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Regal 3200 (2016-)

2 x 300-hp Volvo Penta V8 Catalyst

Brief Summary

The 2016 Regal 3200 offers seating for up to 14, and she’s designed for big water, big crowds and big entertaining possibilities. A 150 gallon (568 L) fuel tank is sufficient for day-long adventures with friends and family. An enclosed head with sink and soft-step floor, dual UltraLounges with six positions recline, a refreshment center, PowerTower, and a Fusion 700i marine stereo with Bluetooth are all part of the base package.
Regal's "OceanTrac" hull is engineered for efficiency and stability, according to the company. The hull with a 21-degree deadrise, is reinforced with rot-proof composite stringers, is also used on the express cruiser. When combined with a beam of 10’4” (3.15 m), one of the largest in her class, the end result is a solid boat with a low center of gravity that will handle chop.

Key Features

  • Arena seat
  • Double-wide companion seat
  • Fusion 700i marine stereo
  • Upholstery Packages with choice of a mocha or titanium interior
  • Bow cooler
  • Dual UltraLounges
  • Refreshment center
  • Digital depth sounder
  • PowerTower
  • Tower sunshades

Test Results

650 4.5 3.9 2.4 1.88 1.63 253 220 83
1000 5.5 4.8 3.4 1.62 1.41 218 190 83
1500 8.4 7.3 5.6 1.5 1.3 203 176 83
2000 12.7 11 8.7 1.45 1.26 196 171 85
2500 20.1 17.5 11 1.83 1.59 247 215 87
3000 27.5 23.9 12.6 2.18 1.9 295 256 88
3500 33.3 28.9 17.4 1.91 1.66 258 224 89
4000 39.8 34.6 22.9 1.74 1.51 235 204 89
4500 44.6 38.7 25.6 1.74 1.51 235 204 90
5100 51.2 44.5 44.5 1.15 1 155 135 92


Length Overall 32' / 9.75 m
Beam 10' 4''
3.15 m
Dry Weight 9,000 lbs.
4,082 kg
Tested Weight 9,870 lbs.
4,477 kg
Draft 35''
0.89 m
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 9' 1''
2.77 m
Fuel Capacity 150 gal.
568 L
Water Capacity 30 gal.
114 L
Total Weight 9,870 lbs.
4,477 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.7 sec.
0 to 30 5.0 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props SS
Load 2 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 93 deg., 82 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: flat

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Volvo Penta V8 Catalyst
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Six twin MerCruiser engine options from 600 to 760-hp
Seven twin Volvo Penta engine options from 600 to 760-hp

Captain's Report

Regal 3200 running shot

The OceanTrac hull is designed for stability and efficiency. The 21-degree deadrise should deliver a relatively soft ride.

The purpose of the Regal 3200 is to provide the buyer with a focused platform of luxury and space, maximizing enjoyment for day outings. The company says it has designed the 3200 model as the “does everything” boat. The result is a roomy, luxurious bowrider that gives up nothing as a day cruiser. She's designed to carry up to 14 passengers.

Major Features

Vinyl-Wrapped Dash.

The welcoming vinyl-wrapped dash is hand-stitched, soft to the touch and easy on the eyes, because it is dark. The clean, modern design of the dash panel coordinates with the seat upholstery as it should in any well-designed boat.

Regal 3200 helm

We like how the overall vinyl and stitching encloses the entire helm rather than only the gauge cluster. The hand stitching provides a nice contrast and an added sense of style.

Enclosed Full-Size Head.

The enclosed full-size head is a cut above the average bowrider head, featuring cherry cabinetry, a vessel sink and luxurious soft step floor. The buyer also has the option of an electric toilet with pump-out fittings, as well as a toilet overboard discharge. This spacious head can also double as a changing room.

Regal 3200 head

The fully-enclosed head comes with an optional port hole for easy ventilation and a standard soft-step floor. Also note how the bulkhead above the head is padded for protection.


One of our favorite features on the 3200 is the dual "UltraLounges" mounted aft. These six-position lounges give riders a highly versatile transom area. With the six position adjustments, the riders can choose to face forward or aft, depending on preference and mission. They can also fold flat if sun bathing is the primary goal. Regal was clever in the design and placement of these lounges, allowing for a straight pathway from the bow to stern.

Regal 3200 vinyl seats

The luxurious vinyl with white stitching continues throughout the seats and side panels in the boat.

Refreshment Center.

The refreshment area is the central hub for all entertaining on the Regal 3200. It includes a lockable slide-out 36 gallon (136 L) cooler on roller hinges and a freshwater sink with a 30 gallon (114 L) capacity. A counter space provides an area for making cocktails or serving appetizers to guests while underway. An enclosed trash receptacle is also included.

Regal 3200

The slide-out cooler is mounted on roller hinges and attached to a sleek fiberglass cover with aluminum L brackets.


The PowerTower comes standard on the 3200. The hardtop folds electrically with the touch of a button, making it easy to reduce the boat’s air draft. Even in its down position, there is still plenty of room in which to operate the boat.
The PowerTower has a built-in stern light and also functions as a wakeboard tower for those interested in watersports. A standard Bimini top connects to the PowerTower and covers the cockpit from the windshield all the way back to the dual UltraLounges, providing UV coverage for guests aboard.

Regal 3200 power tower

The air draft with the PowerTower up is 9’1” (2.77 m) as compared to 6’ (1.8 m) with the top down.

Fusion 700i Stereo.

The Bluetooth Fusion radio is fully compatible with an iPod/iPhone which can be enclosed in a waterproof dock. The radio also has AM/FM/VHF capabilities. The docking station can also be used to charge compatible devices.
Fusion head units are one of the highest quality marine head units on the market, and are known for their durability and functionality. Besides all of the radio capabilities, the head unit also has the ability to control all of the speakers in the boat, such as turning the speakers in the bow on while other speakers in the cockpit stay off. There is also a remote built into the aft platform for passengers at the stern to adjust the volume in their speaker zone individually.

Regal 3200 stereo

The Fusion 700i head unit folds down, revealing a slot for an iPod/iPhone, keeping technology safe and dry while underway. This head unit is also rated for IPx5 water-resistance and supported with a 3 Year Warranty.

Features Inspection


Stainless Hardware/Anchor Locker.

Starting our inspection at the bow, we find a standard stainless steel bow scuff plate with lifting eye. On some boats in this class, the scuff plate is optional. Two stainless steel recessed rails angled slightly inward toward passengers in the bow, ensures that all riders are within easy reach of a handle.
A bow anchor locker with a non-skid hatch allows the owner to keep the anchor securely. Regal offers an optional anchor setup that routes the rode through the stem.

Regal 3200 anchor set up

Regal offers an optional anchor setup that routes the rode through the stem, creating a clean look.

Extra-Wide Lounges.

In many bowriders that we’re used to seeing, there is horseshoe seating forward, but Regal broke this tradition and created dual extra-wide lounges on either side in addition to a bench that runs athwartships in the bow.
Should the owner be more interested in sun tanning, Regal offers the option of additional added filler cushions, transforming the entire bow into a sun pad. The bow setup allows for numerous seating configurations as well as table setups. For added entertainment, there is an additional cooler located under the front seat. Regardless of the configuration, the 3200 bow can hold six people comfortably.

Regal 3200 filler cushions

The configuration above shows the filler cushion inserts, creating lounge seating. Also notice the drop down armrests, stainless steel hardware, and six cup holders.

Regal 3200 diamond stitching

Diamond-stitching in the vinyl upholstery adds another touch of luxury to an already welcoming space at the bow.

Regal 3200 teak tables

The 3200 comes with dual teak cocktail tables. These tables have six possible locations on the 3200, including two in the bow when the filler cushions are removed, as shown above.

Walk-In Storage.

While the port side bow chaise lounge backs up to the walk-in head, the starboard side utilizes the space by incorporating a walk-in storage compartment with a gas-assist hatch. The compartment contains a horizontal pole for hanging life jackets as well as hooks for hanging wet towels and line. There is room allotted for two pedestal tables, day bags, and even watersports gear. Not only is this entire compartment exceptionally spacious but Regal designers did a great job of efficiently organizing the space for easy access to necessary equipment.

Regal 3200 starboard console

The square footage in the starboard console alone is impressive for a storage space.



When entering the cockpit, we're welcomed with a tinted, tempered and curved windshield with a standard starboard wiper. Not only is this windshield stylish but it’s one-piece on each side. Adding to the luxury feel that Regal already promotes, the windshield header is finished with polished stainless steel, rather than the industry standard of anodized aluminum.
Another feature worth noting is the one-piece stainless windshield stanchions that provide more strength and durability than rivets or ball and socket joints. Typical ball and socket joints sometimes fail due to lack of support. Regal designers thought of that factor and countered it with the stanchions.
Walkthrough bow doors are also offered as an additional option for those colder evenings when riders are looking for added wind protection.

Regal 3200 windshields

One-piece windshields on each side provide excellent visibility and protection for both the operator and passengers.

Deck Storage.

Dual deck storage lockers feature gas-assist supports for the hatch lids. These lockers are large enough to fit multiple sets of skis as well as scuba gear. The RTM or Resin Transfer Molded fiberglass hatches are equally finished on both sides, providing a mold-resistant interior surface while increasing the strength over a standard floor hatch.

Double-Wide Companion Seat.

Both sides of the cockpit feature double-wide companion seats with built-in bolsters. Bolsters are sometimes optional on bowriders of this size, whereas Regal makes it standard. Each seat also slides forward and back, and includes an adjustable seat back. The companion seats are finished with the same materials and stitching found throughout the rest of the boat, complementing the side bulwarks and dash.

Regal 3200 seat support

The entire seat sits on a fiberglass frame that’s glassed into the floor for added support: No more wobbly pedestal.

Refreshment Center.

A common gathering space on the Regal 3200 will be the ever-popular refreshment center, located directly behind the helm station. The standard center comes with a freshwater sink, trash receptacle and a slide-out 36 gallon (136 L) cooler on roller hinges. Should the owner want more from the refreshment center, the builder also offers an optional refrigerator in place of the cooler, as a well as a gas grill for cooking fresh fish or burgers.

Regal 3200 refreshment center

While we like the slide-out cooler design, we would encourage anyone interested in the 3200 to consider the 12V refrigerator and/or the grill option for added functionality in the refreshment center.

Courtesy Lights.

Standard blue LED courtesy lights are found throughout the Regal 3200. Not only do these lights add an element of safety during evening cruises, they create an ambiance that adds to the overall experience Regal targets in this boat.

Regal 3200 blue led lights

Blue LED courtesy lights provide a clear view of the walkthrough from bow to stern.


Vinyl-Wrapped Dash.

Moving to the helm station, the captain is welcomed with a handsome dash wrapped with dark vinyl secured with contrasting white-stitching. The upholstery extends into the side panel where the binnacle controls are located. The dash is laid out in a clean, modern-fashion, allowing for easy visibility of all crucial gauges at all times. A leather-wrapped wheel and power steering system complement the helm.

Regal 3200 switches

Dual kill switches are located directly beneath for easy connection to the operator.

Twin Binnacle.

All builders place throttle controls within arm’s reach of the operator. The controls are against a bulwark where the captain can stabilize his/her hand. This allows the captain a stable platform while operating the throttle, a big help for accurate control during heavier sea conditions. The binnacle controls have toggle trim switches built into each drive, as well as options below for syncing the dual throttle controls together.

Digital Depth.

A standard depth gauge is conveniently built into the dash for easy viewing while underway. When dual sterndrives are fully up, the Regal 3200 draws 21” (.53 m) as compared to 35” (.89 m) when both drives are down. Regardless of trim, the operator will have a constant pulse on depth.

Trim Tab Controls/Rocker Switches.

Standard trim tabs give the operator the utmost control even in heavier seas. The location of the trim tab controls is directly beneath the twin binnacles for easy access and adjustments while underway. With this particular configuration, the operator never has to take a hand off the wheel.
In addition to standard trim tabs, Regal used water-resistant rocker switches with Deutsch connectors that protect electrical components from water and dirt. We particularly like the location of the rocker switches, specifically having them off to the side by the helm and trim controls. This creates a very clear and uncluttered dash.

Fusion Sound System.

The Fusion system is a key entertainment feature for the Regal 3200. The boat comes standard with six 200-watt cockpit speakers with an IP65 waterproof rating. This system is also setup for Bluetooth connectivity. The head unit is a top-shelf Fusion 700i marine stereo featuring AM/FM/VHF radio as well as a waterproof dock for an iPod/iPhone. A satellite radio tuner with antenna is optional.

Regal 3200 stereo unit

The Fusion 700i head unit flips down revealing a waterproof pocket for an iPod/iPhone. Notice how this also charges the device and directly connects it to the head unit via Bluetooth.

12 Volt Accessory Plug.

A 12 volt plug is located directly next to the ignition key, allowing for easy access and connectivity to a phone charger, or a spotlight for those late-night returns to the dock.


Arena Seat/Reverse Lounge.

Moving slightly aft past the dual forward benches, we have two reverse seats that back up against the port bench, and the starboard refreshment center. The port side features a reverse lounge, allowing conversation with the helmsman as well as the passengers sitting in the dual UltraLounges – where its back can be reversed.
On the starboard side against the refreshment center bulkhead there is a smaller arena seat, also allowing for conversation with passengers aft as well as those using the dual UltraLounges. Regal utilizes the space under the seat for more storage.

Regal 3200 cup holders

There are two stainless steel cup holders located directly behind the arena seat for added convenience while underway.

Regal 3200 table locations

We like the multiple locations for the teak tables. The central cockpit functions as one of the three speaker zones that are adjustable from the helm station.

Dual UltraLounges.

The dual UltraLounges are sure to be the favorite seats on the Regal 3200. In addition to the quality of the seat structure and foam, the overall functionality of these lounges are impressive. They adapt into six different positions giving the passengers numerous options, ranging from lounging aft, sun bathing flat, or lounging forward while conversing with guests in the arena and lounge seat. Dual tables are also mountable aft, adding further functionality to the UltraLounges.

Regal 3200 ultra lounges

Notice how the UltraLounges are elevated slightly, creating a step that leads aft. This adds a sense of safety for guests aboard, while still maintaining a clear walkthrough from bow to stern.

Aft Platform

The aft swim platform can be finished with a variety of soles, depending on the owner’s desires. Regal has extended the swim platform for 2016 and then went one step further and molded it right into the hull, eliminating any seam. A fiberglass cover conceals the stainless steel boarding ladder, which looks good and is foot-friendly. But remember that this ladder is a safety item, and it must be able to be deployed by a person in the water.

Regal 3200 aft platform

The aft platform contains a fiberglass ladder cover as well as an additional locker for skis or emergency gear. Also note how there is an additional stereo remote built into the aft bulwark, allowing passengers to adjust the volume and music for the aft zone of the 3200.


A freshwater transom shower is built into the starboard bulwark, allowing passengers to rinse off before boarding, keeping salt and sand out of the boat. This is a great feature for those who plan on using the boat for a daily outing and then ending the evening at a dock and dine restaurant. The shower and sink both pull from a 30 gallon (114 L) freshwater tank.

Engine Access.

Regal has made it easy to get to the engines to check fluids and belts with the rear access electrical engine hatch that also has a manual release, if needed.

Regal 3200 engine hatch

With the hatch up, maintenance is easy on the 3200 with both engines in easy reach.

Regal 3200 running shot

Wot Speed was 51.2 mph during our test.

Performance and Handling

Our test boat was fitted with two Volvo Penta V8 Catalysts DP, giving us a total of 600-hp. The 3200 launched to plane in just 2.7 seconds and powered right past 30 mph in 5.0 seconds. It had more than enough low-end torque to pull even the most portly wakeboarder out of the water on the first try. Top-end speed was 51.2 mph at 5100 rpm. Getting a boat of this LOA to that speed with only 600-hp is a tribute to Regal's OceanTrac hull design. Our ideal cruise speed settled in at 27.5 mph turning 3000 rpms for a range of 295 statute miles.

With her 21-degrees of deadrise

at the transom and a fairly sharp bow entry, the 3200 has a smooth and predictable ride. To test the 3200’s rough water handling, we pierced our own 2’ wake at 75% power. The OceanTrac hull sliced right through the waves without any hull slap or boat hesitation.
We found tight turns to be a strong suit for the 3200 with no side slip, even at speed. The wheel and throttles responded quickly to the operator’s input.

Regal 3200 running shot

Test Captain Steve Gilchrist demonstrating the excellent turning characteristics of the Regal 3200.

Options to Consider

• Through stem anchor windlass

• Port light

• Cockpit refrigerator/gas grill

• Garmin GPS 5208 chartplotter


The Regal 3200 is a solid composite-structured boat with luxurious features inside. The stainless steel rub rail adds to the eye appeal as well as the durability of the boat. It’s also nice to see how the builder incorporated the stripe into the gel coat. It’s a technique that will increase the longevity of the stripe with added resistance to fading and abrasion.
The interior of the boat speaks to her mission of functionality and maximum luxury for a 32’ (9.75 m) bowrider. With seating for 14, a standard refreshment center and a Fusion six-speaker sound system, the boat is ready to entertain upon delivery. With additional options both inside and out, the buyer also has room to customize the boat to his/her mission.

Regal 3200 aft tables

The 2016 Regal 3200 shown in her natural entertaining element. With the removable teak tables in the aft deck position.

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