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Pardo Yachts 43 (2019-)

2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600

Brief Summary

The Pardo Yachts 43 is a walkaround designed for a special someone who wants Italian style and innovation in a striking and functional day boat. She has large entertaining and sunning places on deck with stunning accommodations belowdecks. She is powered by twin Volvo Penta 435-hp IPS pod drives.

Key Features

  • Open main deck
  • Volvo Penta IPS with Joystick
  • Dining area with adjacent galley counter
  • Carbon-fiber T-top with skylights
  • Distinctive axe bow
  • Belowdecks accommodations

Test Results

600 5.9 5.1 0.7 8.4 7.3 2384 2073.3 66
1000 8.1 7 1.6 5.1 4.4 1444 1255.9 69
1250 9.5 8.3 4 2.4 2.1 686 596.7 72
1500 10.9 9.5 6.3 1.7 1.5 498 432.7 74
1750 12.9 11.2 9.5 1.4 1.2 387 336.9 78
2000 16.4 14.3 11.5 1.4 1.2 407 353.8 77
2200 20.3 17.6 14 1.4 1.3 413 358.8 79
2400 23.3 20.3 16.5 1.4 1.2 403 350.3 81
2600 26.4 22.9 19.5 1.4 1.2 386 335.2 79
2800 29.3 25.5 22.5 1.3 1.1 372 323.1 81
3000 32.3 28 27 1.2 1 341 296.3 84
3200 35.4 30.8 30.5 1.2 1 331 287.9 84
3400 37.8 32.8 37 1 0.9 291 253.1 81
3630 41.1 35.7 42.5 1 0.8 276 239.9 86


Length Overall 45' 11'' / 14 m
Beam 13' 9''
4.19 m
Dry Weight 21,780 lbs.
9,879 kg
Tested Weight 23,426 lbs.
10,626 kg
Draft 3' 4''
1.02 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 312 gal.
1,181 L
Water Capacity 78 gal.
295 L
Total Weight 23,426 lbs.
10,626 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 6.4 sec.
0 to 30 7.5 sec. (0to20)
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 2/5 fuel, 3/4 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 88 deg., 81 humid; wind: 8-12 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600
Std. Power 2 x 370-hp Volvo Penta IPS500
Opt. Power 2 x 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Pardo Yachts 43


The Pardo Yachts 43 is intended for people who like to turn heads: The design stands out in the harbor by bringing together numerous elements, including an axe bow, vertical topsides, carbon-fiber T-top, and a steeply raked windshield – and a grand al fresco dining table for all to see. She is a day boat extraordinaire which exudes elegance and sophistication.

Pardo Yachts 43 layout

The Pardo Yachts 43 has an appealing layout to go with her striking profile.


This boat is made for day-boating on tony lakes and seaside locations in Europe and the rest of the world, with an optional, broad swim platform, large forward and aft sun pads, an on-deck dining area with adjacent galley counter, and teak decks. And, if the mood strikes, overnights are possible, since belowdecks there’s a master berth forward, a head with separate shower, and available twin berths beneath the helm deck.

The Pardo Yachts 43 is the middle boat in a planned line of open powerboats that is expected to include a 38’ (11.58 m), as well as the already introduced 50’ (15.24 m) sold under the Pardo Yachts brand. The 43 is a distinctive design from Italian atelier Zuccheri Yacht Design in Bologna, Italy, and is built by Cantiere del Pardo, an Italian builder in Forlì that also builds Grand Soleil and Grand Soleil Custom sailboats.

Major Features

  • Striking profile
  • Outdoor galley with three refrigerators
  • Jackshafts between engines and pods to improve balance and performance
  • Head compartment with separate shower
  • Broad helm console
  • Optional extended hydraulic swim platform

Features Inspection

Main Deck

Pardo Yachts 43 main deck

The main deck of the Pardo 43 shows its large sun pads both forward and aft, as well as the T-top amidships shading the helm area.

Swim Platform

The Pardo 43 takes the concept of day-boating very seriously, and, as any watersport enthusiast knows, the swim platform is a key part of the equation. The swim platform on our test boat was the optional hydraulic model ($22,302) measuring 10’11 ½” (3.34 m) wide by 4’4 ½” (1.33 m) long, and has a lifting capacity of 800 lbs. (363 kg).

It can be fitted with chocks to launch a tender or personal watercraft. The standard platform is fixed and is 2’ (0.61 m) long, while still another option is to have a fixed version of the extended platform ($10,030).

Pardo Yachts 43 swim platform

The swim platform adds deck space and versatility. Notice the reboarding ladder affixed to its underside, which can be reached and deployed from the water in accordance with ABYC recommendations.

Pardo Yachts 43 step

Note the small step on the starboard side of the transom to help bathers reboard from the lowered swim platform, though we would like to see a larger aft shelf for the second step as well as a grab handle.

Pardo Yachts 43 platform

The platform controls are convenient to the stern on the port side bulwarks aft. It thoughtfully has a layer of security with a two-button activation system that requires deliberate action to turn on.

Pardo Yachts 43 shower

A pull-out freshwater shower is built into the aft bulwarks by the walkway from the swim platform.

Stern Area and Cockpit

To board the Pardo 43 from the swim platform, there’s a 10” (25.4 cm) step up to port and starboard walkways to either side of a large sun pad. The walkways are 2’2” (66.04 cm) wide and are open to the transom, without the usual gates to keep people, and in particular children and pets, from falling off the back of the boat, though Pardo tells us they will be installed on boats sold in the U.S. and were on order for our test boat.

The bulwarks aft are 2’2” (66.04 cm) high, and the covering boards are 9” (22.86 cm) wide. There’s a good handrail along the top of the bulwarks on the inside edge, but it starts a bit far forward to be of help to someone boarding.

The aft sun pad is 7’2” (2.18 m) wide and 6’11” (2.11 m) long. The backrests for the bench seat at the forward end of the sun pad flip and fold over independently, transforming into pillows for the sun pad.

Pardo Yachts 43 sun pad

The triple-wide aft sun pad welcomes friends to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Pardo Yachts 43 settee

The settee backrests also flip flat, to turn into pillows for the sun pad.

The sun pad raises on electric rams to reveal a cavernous locker that measures 6’6 ½” (1.99 m) wide and 6’7” (2.01 m) long. It’s 11 ½” (29.21 cm) deep and has a clamshell lid that’s 10 ½” (26.67 cm) deep for loads of stowage for water toys and gear. In the sole of this locker is a steel hatch that grants access to the engine room (this is the second access point).

Pardo Yachts 43 stern locker

The stern locker opens wide to make the space very useful, even for stowing gear that needs to be considered “on hand.”

Dining Area

The forward end of the aft sun pad also serves as the aft bench seat for the on-deck dining table. The table has a folding leaf at each end that essentially doubles its size when folded out. The table is 27 ½” (69.85 cm) wide and 43 ¼” (109.9 cm) long when folded. It becomes 86 ¾” (220.3 cm) when unfolded, serving the 86” (218.4 cm) wide settee.

The table is mounted on pedestals that have a gas-assist feature to make them easy to raise and lower. Our test boat didn’t spec the optional electric hi-lo table with filler cushions ($4,661).

Pardo Yachts 43 table

When the table is at its full length, numerous guests can sit together in comfort.

Pardo Yachts 43 leaves

When the leaves are folded in, the table is a good size for gatherings around drinks and snacks.

The design of these flipping backrests is a key factor to the versatility of this boat since each backrest on the bench seats served by the dining table is independent on its own stainless steel flipping bracket. This means two people can stretch out on the sun pad while someone sits next to them at the table. It’s a good design for days when everyone has their own agenda on board.

Pardo Yachts 43 back rest

The backrests are in position for formal dining here, though the position of one or more can easily change.

The backrests on the forward settee served by the dining table have the same flipping backrests, so the forward bench can transform into forward-facing seating. The pedestals under this bench each had available Isotherm refrigerator drawers ($3,776), which make good use of onboard space.

The center section of this cockpit bench seat has a hinged section that flips up to allow the hatch to the engine room to open.

Pardo Yachts 43 settee

The backrests on the forward settee in the dining area allow passengers to face forward as well.

Pardo Yachts 43 refrigerator

Optional Isotherm refrigerator drawers add to the cold-drink stowage on board.

Pardo Yachts 43 manual

While the table was lowered as part of a manual operation on our test boat (rather than on electric pedestals), it was still a simple process with the gas-assist pedestals and locking cuffs.

Galley Console

The only galley on the boat is located abaft the helm seats. It has a 40 ½” (102.9 cm) wide by 21 ¼” (53.97 cm) fore-and-aft tempered-glass cover over the sink and two-burner induction cooktop. When the glass countertop is closed it becomes an ideal place to serve beverages and food when entertaining.

Pardo Yachts 43 galley console

The galley console is located amidships and is handy to the helm and the dining area.

Pardo Yachts 43 faucet

The folding faucet, sink, and two-burner induction cooktop stow under a tempered glass cover.

The galley console on our test boat had a locker to port with drawers for stowing kitchen tools, linens, and serving trays. The second locker is hinged at the bottom and fold out to offer access to a trash receptacle.

Pardo Yachts 43 drawers

The wooden drawers have grooves that latch them in the closed position so they won’t fling open in rough seas.

To starboard, there’s a refrigerator in the inboard locker and an icemaker with additional tray stowage in the far starboard locker.

Pardo Yachts 43 refrigerator

A refrigerator has cold storage for water and rosé, or a beverage of the owner’s choice. We would prefer pull-out drawers.

Pardo Yachts 43 ice maker

This Isotherm icemaker is a necessity on any day boat in this class.

A Note on the Galley Console

Pardo tells us they will work with owners to customize the galley console to suit their needs, whether it’s to add a grill or another cooktop, or just a large tub to fill with ice to chill champagne, or to add more refrigeration or freezers.

Side Decks

The side decks take up a substantial amount of deck space on the Pardo 43, and it’s a good design because they allow unobstructed fore-and-aft movement to everyone on board. This lets family and friends move about freely or stay put without getting in each other’s way. Bulwarks to both port and starboard have stainless grab rails 13’5” (4.09 m) long, to make it safer to get around.

Pardo Yachts 43 side decks

Symmetrical side decks are 2’2” wide abaft the helm console.

Dedicated stowage for optional, pad-style fenders behind stainless rails in each of the bulwarks is another well-executed idea. Packaged with a set of mooring lines, these fenders ($2,183) are less obtrusive and much easier to stow than cylindrical designs.

Pardo Yachts 43 fenders

These Pardo-logoed fenders stay out of the way until they’re needed.

The side decks on either side of the helm console are 14 ¾” (37.46 cm), where the bulwarks are 30 ½” (77.47 cm) above the deck.

Pardo Yachts 43 step up

That step up is 4 1/2” high and the side deck is 10 3/4” wide on either side.

A teak boarding step on a fold-up steel frame is located to either side of the helm area amidships for stepping on and off the boat. The step measures 15 ¾” (40 cm) by 11” (27.94 cm) wide.

Pardo Yachts 43 teak

A teak boarding step is positioned amidships and folds out to offer a safe way to board from the side.

Pardo Yachts 43 boarding step

The boarding step folds out of the way, flush against the bulwarks.


The foredeck is another social area that combines a sun pad and an aft-facing seat at the bow. Numerous stereo speakers served this area on our test boat.

Pardo Yachts 43 bulwarks

The bulwarks forward are 2’2” (0.66 cm) off the deck, and, while the trunk cabin grab rails are good, a low-profile, outboard bow rail would be a welcome addition.

The large sun pad atop the trunk cabin that measures 6’10 ½” (2.10 m) long and is 6’4” (1.93 m) wide at the head and 4’4” (1.32 m) wide at the foot. The hatch in the overhead above the forward berth is located at the foot of the sun pad and a removable section allows it to be uncovered.

Pardo Yachts 43 foredeck

The foredeck sun pad makes excellent use of the trunk cabin top and has sturdy grab rails as recommended by ABYC specifications for all seating positions.

Pardo Yachts 43 hatch

The removable hatch cushion covers a flush hatch. Note the generously sized drainage channels that also serve the entire recess for the sun pad cushion.

A bow seat faces aft, completing the forward social area. The seat has a trapezoidal shape that measures 4’6” (1.37 m) wide with a 2’10” (0.86 m) wide backrest. The seat would benefit from grab handles per ABYC standards, but it would be a good spot to catch fresh breezes at anchor.

Pardo Yachts 43 forward seat

The optional forward seat ($612.50) adds another dimension to the bow.

The ground tackle is managed in a locker beneath the bow seat, which flips up on gas-assist struts to grant access to the Quick electric windlass, telescoping pulpit, trefoil anchor, wired remote control, and rode locker. The locker measures 4’10” (1.44 m) long, 3’9” (1.14 m) wide, and 4’6” (1.37 m) deep, so there’s plenty of room for the rode.

Pardo Yachts 43 windlass

The windlass and anchor pulpit use a bridge design that allows excellent access to the chain locker, with the wired remote mounted on the lid.

The concealed, automated anchor pulpit that was an option on our test boat ($11,446) worked very well with the axe bow design and includes a 33 lb. (15 kg) trefoil anchor, 164’ (50 m) of chain, and a video camera positioned to show the anchor on the helm multifunction display for remote operation.

Pardo Yachts 43 pulpit

The pulpit pushes the flush-mounted lid open and extends to drop the anchor cleanly.

Pardo Yachts 43 anchor

For boaters who like the look of the bow, and yet require an easy-to-manage anchor, this setup is key.

Helm Station

The command center on the Pardo 43 has a centerline wheel position on a shiny black composite dashboard. The leather-wrapped wheel is on a tilt base and the Volvo Penta throttle-and-shift binnacle and joystick are located to starboard.

Pardo Yachts 43 helm

The helm electronics and controls are all positioned around the centerline helm position.

A compass atop the helm console was aligned with the wheel, and a leather-covered brow to shade the dashboard. Our test boat had a pair of optional Raymarine Axiom Pro 16” (40.64 cm) multifunction displays on an angled surface. The dedicated Volvo Penta engine-monitoring display is positioned to starboard of the MFDs. There’s more helm real estate to starboard for additional electronics.

Pardo Yachts 43 compass

The compass position is within line of sight for holding course while the touchscreen Raymarine Axiom Pro displays are within easy reach from a standing position at the helm.

The helm dashboard had a flat surface beneath the displays with a couple of trays to hold odds and ends, such as a smartphone. A raised section between the trays held the Raymarine autopilot control. To starboard of the trays were the Fusion stereo control head and the Quick windlass control head with chain counter.

All the devices on this level were handy but a slight angle would make the displays easier to read at a glance or from the seated position – especially the autopilot.

Pardo Yachts 43 autopilot

The autopilot control was close to the wheel and prominently placed.

Pardo Yachts 43 switches

The switches for electrical systems were set in carbon-fiber effect panels.

The next panel down had switches for the electrical systems, as well as a grab handle for the starboard companion position and a couple of beverage holders. The wired microphone for the Raymarine VHF as well as its loudspeaker were located beneath the wheel on an angled surface.

Pardo Yachts 43 foot rest

A fixed bar serves as a footrest at the base of the helm console.

A raked, curved acrylic windshield has a steel frame covered in canvas with a zipper to secure an optional enclosure. The windshield was a good height to protect us from the direct wind when running, but still let plenty of ventilation onto the helm. We noticed the curving corners of the windshield introduced distortion to the view, but it was easy to look past the windshield, if needed.

Pardo Yachts 43 windshield

The windshield was at the proper height to serve the driver whether standing, leaning or seated.

The three helm seats had fixed sides to help hold the helmsman and companions in comfort. The seats each had two-tone, double-stitched upholstery, custom embroidery, and seats that flip-up to serve as bolsters for leaning. Optional tropical air-conditioning keeps the helm area cool.

Pardo Yachts 43 helm seats

The three separate helm seats let skipper and companions choose seated or leaning positions independently.


The distinctive carbon-fiber T-top adds to the profile of the Pardo 43 and provides shelter for the helm area and galley console from both sun and rain. It has two large, tinted skylights. The forward one over the helm measures 5’8 ½” (1.74 m) by 3’9” (1.14 m) while the aft skylight over the galley measures 5’8 ½” (1.74 m) by 1’3” (0.38 m).

Pardo Yachts 43 t top

The T-top angled pedestals made the area around the galley console feel more open, as well as to add strength to the support.

The T-top is 7’½” (2.15 m) above the helm, and has angled stainless steel stanchions forward that have minimal impact on lines of sight. The T-top on our test boat had the optional electric Bimini ($12,862) aft that extended at the push of a button to shade the dining area, and also was equipped with the optional LEDs ($814). An optional color for the T-top can also be spec’d ($5,782).

Pardo Yachts 43 t top

The T-top was high enough not to be noticed, yet it provided much-needed shade and shelter.

Pardo Yachts 43 bimini

The electric Bimini is activated from buttons on the forward side of the galley console and shelters the dining table.

Pardo Yachts 43 accommodations

Simple controls for the sunshade are located on the forward port side of the galley console.


The companionway is located on the port end of the helm console, where an acrylic and stainless steel pocket door slides inboard. The horizontal top of the door measures 28” (71.12 cm) while the vertical front of the door is 30 ½” (77.47 cm). It opens to be 18 ¾” (47.62 cm) wide.

Pardo Yachts 43 layout

The belowdecks layout shows the main double berth forward and the twin berths situated beneath the helm deck.

Pardo Yachts 43 companionway

The companionway is unobtrusive when closed, in accordance with Pardo’s clean design.

Pardo Yachts 43 companionway

The companionway opens wide easily and the grab handle to port will help guests negotiate the first step.

Entering the interior, it’s a 13” step down to the top step of the companionway stairs. The stairs have 9” (22.86 cm) by 19 ½” (49.53 cm) treads and 8 ¾” (22.22 cm) risers, with a teak finish. It’s a 9” (22.86 cm) step to the sole of the salon.

Pardo Yachts 43 stair

The stair treads are wide but we would like to see a grab handle positioned nearby to facilitate entry and exit.

The interior is finished in a combination of wood and molded composite, which feels updated and user-friendly. The oak-finish veneer on the joinery of our test boat is light-colored and bright and makes the space warm and welcoming, yet not overdone.

The clean design has a modern European feel. Consider, too, this is the first boat of this size we have tested in quite some time that doesn’t have hullside windows. No matter, there are portlights that open along the trunk cabin sides, as well as on the forward side of the helm seat base.

Pardo Yachts 43 interior

The interior of the Pardo 43 is warm and welcoming with generous use of natural wood finishes with the de rigueur horizontal grain.

At the base of the companionway stairs, the overhead is 6’5” (1.96 m) and the door to the head compartment is to starboard. The electrical breaker panels are behind tinted glass covers in the bulkhead to port of the companionway, as well as a display for the genset controls.

A credenza is built-in along the port side, with drawers for stowage. There’s a sliding-door locker adjacent to the stairs, so no stowage space is wasted.

Pardo Yachts 43 breaker panel

The breaker panel and genset control are behind a tinted door in the port bulkhead.

Pardo Yachts 43 stairs

The stairs precluded use of drawers or doors, so sliding doors solved the problem.

Pardo Yachts 43 drawers

Drawers add more storage and have soft closes to prevent slams.

The sole has four lockers with lift-off lids that allow access to ship’s systems and plumbing, including the pumps for the shower sump and the water system. One hatch offers access to the top of the fuel tank.

Pardo Yachts 43 hatches

The four hatches lift out of the way to provide access to unseen areas.

Pardo Yachts 43 shower pump

Water and shower sump pumps are easily accessible beneath the sole.

Pardo Yachts 43 water tank

The water tank is beneath the sole, to help keep weight low in the hull.

The berth forward measures 79” (200.7 cm) head to foot by 62” (157.5 cm) wide. Headroom at the foot of the berth is 6’ ½” (1.84 cm) and 44 ¾” (113.7 cm) over the berth. To accommodate the curve of the hull shape, there are 6 ½” (16.51 cm) and 7 ½” (19.05 cm) high steps to either side of the berth.

Pardo Yachts 43 berth

The berth has shelves and reading lights to either side, as well as USB charging ports.

Three opening ports positioned up high ventilate the cabin and add natural light and they measure 22” (55.88 cm) long by 4” (10.16 cm) wide and have three dogs to secure them and tension hinges to keep them open.

A hatch over the berth opens to add light (when the filler cushion is removed from the bow sun pad) and ventilation, thanks to rams that hold it in position. It’s equipped with a screen and a shade that roll into its frame and slide into place.

Pardo Yachts 43 light

Light sources in the cabin include portlights, a hatch, and direct and indirect LEDs, and reading lights.

Pardo Yachts 43 led lights

Bedside LED reading lights have a red setting so late-night readers won’t disturb a sleepy mate. Light switches, USB ports for device charging and air-conditioning controls are handy to the berth as well.

Pardo Yachts 43 shade

The shade keeps things dark until the occupants are ready to rise.

Pardo Yachts 43 hatch

The hatch opens easily for ventilation or egress.

Pardo Yachts 43 ports

The opening ports add cross ventilation to the equation.

Pardo Yachts 43 lockers

Lockers to either side blend in with the joinery yet offer handy stowage.

Pardo Yachts 43 drawer

A drawer beneath the berth will stow linens within easy reach.

Pardo Yachts 43 hanging locker

A hanging locker is lighted and also stows a handy fire extinguisher.

Pardo Yachts 43 locker space

Additional locker space is unobtrusive but minimizes wasted space.

A flatscreen TV is mounted on the bulkhead that encloses the head compartment. Shelves above and below stow incidental items, such as remote controls. There’s a hatch below the TV that conceals a shallow locker with a flat surface suitable for mounting entertainment system electronics.

Pardo Yachts 43 tv

A flat-screen TV is positioned for viewing from the berth.

Guest Cabin

An available additional guest cabin ($6,490) with stoop-height 4’6” (1.37 cm) headroom is located amidships, abaft the companionway stairs, and has a pair of twin berths. The cabin is open to the main cabin, though there is an optional bulkhead ($3,304).

Berths measure 75” (190.5 cm) head to foot by 33” wide (83.82 cm). The berths have 2’7” (78.74 cm) of headroom over the head and foot of each berth, and 4’ 3 ½” (1.31 m) over a 1’5” (0.43 m) wide section athwartships of the middle of the guest cabin. On the forward bulkhead of this high-overhead section, there are two opening portlights for ventilation and natural light.

Pardo Yachts 43 cabin

A cozy cabin amidships can house guests or kids for an overnight.

Pardo Yachts 43 stowage

Additional stowage is located beneath the berths.

Guest berths have shelves with fiddles for stowing incidentals and a shared nightstand with a recessed leather top.

Pardo Yachts 43 systems

Access to the ship’s systems as well as an available 16-bottle wine chiller ($3,625) are available in the stoop-height space.

Head Compartment

The head is located to starboard and has 6’6” (1.98 m) of headroom. There’s a solid-surface counter with a vessel-style sink and a mirror mounted to the bulkhead above. The built-in vanity has a fiddled shelf just beneath the counter and a locker beneath that to stow toiletries, as well as a toilet-paper roll holder mounted on the door.

Additional lockers are above the toilet with concealed latches along the top edges of the doors. A separate shower has an acrylic door and 6’2-¾” (1.90 m) of headroom, and a rain shower fixture in the overhead as well as a Euro-style wand shower.

Pardo Yachts 43 head

The head has an opening port for ventilation and natural light.

Pardo Yachts 43 shower

The separate shower stall is molded for easy cleaning and has a bench seat with a panel above, giving easy access to the water tank.

Pardo Yachts 43 shower

The shower has a rain head in the overhead in addition to the wand.

Pardo Yachts 43 lockers

Lockers add stowage space for toiletries and towels.

Engine Room

The engine room has two access points. The primary entry point is through a deck hatch at the galley console. The hatch is positioned so the aft third of it is beneath the forward dining settee, but there’s a fold-up section on that seat to make it easy to open.

Once it is open, there’s a diamond-plate step that is 10 ¼” (26.03 cm) by 16” (40.64 cm) and it simplifies entry with a 1’6” (0.46 m) down step, then a 1’11” (0.58 m) step down from that.

Pardo Yachts 43 engine room hatch

The engine room hatch is held open by two gas-assist struts that are located out of the way.

The engine room fits all of the equipment, with a good layout to access the gear. Insulated with foil-covered foam on the overhead and sides, the engine room has 4’ (1.22 m) of headroom and the Volvo Penta IPS600s are placed 1’7 ¼” (0.49 m) apart. There’s access on the forward end of the port engine with 1’3 ½” (0.39 m) of space forward, while starboard has 3’10 ½” (1.18 m) of space forward.

There’s 1’4” (0.41 m) of working room above the forward part of mains, and 7” (17.78 cm) above the aft end of each.

Pardo Yachts 43 engine room

The engine room has space to work, even with its stoop-height of 4’ (1.22 m) overhead.

Pardo Yachts 43 batteries

Batteries and fuel-water separators are easily accessible, though we’d prefer to see covered battery boxes.

There’s 2’8” (0.81 m) of space outboard of the engine and pods, so one can get there as needed by climbing over the jackshaft (when the engines are turned off). This installation uses 2’10” (0.86 m) long jackshafts between the engine and the pod to place the engine weight in the proper location for the best longitudinal center of gravity and balance.

Pardo Yachts 43 jackshafts

Pardo employs jackshafts to improve weight distribution for better performance.

Pardo Yachts 43 pod

The Volvo Penta IPS pod is easier for builders to install than a straight shaft inboard.

Pardo Yachts 43 engines

Positioning the engines and pods to allow access outboard means equipment can be placed there as well.

Pardo Yachts 43 fuel tanks

Outboard of the engines to port and starboard, fuel tanks with sight glasses apprise crew of fuel levels.

Pardo Yachts 43 through hull

Through-hull fittings, such as this fitting directing water to an air-conditioning raw water strainer are positioned beneath painted plywood deck panels that can be moved out of the way for access.

Pardo Yachts 43 genset

The 8-kilowatt Fischer Panda 10000i genset is an upgrade and sits in a hushbox.

Pardo Yachts 43 genset

A Fischer Panda PMGi 10000 inverter adds flexibility to the onboard electrical system and is designed to work with the genset.

Pardo Yachts 43 stabilizer

An optional Quick gyro stabilizer is designed to improve the ride by reducing the roll of the boat.

Hull Construction

Pardo uses all vinylester resin in an infusion process to create a monolithic structure from keel to hullsides with a high-density PVC sandwich that provides a solid structure with good thermal-insulation and sound-attenuation properties. For additional strength, the stringers and crossmembers in the hull are made of carbon fiber.

Bottom Design

Below the waterline, her hull has a versatile running surface with a sharp forefoot where the deadrise is more than 50-degrees. The bottom then flattens out to 16-degrees at the transom, a design that works with the boat’s Volvo Penta IPS propulsion.


The Pardo 43 has a LOA of 45’11” (14 m) and a beam of 13’9” (4.19 m). With an empty weight of 21,780 lbs. (9,879 kg), 40% fuel, and two people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 23,426 lbs. (10,626 kg).

Pardo Yachts 43 running

The Pardo 43 accelerated with authority, but never felt out of control.

With the twin 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600s powering our test boat, we reached a top speed of 35.7 knots (66.1 kmph) at 3630 rpm. Best economic cruise came in at 2200 rpm and 17.6 knots (32.6 kmph). It was at that speed that the 14.0 gph (53.0 lph) fuel burn translated into 1.3 nmpg (0.61 kmpl) and a range of 358.8 nm (664).

Pardo Yachts 43 acceleration

Acceleration from a standing start to plane averaged 6.4 seconds, while from zero to 20 mph took an average of 7.5 seconds.


The Pardo 43 handles like a yacht, thanks to her Volvo Penta IPS propulsion. The pods are programmed to turn at different angles and use their forward-facing contrarotating props to optimize the throttle and wheel commands. While some people find IPS-powered boats are too slow to turn, owners should know a technician can tune the system to any boater’s liking.

Pardo Yachts 43 running

The Pardo 43 was responsive and offered no surprises as we put her through some relatively sharp turns for an IPS system.

Her axe bow, while aesthetically pleasing, is really a non-factor at speed since it’s out of the water, but the spray rail, chine and strakes on her running surface kept the interior dry.

Pardo Yachts 43 running

The Pardo 43 ran through some wakes from our camera boat, cut through the waves, and landed softly.


Around the dock, dynamic positioning allows a single-handed boater to hold station while getting the boat set up with docklines and fenders before heading into the dock. Then, the boat can be easily nudged into the slip with the joystick. And with high bulwarks and open deck space from stem to stern, we were able to tie her up easily.

Pardo Yachts 43 joystick

The Volvo Penta IPS joystick made the Pardo a real pussycat around the dock.

Standard Features

  • Exterior teak with black caulking
  • Black carbon-fiber T-top
  • Black waterline
  • Exterior silvertex upholstery
  • Twin Volvo Penta IPS500s with joystick and interceptor
  • Head with separate shower

Options to Consider

Our test boat was fitted with several equipment options, including:

  • Upgraded 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600s ($38,822) from IPS500s, with Racor fuel-water separators
  • Upgraded 8-kW Fischer Panda 10000i generator ($21,004) from the 4-kilowatt Fischer Panda 5000i
  • Quick gyro stabilizer ($29,382)
  • Reverse-cycle tropical air-conditioning ($15,222)
  • Volvo Penta interceptor-style trim tabs with auto trim ($9,381)
  • Electric Bimini sunshade ($12,862)
  • Extended swim platform with hydraulic lift ($22,302)
  • Volvo Penta IPS dynamic positioning system ($21,830)
  • Isotherm icemaker ($2,714)
  • 2 Isotherm refrigerator drawers ($3,776)
  • T-top LED lights ($814.20)
  • Extra USB 2.0 ports by berth ($460.20)
  • Underwater LED lights ($3,174)

Depending on how boaters will use the Pardo 43, the builder offers the following options:

  • Electric barbecue ($1,475)
  • Coffee machine ($578.20)
  • Hydraulic passerelle ($18,762)
  • T-top color choice ($5,782)
  • Leather interior upholstery ($3,363)
  • Lacquered interior furniture ($22,302)
  • Interior carpet ($1,416)
  • Aft awning with removable poles (in lieu of the electric Bimini, $3,776)


$553,420 base price.


Two years bow to stern, five years hull and structural. The engine and drive train warranty is carried by Volvo Penta.


Boaters looking for a Southern European day-boating experience might be enticed to give the Pardo 43 a closer inspection. She definitely conjures up images of the rich and famous at play in places like St. Tropez, Portofino, and Lake Como. It is not hard to imagine Italian yachtsmen, such as the late Gianni Agnelli, at the helm of this boat.

Her broad beam aft and her 16-degree deadrise should make her relatively stable at anchor, but one never knows when an onshore wind or passing traffic might roil the waters a bit – thus the Quick gyro stabilizer. This stabilizer was undoubtedly fitting not only because it is Italian, but also because it gets up to speed quickly for stabilization.