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Bennington 2552 QCW I/O (2015-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

The Bennington 2552 QCW I/O has proven to be one of the highest quality pontoon boats on the market. It offers buyers a luxurious experience visible through her high-end materials and numerous features/options that lend themselves well toward flexibility and functionality. The I/O design adds additional deck space aft providing the operator and their passengers’ unobstructed views. The bottom line, whether entertaining friends, fishing, or wakeboarding with the kids, the Bennington Q25 Windscreen Sport Arch is prepared and well equipped to handle virtually any activity.

Key Features

  • Streamline rail system with sleek radius bow
  • 16'' on-center cross midship channels
  • Pillow-top Q upholstery with diamond stitching
  • 2 wide berth chaise lounges featuring fold down arm rests and moveable cup holders
  • Optional raised helmsman station for increased visibility
  • Dual console wrap-around windshield
  • Pure-Comfort captain/co-captain seating with adjustable height and recline
  • LED lighting and Kicker speaker system
  • Deluxe adjustable stern lounges
  • Surlast 10’ or 12’ Bimini top with quick release fittings
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 28' 5''
    8.66 m
    Beam 8' 6''
    2.59 m
    Dry Weight 4,461 lbs.
    2,023 kg
    Tested Weight N/A
    Draft N/A
    - Draft Up N/A
    - Draft Down N/A
    - Air Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 58.7 gal.
    222 L
    Water Capacity N/A
    Length on Trailer N/A
    Height on Trailer N/A
    Trailer Weight N/A
    Total Weight
    (Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power Not Availabe
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power 10 MerCruiser engine options from 250-hp to 430-hp
    9 Volvo Penta engine options from 270-hp to 430-hp

    Captain's Report

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O running shot
    Bennington’s streamline rail system with sleek dual radius bow presents a compelling and refreshing design shift from the traditional boxy pontoon look.

    Mission Statement

    Bennington’s 2552 QCW I/O is intended to exceed buyers’ expectations through high-quality construction, good performance and fine materials. Solid hull and decking construction coupled with a luxurious interior featuring standard Icon soft-touch vinyl and a Kicker sound system make the 2552 a premium boat. Her I/O engine offers passengers a relatively quiet, and unobstructed 360-degree view without the visibility of an outboard and mechanical cables. An array of additional options customize the 2552 QCW I/O, allowing the buyer further tailoring depending on intended use.

    Features Inspection

    Bow and Stern Deck.

    The utility of the fore and aft deck on any boat are essential for safe navigating and maneuvering in close quarters. In the case of the 2552 QCW I/O, the fiberglass-based fore/aft deck are cantilevered from the underlying pontoons, creating a large stable platform for line handling while conveniently concealing the pontoons underneath. On deck we find all stainless steel fittings, custom cleats throughout, and optional storage space (we recommend it) in the bow for ground tackle.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O led lights
    Custom LED docking and navigation lights (standard on the Q Series) are stored in an attractive and durable stainless steel housing. Also note the stainless steel rub rail.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O cleats
    Six custom stainless steel cleats, along with stainless steel gates, railings and hardware all add to the upscale look of the 2552 QCW I/O.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O ground tackle
    Additional storage for ground tackle is an added option to consider when building your Bennington. These storage lockers on the foredeck are conveniently located and easy to access.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O swim platform
    The aft swim platform is clearly cantilevered to the hull, therein hiding the rear pontoons and offering optimal support when boarding. This design also distances swimmers from the prop. An additional ski pylon located above comes standard on the 2552 QCW I/O.

    Layout Overview.

    The 2552 QCW I/O is offered in a single seating configuration illustrated below. While layout configuration options are limited, her dual console and wrap around windshield allow comfortable cruising and protection from sea spray and apparent wind. An additional option to consider would be the optional bow gate seat insert, which completes the third lounge in the bow creating a wrap-around feel.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O floor plan
    2552 QCW I/O’s floor plan shown above. Note the small step up toward the aft lounges. The stern platform lifts for access to the I/O.

    Chaise Lounge Style Seating in Bow.

    Bennington’s seating construction continues to be a key feature in their boats. Each seat contains five different types of foam chosen for ideal ergonomic support in key areas. All Bennington seating features exclusive Icon Soft-touch Upholstery. The infinity topcoat is engineered for ultimate UV stability, easy cleaning, resistance to abrasions, mildew and stains, says the manufacturer. A smooth satin texture with weave backing allows for smooth, tailored, instant recovery according to the builder. For afternoon cocktails at the dock, Bennington’s built in self-draining bench coolers are a perfect place to throw drinks without cluttering up deck space. Each seat section contains three drainage channels for rain or seawater to filter through, therein preventing upholstery foam from becoming water logged.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O foams
    Five different foams are used in the design of Bennington’s seats in an effort to maximize a balance of ergonomic support and comfort. Also note the three drainage points that protect materials from water damage.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O chaise lounges
    Two wide-berth chaise lounges are found in the bow, both with moveable cup holders. An optional bow gate seat mentioned earlier is also pictured above completing the U-shaped lounge.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O arm rests
    Both chaise lounges have built in armrests that can extend or recline depending on need.

    Dual Console and Helm.

    One of the many features of the Bennington 2552 QCW is the optional adjustable height pedestal for the Captain and Co-captain recliners. The adjustable height allows for excellent viewing from all angles even when the boat is at capacity. Often times we find our visibility sacrificed when carrying taller passengers in the bow, but the adjustable pedestal allows the operator visibility regardless. The helm itself is created as a single unit with plug and play capability using Duetsch waterproof connections. Sitting at the helm we find beautiful espresso trim accompanied by brushed aluminum backlit gauges. Throttle location is comfortable, and the vinyl side mount is perfect for stable throttle management during rough sea conditions. The throttle position is accompanied by a tilt steering wheel and foot rest for added control while underway.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O adjustable height pedestals
    We love the cockpit with adjustable height pedestals on helm chairs, and the notion of having a single plug and play unit. This form of assembly results in enhanced precision of crucial components.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O garmin
    An Echo Garmin 100 comes standard on the Q Series and is conveniently located to the right of the gauges. All rocker switches are easily accessible, clearly labeled and waterproof. All rockers are backlit with dash mounted breakers directly beneath.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O steering wheel
    The custom tilt 15’ wheel finished in Espresso Teak accents and etched center cap compliment the dash beautifully, creating a simple yet elegant look.

    Tunes for the Toon.

    The 2552 QCW I/O features a Sony Bluetooth Sound system with backlit LED Kicker speakers. The head unit as seen below safely stores in the side compartment of the helm, while a modified waterproof remote mounted on the dash remains within easy reach of the helmsman. Additional upgrades to the sound system are available including additional speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O sound system
    The standard Kicker sound system comes with a waterproof Sony Bluetooth head unit located inside the helm locker, as well as a modified Sony remote on the left corner of dash panel.

    Dual Captain’s Chairs.

    V2 Pure Comfort reclining captain’s chairs were restyled for the 2015 model year. These chairs are covered in Icon soft-touch upholstery vinyl, contain all five ergonomic foams, and height adjustable depending on the operator’s preference. We particularly like the added attention to detail with the diamond stitching and dual reclining arm rests. An extended width captain’s chair is also available from Bennington as an additional option.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O
    Each Bennington captain’s chair comes with an integrated arm and head rests, as well as stainless steel hardware and base.

    Wrap-around Windshield with Dual Console and Xtreme Arch.

    The 2552 QCW I/O while a pontoon boat by design, offers many qualities of a traditional runabout dual console. Bennington designed the 2552 QCW I/O with a sleek wrap around windshield. The new windshield offers the operator and his/her passengers added protection from common sea spray and apparent wind. The screen also connects into another passenger console where an additional captain’s chair and stereo remote are housed. Bennington engineers did not stop at the windshield, but also added the standard Xtreme arch. The fiberglass arch functions as a ski pylon, stern light, as well as framework for a Bimini top that covers both fore and aft passengers during those hot days on the water.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O dual console
    Bennington’s dual console offers additional storage on the port side, along with another modified stereo remote for further entertainment convenience.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O fiberglass glass arch
    The fiberglass arch offers passengers ample head clearance and shade during hot days on the water. While the standard fore and aft Bimini are not shown above, the ski pylon and fixed stern light are clearly visible at the center point of the arch.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O running shot
    The Xtreme arch compliments the windshield and dual radius bow, continuously featuring the angled design.

    Storage Galore.

    Every boat owner wants to know about storage, especially when considering a runabout. Forward we find multiple lockers and a self-draining cooler beneath the dual chaise lounges. Moving aft we find an optional integrated ski locker inside the 32” center elliptical tube. Directly behind the two captain’s chairs are two additional storage lockers, perfect for life jackets and emergency gear.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O storage locker
    Notice the dual storage lockers located directly forward of the rear facing chaise lounges. We also like the added safety of dual fire extinguishers mounted on both sides of the captain’s chairs.

    Dual Aft Chaise Lounges.

    Bennington’s overall design of the aft section for the 2552 QCW I/O continues along the lines of their ultimate luxury theme. The dual chaise lounges contain the same Icon soft-touch upholstery vinyl, all five ergonomic foams and gorgeous diamond stitching. The integrated headrest and raised arms wrap around one’s body giving them a sense of comfort and security while underway. Cup holders are conveniently within reach, and a standard stainless steel rail wraps around the entire stern for added safety. We found this feature particularly important, as it offers security while underway, yet never impeding upon the surrounding water views.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O stainless rail
    Each chaise lounge contains a stainless steel rail on both sides, offering the rider added security while underway.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O leg room
    The lounges offered plenty of legroom for relaxing in the sun. The optional speakers aft are a welcome addition, and their placement is direct, yet unobtrusive for the rider. An optional modified Sony stereo remote is located beneath the lower cup holder for added convenience.

    Tube Construction.

    The 2552 QCW I/O comes standard with an Elliptical Sport Package (added center 32’ pontoon) that creates a sense of handling and stability similar to that of a sport boat. Two significant changes we noticed were an increase in overall dead rise as well as sharper turning on plane.

    • The package includes lifting strakes that reduce time to plane and add bow lift for choppier conditions (A).

    • Full-length solid round keels run the entire length of the tubes and aid in traction and stability (B).

    • Under deck wave shields deflect water from the floor of the boat, decreasing surging and offering passengers a smoother ride (C).

    • Performance foils help the 2552 QCW I/O complete steep bank turns while maintaining stability and traction in the water (D).
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O tubes
    Both outer tubes are 25” in diameter, and the patented Elliptical tube in the center offers additional lift with a 32” diameter.

    Construction of Deck and M Brackets.

    Like most pontoon boats the deck is built on 7-ply pressure treated marine plywood guaranteed for life. The aluminum substructure underneath includes 3” tall cross channels that are 16” in width and run the entire length of the boat. The impressive substructure attaches to the 7-ply deck with stainless steel fanged bolts and nylon coated washers. A component tied to Bennington’s smooth ride lies in its use of the M bracket. The industry standard places small bent sheets of aluminum along the top of the tube in the shape of an "M". Bennington’s brackets extend to the end of the tube, and go well down the side of the tube for added strength and rigidity. Each M bracket is made from .125” thick aluminum rather than sheet aluminum that has been bent into position.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O m brackets
    Bennington uses four points of contact with their M brackets instead of the traditional three, and anchors them lower on the pontoon for added strength between the pontoon and aluminum substructure.


    The Bennington 2552 QCW I/O is offered on both Volvo and MerCruiser platforms. A standard MerCruiser 250-hp 4.5L MPI V6 Bravo 3 with digital throttle and shift catalyzed comes standard on the base 2552 QCW I/O. Both of these platforms offer hydraulic actuated power steering for easy maneuverability. Those looking for even more power may want to consider the freshwater cooled 430-hp 8.2L V8 Bravo with digital throttle and shift catalyzed.

    Noteworthy Standard Features

    • Captain and Co-captain adjustable height pure-comfort helm chairs
    • Deluxe stern lounges
    • Icon soft-touch upholstery vinyl
    • Illuminated Kicker speakers
    • Diamond pillow-top upholstery
    • Self-draining bow cooler
    • 16” on- center cross members
    • ESP Performance Package
    • Cantilever bow/stern deck
    • Stainless rub rail and cleats
    • Streamline rail system with sleek radius bow
    • Next generation dual console with footrest and low pro windscreen
    • V3 brushed aluminum backlit gauges
    • Tilt steering
    • Echo 100 Garmin fish/depth graph
    • Surlast 10’ or 12’ Bimini top with quick release fittings
    • Surlast mooring cover

    Options to Consider

    Bennington has a long list of available options for the buyer to consider (some mentioned above), all listed in detail in their brochure and on their website. All additions are discretionary and solely up to the buyer and the intended use of the boat. With that being said, here are a few options we’d encourage anyone interested in this class of boat to consider.

    Hull Configuration.

    Because the 2552 QCW is an I/O there’s little flexibility with pontoon configuration. However, the buyer has numerous options for exterior color and overall interior fabrics. Bennington’s website offers a significant number of colors and trim options to choose from.

    Faux Teak on Swim Platform or Entire Boat.

    Optional faux teak with black or ivory inlays provide an attractive and slip resistant platform with minimal maintenance. Upgraded water-resistant carpets are an additional option with multiple colors and textures also noted on Bennington’s website.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O cup holder
    Blue LED cup holders add ambiance and class to an already impressive interior. We thought the concept and affect were very cool!
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O freshwater wash down
    A six-gallon freshwater washdown would be a nice feature for those planning on using the Bennington in a saltwater setting.
    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O bimini top
    Not only has Bennington incorporated attractive blue LED lights into the interior, they’ve cleverly built them into the Bimini top as an additional option.

    Chaise Privacy.

    For those who plan on longer day trips, a chaise privacy enclosure is offered as an additional option. The enclosure folds out from the fore chaise lounge and comes with an optional portable head. Bennington engineers did a great job of maximizing deck space, without sacrificing the functionality of an enclosure and/or head.


    The 2552 QCW I/O comes standard with the Elliptical Sport Package (ESP). This package continues to be Bennington’s highest hull package and mandatory with an I/O configuration. The ESP package adds the third 32’ elliptical tube, as well as lifting strakes, performance foils, solid aluminum keels and the under deck wave shield. Assuming the 2552 QCW I/O includes the required ESP package and the standard 250 HP 4.5 MPI V6 Bravo MerCruiser, the MSRP would start around $90,934 including freight and delivery. That number does not include additional options such as the forward ground tackle locker or ski locker in the 32’ elliptical tube. Should those options be added the MSRP would be around $92,813. Of course, with a smaller engine and fewer options the price is considerably less.


    Bennington’s warranty boasts of confidence in its product. A standard five-year stem-to-stern warranty comes standard on all boats, and for buyers who join the elite club the builder extends the duration to seven years. Full coverage includes everything from deck covering through seat vinyl and electronics. The I/O is covered with a separate warranty from the manufacturer (MerCruiser or Volvo Penta). Bennington’s warranty is not pro-rated by time, and the builder pays 100% of the servicing dealer’s published shop rate.

    Lifetime Warranty.

    There is an additional limited lifetime warranty on the structure of the boat including pontoons, gates, channels, motor mounts and seat frames. Even the marine ply deck is covered. Best part, because the warranty is not pro-rated by time any of the above components are covered regardless of duration, as it’s still the original owner.This warranty is about as good as it gets in the boat business.


    Bennington pontoon boats are in the highest end of their class. Their quality engineering and choice of materials deliver a luxurious and well-built boat for the prospective owner. We found few negatives with Bennington’s 2552 QCW I/O, and much to recommend it. One thing that we would add is a dedicated locker on the boat for ground tackle. While said locker remains an added option, the feature should be standard on all boats, but for some reason most pontoon boats don't have them as standard. We were also curious why the ski locker was an added option considering the added 32” elliptical tube was already present beneath.With that being said the 2552 QCW I/O remains one of the highest quality pontoons we’ve reviewed, and would encourage any buyer wanting the very best to strongly consider her.

    Bennington 2552 QCW I/O port docked
    Bennington’s 2552 QCW I/O shown at port with her proud new owners ready to board!

    Standard and Optional Features

    Marine Electronics

    Fishfinder Standard
    GPS/Chart Optional


    CD Stereo Standard
    Washdown: Fresh Water Optional

    Exterior Features

    Carpet: Cockpit Standard
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard
    Tower: Watersports Optional


    Bimini Top Standard


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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