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Brief Summary

The builders of the M235, Malibu’s flagship performance towboat, claim that it is the world’s best and most luxurious wave creator – and she is certainly one of the most expensive tow boats we have seen. The walkthrough design that the boat is equipped with is an advanced lighting and audio system, versatile seating, deep storage, and a user-friendly command center. She is able to create and fine tune waves and wakes through a combination of the deep hull, ballast, and integrated swim platform. For the 2019 model, Malibu made upgrades to an assortment of systems, including the sport tower and hydrofoils. The wake surfer can control the boat’s speed and wake setting from a wrist band, and aboard there is rated capacity for 17 people.

Key Features

  • The Surf Band wearable remotely controls the wake and wave generating systems as well as the sound and boat speed
  • Power helm seat raises, lowers, and swivels
  • Back up camera located on the transom grab handle
  • Automatic sport tower
  • 5-year factory warranty. See Malibu or a Malibu dealer for details.
  • Custom factory trailer included


Length Overall 23' 5'' / 7.14 m
Beam 102''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 6,200 lbs.
2,812 kg
Draft 32''
0.81 m
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Person Capacity 17
Fuel Capacity N/A
Water Capacity N/A


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Malibu M235 profile

The M235 is designed with a deep cabin cockpit, and the wrap around bench seating can accommodate large groups.


The Malibu M235 is engineered to be a luxurious, durable tow-sport powerhouse. The 2019 model comes standard with the Monsoon 6.0L supercharged engine, which is capable of producing 555 pound feet of torque which creates faster acceleration which all surfers will appreciate. Wake creation starts with the deep Wake Plus hull, which shapes displaced water into sizeable surfaces, while the Quad Hard Tank Ballast and the Plug’n’Play soft-bag systems add more weight to create steep and heavy wakes and waves.

Major Features

    Rated for a capacity of 17 people

    The Surf Band wearable remotely controls the wake and wave generating systems as well as the sound and boat speed.

    The Gx tower comes with RGB lighting and Rev 10 speakers, as well as integrated clamping racks and Bimini options.

    High definition Wakeview Back-up camera offers viewable live video on the MaliView screen.

    Sport Dash analog control dial operates the Surf Gate, Power Wedge, stereo, and speed.

    Deep stowage in the bow and under the cockpit seating.

    The high-resolution 12” MaliView touchscreen command center controls the ballast, Power Wedge III, and Surf Gate.

    5-year factory warranty. Sea Malibu or a Malibu dealer for details.

    Custom factory trailer built by Malibu to match vessel dimensions.

    SeaDek track decking has been installed on all walkways, in storage compartments, and on the gunnels.

Malibu M235 layout

The Malibu M235 is designed to be both a top performing towing boat and a social space, with space for 17 passengers.

Features Inspection

The Malibu M235 has a length overall of 23’5” (7.14 m), a beam of 102”(2.59 m), and an approximate dry weight of 6,200 lbs. (2,812 kg). The price starts in the low $200,000 range. has not tested the M235, but, it is our experience and opinion that Malibu has an excellent track record for developing and building tow-sport boats with exceptional performance, ride, and handling. Given the boat’s asking price, she is leaving nothing to the ultimate wake surfer’s imagination.

Wake Making Devices

The Integrated Surf Platform (I.S.P.) allows users to tailor the size and shape of the wake and waves. Those systems include –

Quad Ballast System which adds up to 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg) of water ballast into Quad Hard-Tank Ballast containers to help shape the perfect wake. Any amount of ballast can be added into any of the four tanks from the helm with the touch of a finger.

Plug n’ Play is an auxiliary ballast system that has two bags that rest on top of the two aft hard ballast tanks and can hold up to 1,500 lbs. (680 kg) of added ballast, bringing the total ballast possible to 6,500 lbs. (2,948 kg).

The Power Wedge III – which is new for 2019 – a hydraulically-actuated hydrofoil which brings an extra 5-degrees of lift over the previous Power Wedge II, and adds up to 1,500 lbs. (680 kg) of simulated ballast.

Surf Gate allows the driver to adjust settings on the port and starboard hydraulic tabs for wave creation, and the high visibility Surf Band wearable control allows a rider on the water to adjust the Power Wedge, Surf Gate, music volume, and the boat speed.

Quad Ballast System

Malibu M235 graphic

Here is a graphic showing the placement of the quad hard ballast tanks which are all controlled from the helm.

Malibu M235 command center

From the Command Center’s high-resolution 12” screen just a finger tap controls the ballast in the four tanks.

Malibu M235 ballast tank

Here we see a representation of the hard ballast tanks half-full. The ballast is adjustable to accurate measurements so load can be balanced and the exact wave desired can be created.

Plug ‘n Play

Malibu M235 plug and play

To add even more ballast, simply install the optional “Plug ’n Play” system shown here.

Malibu M235 command center

Here we see Malibu’s schematic of both the Command Center ballast control screen and the two Plug ‘n Play ballast bags being filled with water in order to sink the boat even deeper to create even higher wake.

Power Wedge III

Malibu M235 power wedge

The Power Wedge III creates a long, tall, and clean wake while also increasing lift, allowing the boat to plane faster. It, too, is controlled from the Command Center with the touch on the screen.

Malibu M235 power wedge

Here we see that the operator has dialed-in higher wake by moving the Power Wedge III on the screen.

Malibu M235 power wedge

The Power Wedge III is the third generation of this highly successful hydraulic wake-making device that creates the wake effect of another 1,500-lbs. (680 kg) of ballast. It can be controlled from the helm or by the Malibu Surf Band remote.

Malibu M235 power wedge

Here we see the Power Wedge III in the down position.

Surf Gate

Malibu M235 surf gate

The Surf Gate is the newest of Malibu’s inventions to create higher and more controllable wake shape and location. The Surf Gate can take the wake and shape it into a custom wave on either side of the boat. It uses hydraulic actuators, again, all controlled from the helm of the Malibu wrist band.

Malibu M235 surf gate

Here we see the Surf Gate in the active position on the port side of the boat. This will deflect the water swirling around the stern of the boat to change the position and contour of the wake.

Malibu M235 water flow

As can be seen in this image, water flow can be diverted outboard to create a dynamic wave shape and location adding excitement to the endless wake surfing experience.

Malibu Surf Band

Malibu M235 surf band

The wrist wearable Malibu Surf Band control allows a rider to remotely control three of the four systems that affect wake – Boat Speed, Power Wedge II position, and the Surf Gate. Only the Quad Ballast System can’t be remotely controlled.


We have not tested the Malibu M235 so can offer no opinion on how she handles or on how all of the boat’s wonderful technology and innovations work in reality. Nevertheless, the pictures and video that Malibu provides has convinced us that she produced remarkable wake. The boat is powered by V-drive engines up to 510-hp. Because most of this boat’s work is at relatively low speeds requiring high torque, Malibu can dial-in the optimum performance in the GM blocks it uses.

The Helm – The Malibu “Command Center”

The M235’s systems are controlled by the Malibu Command Center with the Viper II operating system. The 12” high-definition MaliView touchscreen is an easy-to-read display for the depth gauge, navigation systems, boat speed, engine RPM, oil pressure, engine temperature, and fuel level.

Malibu M235 helm

The Malibu “Command Center” is one of the most ergonomically functional helm designs we have seen on any boat. Not only are controls close to hand, they can be read at a glance so that the operator’s attention is not distracted from driving for more than a micro-second. The controls on the steering wheel need only be felt. And some of this equipment is optional.

Malibu M235 helm

From the Malibu Command Center, the operator can control the size and shape of the wake. To the left of the wheel is the rotary dial Sport Dash control, next to the cell. Positioned on the centerline above the wheel is MaliView display. To the right of the wheel is the Malibu Touch Command digital switching system.

Malibu M235 touch screen

The 12” touchscreen MaliView display runs the Viper II Operating System and monitors engine functions and ballast tanks.

Malibu M235 touch screen

The touchscreen shows the operator the height of the wake, its shape in the middle section, and easy-to-read controls for all of the wake-making apparatus on the boat.

Malibu M235 wave making

Owners of the M235 can opt to have the three basic wave-making controls within easy thumb reach while steering and not have to let their eyes stray from looking forward. The controls are: on/off, speed, Power Wedge III up or down, and Surf Gate left or right. On the right side are stereo controls.

Malibu M235 control pad

An optional way to control wake is a dash-mounted control pad that covers speed, Surf Gates, and the Power Wedge III. Note the holder at right for a smart phone.

The display also allows the helmsman control over the ballast, Power Wedge, and Surf Gate. The wheel has buttons for the cruise control, Power Wedge, steering, and music volume. To the left of the wheel is a smartphone cradle and the Sport Dash, an analog dial for the ISP, Surf Gate, Power Wedge, speed, and stereo.

Dry boxes are located immediately to starboard and at the base of the seat. The electrical panel can be accessed on the port side of the companionway, while on the starboard side is another storage box.

Malibu M235 running

The operator can use the Malibu Command Center customize the size and shape of the wake for each individual and for the type of tow sport.


From the cockpit, passengers can pass through the billet wind-block door to access the bow. Alternatively, a retractable ladder in the bow provides an entry point for beach boarding or for those stepping up from the trailer. The pickle-fork bow design permits ample seating for several passengers, as well as armrests, cup holders, charging station and audio controls, while the aft seat cushions lift up to reveal plenty of storage. An optional filler cushion in the bow converts the entire space into a massive sun pad.

Malibu M235 bow

There is room for several passengers in the bow, plus the filler cushion over the walkway converts the bow into a giant sun pad.

Malibu M235 wrap around seating

Wrap around seating provides accommodations for a large group.

Sport Tower

New for 2019 is the Gx (pronounced “G ten”) Tower, replacing the G4 tower found in 2018 models. Built with aircraft aluminum, this fully automatic-collapsible tower comes with RGB lighting and Rev 10 speakers, as well as integrated clamping racks and Bimini options. The MultiZone RGB Lighting Controller provides control over the tower and interior speakers as well as the cup holder lights and more. The system also syncs the lights to the music tempo on the Wet Sounds audio system: coordinating color, brightness, and strobe to the beat of the music.

Malibu M235 tower

Shown is the G4 tower, available in older models, with racks, sound, and lighting systems.

Malibu M235 gx tower

Turn the dial on the fully automatic Gx tower, shown, to raise or lower the tower. The Gx also features the new Clamping Spinner Board Racks.

Malibu M235 lighting controller

The MulitZone RGB Lighting Controller allows the user to control the settings of up to three zones of RGB lights.

Malibu M235 wet sounds

Designed for a marine environment, the Wet Sounds Rev 10 tower speakers are designed for full sound on the boat and in the wake surfing range.

The Cockpit

The M235 is not just designed for towing, the walkthrough cockpit is designed for comfort and convenience, with space for up to 17 passengers. Passengers will find easy to access cup holders, 12-volt charging stations, a dry storage glove box and the pass-through trash container.

Malibu M235 passengers

From the cockpit, passengers get a clear view of the action. Flip up backrests turn the seats into aft-facing lounges.

The wrap around seating begins on the port side with an aft-facing seat, continues with a forward-facing aft bench and ends just aft of the helm seat. Bench seats to port and starboard lift up for deep stowage, while the flip-up the backrests of the inboard-facing bench seats can convert them into aft-facing lounges.

Malibu M235 gunwales

The high gunwales and wide beam cockpit seating is deep, safe, and abundant.

Available on select Wake Setter models is the WakeView aft bench seat, which can be reversed from forward- facing to rider-facing with minimal effort. The 2019 model has premium touch vinyl on all of the seating for durability and comfort.

Malibu M235 cockpit seating

The WakeView seat, positioned on the centerline of the transom, can be converted to a rear-facing bench seat.

Malibu M235 wake view seat

To switch from forward facing to rider facing, the WakeView seat slides forward and the seat back flips up from the base.


The stern features two seats, with adjacent cup holders and audio controls, and a walkway made with SeaDek track material, which is also installed on the swim platform. The seats lift up to reveal storage compartments for lines, fenders and towing equipment. The transom grab handle houses the WakeView back up camera, with the video viewable live on the MaliVew touchscreen. An optional filler cushion placed on the aft walkway converts the space into another large sun pad.

Malibu M235 running

A filler cushion placed on the aft walkway can convert the rear seats into a sun pad.

Malibu M235 riders

From the seating in the rear, riders can prepare for their next round, and swimmers can easily get in or out of the boat.

Malibu M235 stern seats

The stern features two seats, cup holders, and audio controls.


The standard triple axle trailer comes with an assortment of options, including two-tone paint, Rockstar wheels, stainless steel fenders, runway lighting, and more.

Malibu M235 trailer

The welded steel trailer comes with custom cut bunk carpet, a welded steel storage box at the bow and standard reverse lights.

Options to Consider

As Malibu’s flagship offering, this boat comes standard with top trim level equipment. There are some options, however.

    • Customizable paint scheme

    • Speed prop

    • High Altitude Torque Prop

    • 12” Wet Sounds Subwoofer (with amp)

    • Boat cover

    • Tower Bimini

    • SRP Saltwater package

    • CE Package


Five years on the powertrain, five years on the interior and upholstery, five years on the audio components and one year on gel coat.


Malibu says the price is in the low $200,000 range, making this possibly the most expensive wakeboat on the market in the world.

Malibu M235 wake sports

Catching air off the Malibu’s wake is not difficult, but coming down on the board and sticking to it is not so easy.


Clearly, Malibu has pulled out all of the stops to build what it considers the ultimate wake boat. They call it the “Alpha” and this is an apt description where cost was no object, and the team at Malibu let their imaginations run wild.

Certainly, the M235 is not for everyone – and, that is the general idea. For those fortunate enough to be able to pay for it (or have parents or grandparents who will) this appears to be the ultimate status symbol in the wake surfing world – and one with 5-star functionality. All that she needs is a bow thruster to make docking easier.

Malibu M235

We like this picture of two young ladies surfing in a circle behind the M235. Perhaps it
is worth the 200k.

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