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Bennington 2275 RCW (2014-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

Bennington's 2275 RCW packs a lot of comfort in a 22' (6.70 m) tri-toon package that is well-built and can serve as a sedate cruiser or a watersports platform. Bennington offers lots of cool options, not only in terms of amenities, but also in terms of the actual toons themselves, such as a 32" elliptical center toon that increases her load capacity by three people. The 2275 RCW, like all Bennington boats, has a 7-year bow-to-stern warranty covering most everything on the boat except the engine.

Key Features

  • 2 wide berth chaise lounge with fold-down armrest / cupholder
  • Blue ice LED mood lighting
  • Reclining helm chair with integrated headrest
  • 10' (3.04 m) Bimini frame with quick release fittings & trailering struts
  • Extended aft deck with telescoping ladder and stainless steel boarding handles
  • 1-piece fiberglass body with integrated chaise lounge and armrest
  • Sony M6 Stereo with 6 illuminated Kicker speakers, USB port, 12v outlet & MP3 recess
  • Echo 100 Garmin fish/depth graph
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 24' 6''
    7.46 m
    Beam 8' 6''
    2.59 m
    Dry Weight 3,120 lbs.
    1,418 kg
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft N/A
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 50.1 gal.
    189 L
    Water Capacity none
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power Not Available
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power Up to 250-hp

    Captain's Report

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The Bennington 2275 RCW has an 8'6" (2.59 m) beam and is equipped with the optional Elliptical Sport Package (ESP) which features a 32" (81 cm) elliptical center toon to enhance performance for buyers who plan on watersports towing.

    The Mission of the Bennington 2275 RCW

    The mission of Bennington’s 2275 RCW is to be a versatile and luxurious pontoon boat platform for both entertaining or watersports -- or both. By offering a panoply of options both as to the boat's running surfaces and its on-deck amenities, Bennington allows its customers to virtually custom-build a boat to meet quite specific applications. As a result, the 2275 is ready for many missions.She is also intended for a certain type of boater, one who takes pride in ownership and wants a high-quality product. The builder competes on design and features.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The extended aft deck features faux teck and a ski plylon.

    Distinguishing Features

    To our mind, four things set the 2275 RCW Bennington apart from her competition --

    • The builder’s warranty program which, among other things, has a

    stem-to-stern 7-year program


    • Her

    rugged construction

    , first-class materials, and workmanship.

    • Her

    long list of options

    that let buyers customize the boat to their specific purpose and pocketbook.

    • Her numerous available toon configurations including the patented optional

    elliptical toon

    that makes it good for towing sports.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The chaise lounge bow seating has pillow top upholstery.


    Having established that the 2275 RCW is ready to handle a number of missions the consumer must decide the primary and secondary uses wanted. In other words, decide if the peg wanted is round or square, and then configure the 2275 RCW to fit the application.

    Slow Boat into the Sunset.

    People that simply want a quality boat for slow sunset cruises and entertaining, need only twin toons and a relatively small horsepower engine. These consumers should decide how many seats are needed and what sort of amenities would compliment the requirements of friends and circumstances.

    Watersports Boggie.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who want to be engaged in aggressive towing sports such as wakeboarding and skiing. These boaters will undoubtedly want a tri-toon and a high-horsepower outboard. This boater may also plan on doing a very different kind of entertaining than the more sedate example above.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    An ottoman is optional and has room inside for storage. Note the standard carpet.

    The Bennington Dealer is Key

    Because there are so many options in many areas of the 2275 RCW's design we recommend that consumers first decide what tasks are desired of their new vessel then visit a Bennington dealer and go over the options. The dealer is the expert and it his job to match the right configuration to each customer.What follows is simply a sampling of what is available. Most things can be mixed and matched to suit each individual's requirements.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    This is a view of the 2275 RCW with several options added: aft teak decking, snap-in carpet over the vinyl decking, the coffee table, and the RLX interior and bow gate seat.

    For Casual Cruising

    The 2275 RCW can serve basic cruising needs well, and for a lot less money in options and engines than packages for aggressive watersports. The standard boat comes with several important features such as a "keel" on each toon, rugged stainless steel hardware, and plush Icon Soft-touch upholstery vinyl. The standard boat is rated for 11 passengers, and there are actually comfortable seats for 11 people aboard -- with two of them in recliners facing aft! Boaters planing this kind of low-key activity will probably be happy with the standard 25" twin toon package.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    We like this standard Teak Trapezoid table which has dedicated stowage under the seats.

    Standard Equipment

    Some standard items on the boat which are noteworthy are:

    • Sony M6 stereo with 6 Illuminated Kicker speakers

    • High performance carpet

    • Powder-coated seat hinges

    • A privacy enclosure for changing clothes

    • 10' (3.04 m) Bimini top

    • Reclining captain's seat with head rest

    • Heavy-duty rub rail

    • Stainless steel stern gate

    • Anodized aluminum Streamline rail system

    • 2 stern-facing super lounges

    • 2 wide-berth chaise lounges with fold-down armrest cup holders
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    WOT speed ranges from 42 to 47 mph depending on engine size and props.

    High Performance

    When it comes to towing, a tri-toon has enough buoyancy to get up and go. Bennington offers several configurations, including the-- •Express Tube Package, •Twin 32'' Elliptical Performance Package,•Elliptical Sport Package (ESP).

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The Express Tube Package offers increased bow lift, moderately increased speed and improved maneuverability.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    By using the twin 32" elliptical tubes the boat can achieve 30 mph speeds with a 90 -115-hp engine according to the builder, has more buoyancy and is more stable.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The Elliptical Sport Package has 2 – 25" round outer pontoons and a 32" Elliptical center toon offering performance that is similar to that of a monohull.

    Key: A -- Lifting strakes; B -- Full-length keels; C --Underdeck wave shield; D -- Performance foils.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    For maximum performance, Bennington has the optional the ESP package with the patented 32" center elliptical toon.

    Play the Elliptical Toon

    Virtually all pontoon boat builders have optional tri-toons but only Bennington has the 32" (80.7 cm) elliptical center toon that is unique in the industry. Add enough horses (250 maximum) strapped on the stern, and it enables the 2275 to break fast from the gate.

    Watersports Friendly.

    Bennington has an optional package that it calls ESP (Elliptical Sport Package). ESP displaces more water, sits higher, and provides a more stable platform for a smooth, dry ride. This configuration enables fast hole shots, making it easy for both wakeboarders and skiers to get up. It Includes two 25" diameter outboard pontoons. The elliptical center toon has 1,000 lbs. (454.5 kg.) more buoyancy than the standard 25" (63 cm) toon, which allows the boat to be rated for 14 passengers, three more than with the standard 25" toons. Further, ESP also includes twin performance foils to help the 2275 RCW plane faster and make sharper turns.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    Here is a view of the stern showing the optional 32" elliptical center toon that adds 1,000 lbs. (454.5 kgs.) of buoyancy.

    For boaters who want to hot-dog, the ESP package is the way to go and with it the boat is rated for up to a 250-hp outboard engine, the highest that any of the 2275 RCW units can handle.


    We have not tested the Bennington 2275 RCW so we can make no comment on its speed, fuel economy or handling abilities with any engine. However, the folks at Yamaha have tested the 2275 with three of their 4-stroke engines V-6 4.2 L outboards -- VF200LA, VF225LA, VF250LA. All of the engines weighed 505 lbs. (229.5 kgs.), had the same 1.75:1 gear case, about the same tested weight in what was reported to be the same atmospheric conditions. Here are the results as reported by the Yamaha techs--

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    In the numbers above the first setting was "best cruise" and the second at WOT. The 200 and 225 Yamahas were propped with 15-3/4 x 15 props and the 250 swung a 15-1/2 x 17 prop.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    In the stern of the 2275 RCW there are two aft-facing loungers (one port and one starboard) such as the one seen here.

    Engine Options

    Because Bennington is an independent builder consumers can have any of the five major brands of outboard engines installed on the stern. Power options start with 50-hp and go as high as 250. The standard 2275 RCW is rated for a maximum of 150-hp. Bennington recommends getting optional power steering for any engine over 150-hp.

    Details of Construction

    Most boaters think all toons are the same, but frankly the same can be said of sportboats or express cruisers. Boats often appear the same from a distance, and it is not until one drills down to the details that important differences become apparent.Following are a few things that set the Bennington 2275 RCW apart in construction --

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The Next Generation console of the 2275 is a work of sculpture rather than just a boxy fiberglass box that serves the same purpose but has no style.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The 2275's aluminum cross timbers are on 16" centers. The plywood decking is secured to the hull frame by stainless steel fanged elevator bolts rather than with self-tapping screws that many builders use. The builder is proud of its thick bow and stern rails which protected the decking from accidental bumps against the dock.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    Bennington's seat design is not only ergonomic but also quite comfortable thanks to the five different density foams used to support different parts of the body. The upholstery is Icon "soft-touch" with surface resistance to UV, abrasions, stains and mildew.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    All Bennington toons have keels. Optional solid keels are recommended for saltwater applications.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    Virtually all quality builders these days use Deutsch connectors and wiring, and Bennington is no exception. These waterproof connecters greatly reduce the chance of electrical failure on the 2275 RCW. All wiring under the deck is incased in PVC runs.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    Bennington uses heavy-duty 316 stainless steel in its cleats and stern corners. The builder says that they are three times stronger than aluminum.
    Bennington 2275 RCW
    There is nothing worse than a rattle on a boat to ruin the tranquility of a slow cruise at idle. By putting sealing strips all over the fencing, rails and decking, Bennington takes care of the primary source of these annoying noise-makers.

    Warranties R Us

    Another aspect of the 2275 RCW -- and for that matter, all of the Bennington boats -- is the warranty package that the builder offers. Frankly, it is one of the best that we have seen on not only a pontoon boat, but any boat. We recommend that you read the fine print of the warranty, but basically here is what it says--●

    7-Year Bow-to-Stern Warranty

    on labor and materials including, electronics, carpet and upholstery -- IF the buyer joins "Club Bennington" for free. Otherwise the stem-to-stern warranty is for 5 years. "Club Bennington" is essentially a way to keep its owners part of a large communications family and the key thing here is the customer's email address. We suspect most people will join.

    This Warranty Includes the Fading of Upholstery.

    This is the biggie, and it says something about the nature of UV degradation. To qualify for this warranty the boat must be covered with the provided cover (it is standard) when the boat is not being used. Fair enough.●

    Limited Lifetime Deck Warranty.

    The deck is made of marine grade 7-ply, pressure treated plywood which has a lifetime warranty for the original owner. The warranty is transferable to a new owner but only covers the balance of 10 years from the original owner's purchase date.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    A “Surlast” cover, and that name contains a message: use the cover and the vinyl upholstery will keep its luster for many years.

    Lifetime Structural Warranty

    on the structure, gates, pontoons, aluminum channels, motor mounts, seat frames and other components. The company says, "If anything goes wrong, we'll fix it." We like Bennington's warranty program, and we also like the fact that it states that it will pay 100% of the dealer's hourly shop rate. That is huge because it eliminates hassle for the owner and aggravation of the dealer. Also, the builder says it pays 100% of all warranty items and does not pro-rate as some builders do over the life of the warranty.

    Bennington 2275 RCW
    The Bennington 2275 RCW is trailerable. The boat shown here has the optional Elliptical Sport Package.


    Bennington 2275 RCW is at the high-end of the price/quality continuum in pontoon boats. The boat is stylish and certainly the options for different toon configurations mean that just about any boating style can be accommodated. Space does not permit us to list all of the options, but suffice it to say that there are many. It is interesting to note that Bennington recommends certain options for boaters planning on using their 2275 RCW in either saltwater or rough water. It is one of the few pontoon boat builders we have seen acknowledge saltwater and rough water, which both have their own special challenges for pontoon boats.

    Standard and Optional Features

    Marine Electronics

    GPS/Chart Optional


    CD Stereo Standard
    Head: Portable Optional
    Power Steering Optional
    Washdown: Raw Water Optional

    Exterior Features

    Carpet: Cockpit Standard
    Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard


    Bimini Top Standard


    Hull Warranty
    7-year bow-to-stern

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