can make all the difference and Raymarine uses the LightHouse 3 operating system to provide that. The interface can be personalized for a given captain’s style of navigating. The all-glass display is optimized for flush or surface mounting. There are no buttons. Just swipe to power up and then all commands are made using the touch screen.

Axiom+ is available in three screen sizes in flush- or bracket mounted versions.

It all starts with the home screen that offers bold, simple app icons. A user can personalize it and swiping to the side of the screen reveals the Side Bar data display. The Side Bar also appears automatically if a GOTO command is initiated. Drag and drop databoxes can be placed anywhere on the screen and four different sized boxes and 14 different data types are available. If more than one person runs a given boat, LightHouse 3 User Profiles save personal home screen and configuration preferences.

LightHouse LiveView Menu controls also allow further customization of the chart and the user sees the navigation display in real-time. For Smart Content Menus, simply tap the chart to position the cursor or press chart to open the menu. Chart modes are straightforward and easy to see with quick access to Simple, Detailed and Fishing modes.

Every detail of the Miami River is clearly displayed on the Axiom+ screen.

The Four Channel sonar supports RealVision 3D, which provides lifelike three-dimensional imagery of structures and fish. The Axiom display does not have a built-in fishfinder/sonar module. Axiom+ RV models include built-in sonar. It also supports SHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP and 600-Watt (50/200 kHz) sonar. Additionally, Wide Spectrum CHIRP sonar transmits on 60 different frequencies for lifelike sonar imaging and fish targeting. A high-performance 10 Hz GPS/GNSS receiver with four times increased sensitivity aids accurate positioning. 

To maintain the clear imagery, gyro-stabilized technology compensates for boat movement. A single RealVision 3D transducer combines CHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP and RealVision 3D in a single transducer housing.

For enhanced safety, new radar modes simplify operation with quick access to sensitivity controls and enhanced status and range displays. LightHouse LiveView Menu lets the user see radar adjustments in real-time. Axiom+ is compatible with Flir’s M100/M200 Thermal Cameras uses video analytics technology to monitor the scene and provide alerts when any non-water objects enter the camera’s field of view. The camera also helps captains navigate safely at night. A user can also add optional cameras that assist with docking and keep an eye on the crew.

Axiom+ is compatible with Flir’s thermal cameras, adding another level of safety.

Highly Compatible

For charts, the user can select from Navionics, LightHouse Raster and Vector Charts sourced from makers like NV Digital, Blue Latitude and more. Axiom+ is quantum CHIRP radar ready and it works with NMEA 2000 systems. Raymarine’s ethernet is also ready to network with the NMEA 2000.

Axiom+ has touchscreen capability and multiple units can be linked.

Multiple Axiom+ units can be connected or expanded with Quantum, HD radar, IP cameras, engine instruments, autopilots and more. A user can sync waypoints, routes and charts with Navionics mobile apps and Axiom+ come with built-in Wi-Fi for streaming that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. USB ports on the back of the Axiom+ unit can be used for external drives, remote-card reading or even charging a smartphone. NMEA 2000 compatible stereos can even be paired with Axiom+ to put volume and tuning control on the screen.