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Jeanneau Leader 33 (2017-)

2 x 220-hp Volvo Penta D3

Brief Summary

The Jeanneau Leader 33 has a double berth cabin amidships as well as a full master forward, with the salon, galley, and head between the sleeping accommodations. All areas below deck benefit from multiple large windows and overhead hatches. She's available with twin sterndrives to 300 horsepower from Mercury or Volvo Penta, with joystick optional.

Key Features

  • Contemporary and sporty look
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Modular salon transforms into private cabin
  • Long windows in the hull
  • Numerous storage solutions in the galley
  • Test Results

    700 4.2 3.7 0.4 10.5 9.1 1380 1199.7 72
    1000 6.5 5.6 1 6.5 5.6 848 737 74
    1250 7.5 6.5 1.8 4.1 3.6 544 472.9 77
    1500 8.6 7.4 2.9 2.9 2.6 387 336.9 80
    1750 9.3 8 4.6 2 1.7 264 229.8 82
    2000 10.4 9 6.6 1.6 1.4 207 180 83
    2250 11.2 9.7 8 1.4 1.2 184 160 88
    2500 12.7 11 10.4 1.2 1.1 160 139 90
    2750 15.5 13.4 12.5 1.2 1.1 162 141.2 89
    3000 20.3 17.6 14.9 1.4 1.2 179 155.3 90
    3250 25.2 21.9 16 1.6 1.4 207 180 90
    3500 28.7 25 18.6 1.5 1.3 203 176.3 90
    3750 30.4 26.4 21 1.4 1.3 190 165.4 92
    3970 34 29.5 24 1.4 1.2 186 161.6 90


    Length Overall 34' 7" / 10.56 m
    Beam 10' 10"
    3.30 m
    Dry Weight 10,829 lbs.
    4,912 kg
    Tested Weight 13,895 lbs.
    6,303 kg
    Draft 3' 1"
    .94 m
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom N/A
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity N/A
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 146 gal.
    552 L
    Water Capacity 175 gal.
    663 L
    Total Weight 13,895 lbs.
    6,303 kg


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    Acceleration Times & Conditions

    Time to Plane 7.7 sec.
    0 to 30 23.4 sec.
    Ratio N/A
    Props N/A
    Load 4 persons, full load, full water, 50 lbs. of gear
    Climate 84 deg., 66 humid.; wind: 15-20 mph; seas: 2-3

    Engine Options

    Tested Engine 2 x 220-hp Volvo Penta D3
    Std. Power Not Available
    Opt. Power 2 x 250-hp MerCruiser 4.5L MPI DTS - Bravo 3 x Gas
    2 x 250-hp MerCruiser 4.5L MPI DTS - Bravo 3 x Gas with Axius
    2 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2L MPI DTS - Bravo 3 x Gas with Axius
    2 x 220-hp Volvo Penta D3-220 DP Diesel
    2 x 220-hp Volvo Penta D3-220 DP Diesel with Joystick

    Captain's Report

    Jeanneau Leader 33 running 2

    The Jeanneau Leader 33 has an of LOA 34’7” (10.5 m), a hull length of 28’11” (8.81 m), and can sleep as many as four.


    Jeanneau’s Leader 33 is designed and built to get people out on the water and enjoying boating. To that end, it has created a small boat to keep the price down, but one that is big enough to accommodate friends and family on day excursions and weekenders. She can also take a small family or two couples coastal cruising for extended periods.

    By inventing seats that can perform two or three different functions, it reduces the space needed on a boat. By making the boat available with Mercury gas sterndrive engines, money is saved at the time of purchase. By building a large swim platform on the boat, people moving up from sportboats will still be able to enjoy watersports. By extending her hardtop aft almost to the transom, the boat can be buttoned up with canvas and become a three-season cruiser.

    To a large degree, the Leader 33 is what her owner wants to make of her -- and all within a reasonable budget.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 main layout

    A view of the layout on the Leader 33’s main deck. Note the arrows indicating the convertible spots on the seating space.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 lower layout

    A view of the lower deck on the Leader 33, converted to saloon space -- note the sofa and table abbreviating the berth.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 sofa and table removed

    This is the same lower deck view but with the sofa and table removed and the berth at full length.


    • Maximum Natural Light Onboard -- With hullside windows, an open cockpit and salon combined, and the option for either an open top or a hardtop with electric skylight, the Leader 33 receives plenty of natural light.
    • Modular Cockpit Design -- With a C-shaped settee wrapped around a cocktail table, the cockpit-into-salon space on the Leader 33 is a big, social design for big-meal or group entertaining. This space is designed to convert, too -- there are two distinct configurations for sun pads of differing size.
    • Extensive Storage Options -- For a 34’ (10.4 m) boat, the storage offered on the Leader 33 is voluminous -- a substantial lazarette off the aft swim platform, deep storage wells under the seating, and a pair of huge spaces under the main cockpit table. This is all in addition to smaller, further storage on the lower deck.
    • Modular Lower Deck Design -- The lower deck on the Leader 33 features a galley, head, guest cabin, and master cabin in the bow -- a remarkable yield on the 11’ (3.35 m) beam and 34’ (10.4 m) LOA via a smart, simple design. Even better, with a pocket door, a design that easily turns the berth into a sofa, and a table with in-floor storage when not in use, it becomes an open salon space to entertain before retiring and closing things off.
    • Full Galley -- The Leader 33’s galley packs a lot of capability into a small space -- sink and faucet, refrigerator, stove, and an option to add a microwave -- that doesn’t skimp on storage cabinets or space to maneuver while preparing meals or drinks.


    Aft Swim Platform

    Jeanneau Leader 33 optional teak decking

    A view of the aft swim platform on the Leader 33. Note the optional teak decking, as well as the cockpit/salon in its standard configuration.

    The aft swim platform on the Leader 33 is large and designed for carrying a tender and launching water sports -- or for sunbathing. Options are available for a side-mounted stainless steel grill and teak decking.

    There is a re-boarding ladder on the aft side of the swim platform to starboard that retracts into the platform itself. Along the transom is a long grab rail that lifts to reveal a large aft storage lazarette for larger water toys, fenders, or inflatables.


    Jeanneau Leader 33 convertible cockpit salon

    A view of the cockpit/salon, a space that sits atop a great deal of storage and can convert into a more relaxing, informal environment.

    Access up to the cockpit from the aft platform is to starboard, up a pair of steps and through a small stainless steel swinging gate.

    Starting from the transom and extending forward up to the helm along the port side is a C-shaped settee that was designed to convert from entertainment social space to a dining venue, or into a relaxing sun pad space. This makes the main deck both an outdoor cockpit and indoor salon, capable of both without having to double the space.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 giant sun pad

    The giant-sunpad-configuration of the Leader 33’s cockpit/salon. In addition to this, there is more sunning space on the bow.

    In standard configuration, it is a sofa settee space wrapped around a wood table on a stainless steel pedestal, with a refreshment center to starboard. (A full galley is on the lower deck.) The table can adjust with hinged flaps for a larger spread as well.

    The table, of course, is a hi-lo, and, when lowered, can be covered with a filler cushion to create one huge sun pad.

    Finally, there is a brilliant in-between configuration -- lowering of the aft backrests creates a large lounging pad while preserving the forward L-shaped upright seating space around the table.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 entertainment space

    This configuration takes the sun pad concept and pairs it with the entertainment space setup, giving the Leader 33 the ability to do either, or both.

    The largest storage comes under the table, accessed by lifting the hatch under the table in concert with a panel of the seating. There are also generous storage wells under the seating spaces themselves.

    The starboard refreshment center comes with sink and faucet under a countertop lid, refrigerator, and ice maker -- all standard.


    Jeanneau Leader 33 helm and access passageway

    A view of the helm and access passageway to the lower deck. Note the smoked glass to port, which acts as a skylight for the galley and shared space below.

    Companion Seating. One final feature of the cockpit/salon’s modular capability comes at the forward end of the settee. With an adjustable backrest, the seat can rock forward to face aft and toward the table with the rest of a large group, or back to face forward and act as a de facto co-pilot’s bench.

    The helm is to starboard, with a roadster-style steering wheel below a black instrumentation desk and panel. A side window opens, which is welcome, both for air and a better view when docking to starboard.

    The instrument panel has one multi-function nav screen and rocker switches left and right for accessories. The vessel’s gauges are mounted farther away and at a different plane than the nav screen and accessory switches. They might be obscured for a short person sitting or difficult to read for a near-sighted person.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 seat

    The convertible seat on the forward end of the cockpit seating performs double duty. Here, we see it in companion seating mode, allowing guests to look forward and participate in the piloting of the vessel. When the seat back is flipped forward, it becomes part of the dinette. Jeanneau has used this concept for years and it is now being widely copied.

    Joystick Joy. The Leader 33’s helm has space for installing touchscreen readouts of one’s choice, and if selecting a Volvo engine during purchase, a joystick and digital throttle are included. Mercury engines and joystick systems are also available. The joystick in particular is a crucial luxury -- the ability to fine-tune navigation, particularly in tight situations or with a novice captain -- that can help protect one’s investment.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 sporttop sun roof

    A view down through the SportTop sun roof looking aft. Note the location of the joystick.

    “Open” Version. The Leader 33 can also come as an “open” version -- without the hardtop. This model simply has a windshield on three sides and a radar arch that raises electrically. This version is open to the elements, except at the dock when it is covered in canvas.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 open version

    The Leader 33 “Open” version has a standard radar arch. Note the bow thruster.

    Below Decks

    Jeanneau Leader 33 forward cabin

    A view of the forward cabin with berth fully extended in sleep mode. Note the two-piece mattress; the closest of the two is removed when converting the space to an open salon.

    Going Below. Access to the lower deck on the Leader 33 is via three steps-down on non-skid surfaces. The lower decks are carpeted throughout. The “master quarters” are straight forward from the steps, in the bow.

    Through a pocket door, the berth is a step-up under an opening hatch above, storage lockers lining port and starboard, a mirrored headboard, and reading lights already installed. Larger storage is to port and starboard near the pocket door, with a cabinet and hanging locker on either side, respectively. Hullside windows to port and starboard offer plenty of natural light, particularly when the opening hatch is open.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 settee seating

    The master quarters, converted to settee seating. Note the footwell. An optional table can be mounted here and stored under the floor as well.

    The master quarters are highly convertible as well. The mattress on the berth comes in two pieces. The foot end of the bed cushion is removed, with the same half of the berth itself sliding forward. This space can then be covered in cushions, along with bringing a table out of its storage in the floor just underneath, to convert the space into a group-entertaining saloon. With the pocket doors opened all the way, the foyer and galley are brought into the same space as the converted stateroom -- an innovative way to make a private space more open when entertaining inside.

    Jeanneau Leader 33 open pocket door

    The pocket door, opened entirely, and the master quarters converted to a sitting area. The lower deck has an open, communal space with the pocket door open. Skylights are above.

    Guest Cabin

    Jeanneau Leader 33 guest cabin

    The guest cabin is behind the access stairs to the lower deck. The two berths can slide together to form one larger berth. Note the sofa at right and opening portlight above.

    Immediately aft of the access stairs is the guest cabin, featuring two twin berths that can slide together to make one single double-berth. A loveseat sits on the starboard side of the room just forward a hanging closet locker. The berths are along the portside.

    There are two opening portlights in the guest cabin.


    Jeanneau Leader 33 galley lighting

    The galley on the Leader 33. Note the storage above and below, as well as the plentiful natural light via the opening portlight, hullside window, and skylight above.

    To port in the common space of the lower deck is a fully-equipped galley. Storage cabinets are above and below the countertop and opening portlight. The galley comes standard with a cooktop, sink with faucet, refrigerator, and the option to upgrade to include a microwave.

    Just above the galley is the smoked glass panel to port of the helm on the main deck -- a great way to introduce natural light and open up the space when congregating down below.


    Jeanneau Leader 33 vessel sink

    The head on the Leader 33. Note the vessel sink, as well as the continuing theme of natural light reaching the lower decks consistently.

    The head is immediately to starboard off the access stairs. It has a vessel sink with a faucet over storage cabinet. The toilet sits inside the shower compartment to the right, and there are portlights above the sink and in the shower stall, the latter of which can be opened.


    Jeanneau Leader 33 bow sun pad

    The bow sun pad lounge on the Leader 33. Note the separate pieces; these can be propped up or reclined as desired.

    The Leader 33’s bow has a large sun pad for lounging. The sun pad comes in nine separate pieces, many of which can be propped up or reclined. Two cup holders are in the center piece.

    Forward the lounge space is the anchor locker and the windlass with foot controls. Stainless steel safety rails extend from the forepeak back port and starboard.


    Jeanneau offers the following power options for the Leader 33:

    • • Mercruiser 4.5L 2 x 250 HP
    • • Mercruiser 4.5L 2 x 300 HP
    • • Volvo D3 2 x 220 HP Diesel
    • • Volvo D3 2 x 220 HP Diesel + Joystick


    The Leader 33 has an LOA of 34’7” (10.56 m), a beam of 10’10” (3.3 m), and a draft of 3’1” (.94 m). With an empty weight of 10,829 lbs. (4,912 kg), full fuel, and four people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 13,895 lbs. (6,302 kg). Powered by twin Volvo Penta D3-220 engines, we reached a top speed of 34.0 mph and 29.5 knots at 3970 rpm. At that speed, we were burning 24.0 gph for a range of 186 miles. The builder recorded a top speed of 30.8 knots with an estimated weight of 16,715 lbs. (7,582 kg).

    Best cruise came at 25.2 mph at 3250 rpm. At that speed, the fuel burn was reduced to 16.0 gph while still holding back a 10% reserve. We reached time-to-plane speed in 7.7 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 11.3 seconds, and continued accelerating to 30 mph in 23.4 seconds.


    • • Side-mounted stainless steel grill, aft swim platform
    • • HDTV, saloon
    • • SportTop hardtop/Open design with arch
    • • Microwave oven - Galley


    Jeanneau Leader 33 hardtop option

    The Jeanneau Leader 33, seen here with the SportTop hardtop option, with electrically-operated skylight opened up.

    The Leader 33 is certainly versatile, and can accommodate many types of excursions -- relatively large groups for sightseeing, dinner, and drinks. A couple or small family can also be accommodated for more extensive boating activities. Because the hardtop extends so far aft, the stern area of the boat can be buttoned up with cruising canvas and isinglass, which will make this a three-season boat.

    The Leader 33 reminds us of small cabin cruisers of the 1950s and 1960s. They were not fancy, but they were cozy and versatile and everyone enjoyed the boating experience. Essentially, that is the mission of the Leader line -- get people out on the water for a reasonable price. The Leader 33 does just that.