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Maritimo M64 (2017-)

2 x 1150-hp Cat C-18s

Brief Summary

Maritimo has carved out a niche for itself by specializing in enclosed flying bridge sedans/convertibles. Because their boats can be easily modified for fishing, the M64, like most of the company’s boats, offers several distinct missions -- fishing, entertaining, and serious cruising.

Test Results

600 6.5 5.7 4 1.6 1.4 2163 1880.9 66
1000 10.5 9.1 11.5 0.9 0.8 1210 1051.8 72
1250 12.6 11 26 0.5 0.4 645 560.9 74
1500 13.8 12 46 0.3 0.3 398 346 76
1750 22 19.1 61 0.4 0.3 480 417.5 80
2000 27.2 23.6 86.5 0.3 0.3 418 363.3 82
2250 31.4 27.3 105 0.3 0.3 398 346.1 83
2350 33.4 29 115 0.3 0.3 387 336.2 84


Length Overall 64'
19.51 m
Beam 18' 8"
5.67 m
Dry Weight 86,000 lbs.
39,000 kg
Draft 4' 8"
5.67 m
Fuel Capacity 1,479 gallons
5,600 L
Water Capacity 198 gallons
750 L


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Props Nibral 5 Blade
Load 3 persons, full fuel, 1/2 water, 50 lbs of gear
Climate 73 deg., 63 humid., wind: 10-20 mph; seas: 2'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1150-hp Cat C-18s
Std. Power 2 x 900-hp Volvo D13-
Opt. Power N/A

Captain's Report

Maritimo M64 running

The Maritimo M64 has an LOA of 64’ (19.51 m), a beam of 18’8” (5.67 m), and a sleeping capacity of six standard, with the option to upgrade to accommodate as many as eight people.


Maritimo’s M64 cruising motoryacht is described by the company as “effectively [their] mini-M70.” There is nothing particularly “mini” about the M64, but it does aim to offer the same luxury profile as the M70 while scaling back just a bit the overall footprint. With a full beam master and en suite, fully enclosed sedan bridge, and walk-around decks, she has lots of interior space.

As a boat offered in alternative to another on their fleet, Maritimo has made much of the layout customizable as well—one can choose a three berth, three head configuration (more guests and need for privacy) or go with four berths and two heads.

Maritimo M64 layout

A look at the layout of the M64’s Sedan bridge. Note the helm station to starboard—this is the boat’s only helm.

Maritimo M64 main salon

The layout of the main salon. Note the lack of a helm station here because it is not needed. This approach opens up more useable space for living.

Maritimo M64 deck

The accommodations deck of the M64. Note the spacious full beam lazarette.

Major Features

  • Fully-enclosed Sedan Bridge. With the M64’s helm in the sedan bridge, a fully enclosed space makes sense, and adds to what Maritimo describes as the M64’s “apartment feel.” While it is fully enclosed, it also offers a sunroof, opening side windows, and an upper rear deck.
  • Full-beam Master Stateroom. With a king-sized berth, a loveseat, and desk space, the master stateroom is as large as any in class.
  • Walk-around Decks. We found the side deck access to the bow on the M64 easy to navigate and safely wide and maneuverable.
  • Layout options. The M64 allows for a lower deck configuration of either three cabins—the master, VIP and guest—with three heads or four cabins with two heads. Additionally, the transom can be in either the popular Euro-style, the more standard island transom, or a sport fishing design.
  • Full-Beam Lazarette. For storage, there won’t be a concern with the M64. The spacious, full-beam lazarette can satisfy any concern about whether or not you’ll have space to stow everything you need.
  • Premium Miele Appliances. Throughout the upscale galley, the M64 has Miele appliances—German engineered and top-of-the-line.



Maritimo M64 swim platform

A view of the M64’s rear swim platform. Note the entrance to the lazarette, which is in the center of the frame. The teak decking comes standard

The stern swim platform on the M64 has a teak-lined deck with a hatch for the reboarding ladder in the center. Teak boarding steps into the cockpit come to port and starboard, with stainless steel walkthrough gates on each side.

In the middle panel of the stern is access to the generously sized lazarette. A latch unlocks the door, while a stainless steel grab rail lifts the top lid and a door swings open on hinges. To port and starboard are a grill, and faucet with sink, respectively, both under lift-up lids providing countertop space when not in use.


Maritimo M64 cockpit

A view of the cockpit seating section, looking aft from the entrance to the galley. Note the transom walkthrough flanking the seating, as well as the al fresco dining table.

The cockpit has teak decking, with storage under the gunwales to port and starboard. A docking station with joystick control is situated forward to port, just near the entrance to the salon.

Maritimo M64 transom

Note the transom walkthrough gate, as well as the lazarette and engine room access, hatches on the standard teak decking here, in this view of the cockpit seating.

Seating along the transom comes via a settee, with a removable and adjustable woodgrain table just forward. Below the table’s mounting points is a hatch giving access to the lazarette, with another deck hatch just forward giving access to the M64’s engine room.

Side deck access to the bow comes to port and starboard, with grab rails and the cabin side to start above the gunwales as you proceed forward.

Enclosed Bridge

Maritimo M64

A view of the sedan bridge stairs, to port just inside the galley on the main deck level.

Most sedan bridge stairways to the flying bridge sit just outside access to the salon in the cockpit—in the M64, they are immediately to port inside the salon. The companionway is a beautiful piece, with floating steps that start at the bottom angled toward one’s likely footpath (starting from the center of the entryway from the cockpit) and slowly tilt to being parallel with the portside bulkhead against which it rises. Each step is the same high-gloss wood surface found in the lower deck salon and galley.

Maritimo M64 cabinetry

A view of the enclosed bridge facing forward. Note the steps come from the portside of the cabinetry seen here.

The stairs go to the portside of the bridge, where immediately forward is an aft-facing loveseat just next to the starboard helm station.


The bridge is fully enclosed, with a huge three-panel windshield, large opening port and starboard side windows, a sunroof, and the wide-open entrance to the upper aft deck.


Moving aft, there is “L” shaped settee to starboard, with a movable ottoman piece making up the bottom leg of the “L.” The seating faces a woodgrain table with adjustable wings on hinges for larger serving space, as well as a retractable tray that can act as a service surface


To port is a countertop that runs the length of the opening for the stairwell which is outboard of the cabinet. While this certainly could act as sideboard, the surface is upholstered in high-quality material over high-gloss wood. This may be where the retractable tray on the starboard dining table earns its keep.

Just abaft the portside countertop is a small stainless steel faucet with sink.

Maritimo M64 aft deck

A view off the upper aft deck.

Moving further aft through the smoked glass bifold doors brings us to the upper aft deck. It has teak decking, protection via the overhang above, and waist-high stainless steel safety rails surrounding the space. There is no fixed seating on the upper aft deck.


Maritimo M64 helm

A view of the helm and captain’s chairs on the Sedan Bridge of the M64. Note the operating controls to starboard along the bulkhead.

Forward to starboard on the bridge is the helm station—M64 has placed navigation solely here instead of on the main deck for better visibility and to provide more room below.

Maritimo M64 dash

A view of the dash on the M64. Note the space for touchscreen electronics on the upper panel.

The dash on the M64 is impressively designed, with an intuitive, easy-to-find layout that doesn’t skimp on electronics. The main console has two panels; the top panel displays as many as three touchscreen readouts, while the lower panel has the steering wheel flanked by radio, further readouts for vessel functions, rocker switches, and cupholders to the port end (a nice distance away from the electronics themselves).

On the starboard-side arm rest sits the joystick controls, electronic throttle controls, bow and stern thrusters, trim tabs, and further digital readout panels. Just below these in the bulkhead is a quick-storage space, as well as climate control panel for the A/C or heat.

The helm has two seats – captain and co-pilot in soft leather with adjustable armrests, bucket seats, and barbershop-style adjustable pedestals with non-skid surfaced footrests extending off. There is even a teak-lined step just under the dash that can flip down to improve visibility if needed.


Maritimo M64 galley

A view of the galley facing aft from the main deck. Note the steps to the bridge to port, and the Miele appliances to starboard.

The aft deck sits behind smoked glass bi-fold doors that open all the way across the entrance space. As mentioned, the sedan bridge stairs are immediate to port, while the galley sits to starboard.

The galley has an “L” shape, with the short leg of the “L” being forward in the form of the counter space and sink, with the long leg along the starboard side in the form of high-gloss wood cabinets, “domestic sized” refrigerator, oven, and wine cooler. There is also an island countertop running just off center of the space.

Maritimo M64 galley deck

Looking forward from the galley section toward the dining area forward. Note the high gloss on the woodworking.

The countertop is Corian and has dual burner stove and sink basin which, in an effort to create more space, has a stainless steel faucet facing directly to port. There is cabinetry below here and on the galley island as well.

Moving forward through the salon, it is worth noting the overheads with their lighting design nestling them into three wood panels that run the length of the interior, as well as the ample natural light coming in through the expansive windows (with option for automatic blinds installed). To port, below the companionway, is further cabinet space with a surface that can hold, for instance, a coffee maker.


Maritimo M64 dining

The dining and lounge space, forward the galley on the main deck.

In the forward section of the salon is a lounge and dining space, which takes up the space from port to starboard. Sofa-style seating is to port and starboard, upholstered in leather and with courtesy LED lighting along the bottom edge. The portside seating section wraps along the forward end, facing aft, and sits around a high-gloss wood dining table. Dinner chairs can be pulled up to the opposite side, all of which still leaves ample open space between the two seating sections.

Forward the seating lounge is access to the accommodations level, as well as storage in the panels just under the expansive, four-pane windshield.

Lower Deck

Maritimo M64 lower deck

A view of the passageway on the lower deck. Note the high gloss finish woodwork on the storage cabinets to the right of the frame.

Moving down the five high-gloss wood step companionway to the lower deck, the high quality woodworking continues from the main deck salon, with the addition of upholstered bulkheads in the main corridor.

Immediately to starboard is the door and stairs down to the full-beam master stateroom. The VIP stateroom is forward, with storage cabinets and the shared head door along the hall to starboard. The Guest cabin door is to port.

Master Stateroom

Maritimo M64

The master stateroom, facing toward its private detached head. Note the standard HDTV  on the bulkhead, as well as the opening portlights over the desk space.

A guide rail is to the starboard side, and entry reveals a full-beam stateroom, with a king-sized berth and plenty of storage. To port is a loveseat and to starboard is a desk space below portlights with storage drawers below. The berth is flanked on both sides by nightstands and full-length mirrors.

Maritimo M64 bulkhead

Another view of the master stateroom, from the portside. Note the loveseat in the bulkhead.

Storage drawers are flush on the forward bulkhead, with an HDTV installed just above. Storage cabinets to port and starboard face inward, with further storage in the bulkhead to the right of the drawers and television.

Three portlights sit on the port and starboard side with the outer two on each opening.

Master Head

Maritimo M64 vessel

The master head has good counter space, as well as a large vessel sink. Note the storage cabinets below and portlights above.

The master head has a walk-in shower compartment with removable faucet and wood bench-seat. The countertop extends along the edge of the bulkhead, with two opening portlights flanking the mirrored medicine cabinet above a vessel sink. The head is opposite the shower, with storage coming underneath the sink and countertop.

There is an opening hatch above the shower as well.

VIP Cabin

Maritimo M64 berth

The VIP cabin is in the bow. Note the blinds covering the portlight above the berth, as well as the steps on either side for access to the berth.

Forward through the lower deck hallway is the VIP cabin, in the bow. Immediately to port and starboard are closet-style cabinet work, with the same high-gloss woodwork continued here. The berth can be accessed via small step-ups on either side, with small nightstands to port and starboard as well via upholstered “steps” closer to the head of the berth.

Maritimo M64 sky light

The opening skylights in the VIP cabin. Note the upholstery on the overheads, as well as the recessed lighting.

There are two opening hatches in the VIP cabin, along with upholstered bulkheads and overheads. There is drawer storage below the berth as well.

Maritimo M64 storage

A view of the VIP head, with mirror medicine cabinet, storage and stainless steel faucet.

The VIP cabin has its own en suite as well, and while it has a shower and head like the master en suite, it is smaller and more compact – no bench in the walk-in shower compartment, no opening portlights, no vessel sink and more limited counter space yet it still maintains individual privacy. The shower does have a removable shower head and a skylight is present as in the master head.

Guest Cabin

Maritimo M64 guest

The Guest cabin, with storage along the top of the bulkhead.

Moving aft of the VIP cabin, to port, is the guest cabin. The smallest of the three accommodation berths, it does have storage along the port bulkhead, and also has its own en suite. There is also a full-length mirror on the bulkhead facing the berth, as well as an opening hatch overheat.

Maritimo M64 hatch

The opening hatch in the guest cabin. Note the upholstery on the overhead, as well as the recessed lighting.

The guest cabin en suite has a walk-in shower compartment with a removable shower head under an opening portlight. The guest head on the whole feels a bit bigger than the VIP head, with a bit more counter space under the medicine cabinet with sliding mirror doors.


Maritimo M64 bow

A view of the bow section of the boat, facing aft. Note all the cabin skylights in the foreground, as well as the davit to portside.

The bow can be accessed by side decks to port and starboard, each of which have safety rails along the outside edge. The decks are non-skid and wide enough to move without much restriction.

To port is the optional davit while forward is the windlass and anchor storage, with foot controls to the starboard side. The bow is an ideal place to carry the ship’s tender. With the davit, it can be easily launched by one person.

Engine Room/ Lazarette

Maritimo M64 engine room

View of the M64’s engine room looking forward from the access hatch in the cockpit.

The engine room can be accessed from a teak hatch in the cockpit, just forward the dining table and cockpit lazarette access. The engine room is spacious and there is easy access to most major components. The M64 comes standard with a 21.5 kW/ 60 Hz. generator.

Maritimo M64 access hatch

A view of the access hatch to the lazarette from the inside, with nearly unhindered access to the steering gear.

The lazarette can be accessed either via the latched door on the stern or a hatch under the removable dining table in the aft deck. The lazarette is surprisingly large for a yacht of 65’ (19.81 m). It is a full-beam stowage space and extends forward from the transom to about where the cockpit separates from the salon. The floors have teak-like non-skid surfaces.

Maritimo M64 lazarette

A view inside the full-beam lazarette.


The Maritimo M64's standard power has twin Volvo Penta D13 900-hp engines. The M64 we tested had Cat C18s Acerts 1150-hp each.


Our test weight was calculated at 86,605 lbs. (39,366 kgs). Top speed was found to be 29 knots at 2350 rpm. We found best cruise to be at 1750 rpm where the boat went 19.1 knots, burning 61 gallons (231 L) per hour for a range of 417.5 nautical miles.


Handling is what we expected from a boat of this size and caliber. She plowed through seas with authority. Because of her design – which has a lower CG than motoryachts – her size and less windage than a flush-deck motoryacht, she gave us a stable, comfortable ride.

The Maritimo M64 was built for the rugged sea conditions found off the east coast of Australia where 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean come rolling in. This vessel is built to ride up and down the coast far offshore in comfort and safety.

Optional Features

  • Lower Deck Layout: three berth/three head, or four-berth/two-head
  • Transom style: European, island or sport fishing
  • Upgrade generator from the standard 21.5 kW/ 60 Hz to an additional 17.5 kW/ 50 Hz.


The Maritimo M64 comes with a five-year structural warranty.


Maritimo has carved out a niche for itself by specializing in enclosed flying bridge sedans/convertibles. Because their boats can be easily outfitted for sport fishing, the M64, like most of the company’s boats, serve two distinct missions – offshore big game fishing and serious cruising. Serious boaters will use the vessel for both fishing and cruising.

There are definite advantages to the basic design: because the boat is essentially a convertible hull, it is inherently seaworthy with a low CG and rugged construction. Her enclosed flying bridge offers more inside living area for not a large increase in price. Guests love the remarkable vistas from the flying bridge, and in the tropics being in air conditioning can make it all the more pleasant. In inclement weather, the advantages are obvious and visibility is greatly enhanced at all times.

Maritimo has pioneered the concept of the inside stairway to the enclosed flying bridge, and now we see other builders following the concept. It obviously is finding an audience. Again, the advantages are obvious.

The M64 has a large cockpit that not only can be used for fishing, but for entertaining as well. A BBQ can be installed and with the addition of a table and fold up chairs it becomes a welcome venue for cocktail parties and dinner in the evening at anchor. Thus, she can also be used for day-boat activities.

Finally, because the boat is ruggedly constructed, is an offshore design, and has an enclosed flying bridge, an owner can take her most anywhere, anytime. An experienced owner/operator can take this boat out without checking the morning weather, in virtually anything short of a named storm. That’s something we like about this boat.

Maritimo M64 running

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