Revere Offshore Regatta Life Raft

Revere Regatta

Leaving nearshore waters without a life raft aboard is taking your life in your hands. Considering the relatively moderate cost, a quality raft is one of the least expensive yet most important parts of yacht equipment.

And, well-designed models like the Revere Offshore Regatta series available from Defender take up surprisingly little space aboard. 

The Regatta models check all the boxes for a quality offshore life raft. Included features are: 

  • Highly visible green canopy 
  • Exterior locator light
  • Interior Light
  • SOLAS Retro-reflective tape
  • Boarding ramp and knee boarding ladder
  • Insulated Floor
  • Internal safety lines
  • External lifelines
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Observation port
  • Vacuum packed
  • 4 ballast bags
  • Independent buoyancy tubes
  • <24 hour pack
  • 5+ sq ft. per person
  • 3 years inspection interval

Revere Regatta

The 8-person model is just 28.25” x 20” x 9.84” in a rigid container that protects it from sea and sun. It can be mounted on a bow deck or hard top, or stored in a readily accessible compartment where space is available. It weighs 97 pounds including the container. 

Revere Regatta

Revere’s Regatta valise style model is slightly smaller and about 10 pounds lighter in the 8-person design. Like the canister design, it inflates immediately with a hard pull on the lanyard.

All versions of the Regatta series include a survival pack with sea anchor, paddle, flares, signal mirror, flashlight, seasick pills and other necessary gear.

Revere Regatta

The available stainless steel cradle allows for secure on-deck mounting of the Revere Regatta series life rafts.

Prices range from $1,639.99 - $2,241.99 from Defender, making the Regatta series one of the more affordable certified offshore life rafts.