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Island Pilot 435 (2010-)

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Brief Summary

The Island Pilot 435 is a cool boat, but somebody has hung the “trawler” moniker around its waterline -- probably one of those boating magazines, or an ad agency that was passing thru town. The IP 435 is about as close to a being a trawler as we at are to being ballet dancers. On the Island Pilot website they call it a “crossover” trawler. Crossover to what? From what? We have no idea, (but builder Reuben Trane does and we’ll tell you in the jump.) No, forget the “T” word: The Island Pilot 435 is a slick sedan cruiser that’s fast and efficient, thanks to an uber-modern drive train and four shiny bronze props. And you can dock it with a joystick! If you want a unique, low-production cruiser that comes standard with virtually everything you need turn-key, at a price that will make other builders in class cringe, you have come to the right place. Did we say four props?