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Regal 23 RX Surf (2016-)

1 x 300-hp Volvo Penta

Brief Summary

Dual four-position reversible lounges provide versatility at the transom area in the Regal 23 RX Surf (formerly the 2300 RX Surf), while ballast tanks can quickly add up to 1,000 lbs of weight for building the perfect watersports wake. The company's patented FasTrac hull, with a mid-beam step to provide under-hull ventilation, is said to boost speed and/or fuel economy with a given power system.

Key Features

  • FasTrac hull design
  • RegalVue with surf control
  • Fusion Bluetooth stereo
  • Courtesy blue LED lights
  • Arena seating in the cockpit
  • Dual UltraLounges
  • SeaDek swim platform
  • PowerTower
  • Tower sunshades
  • Pop-up stainless ski tow

Test Results

650 3 2.6 0.7 4.29 3.73 216 188 69
1000 4.7 4 1.2 3.88 3.37 195 170 78
1500 6.7 5.8 1.9 3.5 3.04 176 153 79
2000 8.1 7 3.25 2.48 2.15 125 109 83
2500 9.3 8 5.4 1.71 1.49 86 75 85
3000 17.5 15.2 6.45 2.71 2.36 137 119 89
3500 25.4 22 7.75 3.27 2.84 165 143 89
4000 30.9 26.8 9.1 3.39 2.95 171 149 89
4500 34.6 30.1 12.2 2.84 2.47 143 124 90
5600 46.2 40.2 23.55 1.96 1.71 99 86 90


Length Overall 24' / 7.32 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,280 lbs.
1,941 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 20-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 7' 7''
2.31 m
Weight Capacity 2,024 lbs.
918 kg
Person Capacity 12
Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
212 L
Water Capacity 11 gal.
42 L


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.5 sec.
0 to 30 8.2 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 3/4 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 90 deg., 80 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp Volvo Penta
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 1 x 300-hp Volvo Penta V8-300 Forward Drive
1 x 350-hp Volvo Penta V8-350 Forward Drive

Captain's Report

Regal 2300 RX Surf

The Regal 23 RX Surf has a LOA of 24’ (7.32 m), a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m) and a draft of 34’’ (.86 m).


Regal’s new 23 RX Surf was designed to be a class leader in wake generation and watersports, but Regal didn’t stop there. They set out to create a “do it all” boat for the active family. They made sure the boat not only performed but had all the amenities needed for safe and fun day on the water for the whole family. This sleek and very “cool” boat builds on the success of the stock 23, adding the RX surf package, which blends a powerful and comfortable boat that is full of creative features.

Interior Inspection

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Pictured is the standard bow seating for the 23 RX Surf. An optional filler cushion is available to transform the entire bow area into a big sun pad.

First, let’s take a look at the bow of the 23RX Surf. Regal has included plush and comfortable seating with adjustable arm rests up front. The company has also included stainless hand rails and cup holders, along with a pair of high-end JL audio marine speakers. Regal worked hard to create a sport wake boat but also wanted to keep with tradition and offer the passengers on board a high-end experience. That is evident in the top-shelf materials they used throughout the interior.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

With any sportboat, storage is a must. Regal holds true to their luxury roots and includes gas struts to hold open the forward storage lockers located under the bow seating.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Regal even covered the anchor locker with its SeaDek non-skid for bow loading. This is the only boat where we have seen SeaDek on the bow.


Regal 2300 RX Surf

The Regal 23 RX Surf with the PowerTower in the full-up position. Putting it in black is smart because it is less intrusive to the eye and matches the blade windshield frame and headers.

Now let’s take a closer look at Regal’s signature PowerTower. This is a standard feature that is included with the RX package and it is a must have for wakeboarding and surfing. Not only does it serve as the tow-point for various watersports, but it supports a clever Bimini top that helps keep the sun off on hot days. Regal included a zipper opening in the middle of the Bimini to access the tow point at the top of the arch. The PowerTower also holds the all-important JL audio speakers for that must have booming sound system that surfers insist is all part of the experience.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Bridge clearance with the PowerTower in the up position is 7’7” (2.31 m), when lowered the boat can get under a bridge with 4’8” (1.42 m) of vertical clearance.

The last and most important feature of the PowerTower is its ability to be hydraulically lowered in case one needs to get under a fixed bridge and that its down position actually creates some protection from the weather in case one gets stuck in a summer shower.


Regal 2300 RX Surf

Regal calls the quarter circle cutout of the side seats “comfort curves” and really opens up the forward facing aft seats, enabling the boater to place their feet firmly on the deck for looking behind at surfers or relaxing in the arena seating environment.

Our test boat included Regal's arena seating and ultraLounges. The interior color scheme is Titanium with blue accents complimenting the RX Surf Exterior graphics package. Stainless grab handles and a cup holder are on both sides of the arena setting. Also notice the optional Seagrass mat on the deck. It stays cool to the touch and will not hold water or deteriorate. A perfect match for a boat that will have multiple people in and out of the water on any given day. It is also soft on bare feet.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

With the exception of the helm seat, Regal has utilized the space under every seat for storage. All openings use the pneumatic gas struts to keep the seats up and out of the way, so guests can use both hands to forage in the locker.


On our test boat, Regal opted to store the wake/surf boards under the port side arena setting. We saw enough room to store all the water toys you are going to need in a day. Regal offers the more traditional racks that are mounted to the PowerTower. But, storing the boards below give the boat a cleaner look, and removes the possibility of damaging the boards in close docking quarters.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

The UltraLounge seating in aft facing lounge configuration. These seat backs fall into three positions – cockpit seating, aft chaise seating and sunning with a lounge.

The aft deck seating

is all part of the “UltraLounges” that have six adjustable seating positions. Ranging from upright to completely flat, creating a sun pad.
If one prefers to be seated facing aft, simply adjust the “UltraLounge” seats to accommodate that position. Again you can be seated in a chaise lounge position; upright or just create a nice flat surface.
Regal paid special attention to the cockpit of this boat, as it wanted not only a capable wakeboat but also wanted to cater to the guests who are still on the boat.

Swim Platform

Regal 2300 RX Surf

To add an even greater level of safety for the people getting on and off the swim platform, in addition to the Volvo Penta Forward Drive, the boarding ladder is moved to the port side, keeping swimmers even further away from the props.

The swim platform features a boarding ladder to the starboard. With only three rungs it may be a bit of a challenge for some larger guests to get back onboard. We were also very impressed with the Grey SeaDeck covering on the swim platform. It had a good balance of being soft and cool to the touch and providing excellent non-skid qualities. This is an important consideration for a boat that will undoubtedly have a high volume of people on and off the deck.

Helm Station

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Moving on to the helm station, Regal created a clean and straight forward helm layout. A nice touch is the use of water tight lever switches for the lights and accessories opposed to the more traditional rocker switches, it gives the 23 RX Surf a sports car feel.

Luxury touches

include the vinyl-wrapped steering wheel and color-coordinated helm covering. The real gem of the helm station is the optional Regal Vue touch screen front and center above the steering wheel. It has customizable engine data, GPS navigation, optional Cruise control and will even record and play video on board to evaluate the last wake/surf boarding session. This is also the control center for setting customized wake generation setting for each person. All three ballast tanks are also controlled from Regal Vue.

Ballast Tanks

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Pictured are the empty aft ballast tanks.

Regal 2300 RX Surf

Each ballast tank holds up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) of additional ballast.

The 23 RX Surf has three ballast tanks, holding up to a total of 1,500 lbs. (680 kg) of water ballast. Not pictured here is the forward tank located under the deck next to the helm seat.
The other two ballast tanks are located aft on either side of the engine. It takes one minute to completely fill the tanks and about the same time to empty them. Each tank has its own pump so it takes the same time to fill or empty them no matter if the owner fills them all at the same time or just one at a time.
This set up makes it easy to dial in each person’s choice of wake size, side of the boat, or sport they are engaged in. Each tank can be filled individually or all at once. The options are endless and will surely find that “sweet spot" for anyone in the family.


Regal 2300 RX Surf

The engine compartment is easily accessible through the electrically actuated hatch.

Our test boat was fitted with the Volvo Penta 300-hp V8 with Forward Drive. Regal also offers a 350-hp version of the same engine. We think the 300-hp version has plenty enough power for most applications. Volvo Penta uses an aluminum block, saving a fair amount of weight. This is Volvo's 5th Generation engine and features Variable Valve Timing for increased mid-level torque and overall fuel economy.

Forward Drive

Regal 2300 RX Surf

The new Volvo Penta Forward Drive.

The Volvo Penta Forward Drive adds to the functionality of the Regal 23 RX Surf. Moving the props from an exposed position on the transom as found on most sterndrive boats, Regal has added an additional 26'' of clearance from surfers in the water. It also routes the exhaust under water to reduce the likelihood of them interfering with the surfer.
Unlike an inboard, the Forward Drive is trimable and provides directional thrust. The only drawback being its inability to trim all the way up. The Forward Drive boat will always draw more than its sterndrive cousins when they are trimmed up.

Creating the “Perfect” Wake

Regal 2300 RX Surf

The 23 RX Surf while creating a right side wave for this rider, lighted LED arrows on the back of the boat let the surfer know what side the wake is being created on.

Underway, the 23 RX Surf is all about making the “perfect” wave to wake surf/board on. Regal has approached this from all sides to create a robust, surfable wake, which is the Surf Trim tab system. If the boat speed is over 15 mph, Regal used its time tested FasTrack hull with the full beam step for added efficiency when not involved in towing sports.

Performance and Handling

Regal 2300 RX Surf

This boat will certainly turn heads on the water with its sleek lines and RX Surf Package graphics.

Regal admittedly did not build this boat to go fast. They did, however, give it all the tools it needs to be one of the best surf boats in its class. The Volvo Penta 300-hp V8 has plenty of low-end torque to pop even the portliest wake surfers out of the water quickly.
It takes a few minutes to get used to the Forward Drive. In a way, it reminds us of some commercial Z-drives. But once the owner understands how it works and realizes that the power is being applied to pull the boat (tractor-style) and not push it, some really amazing things happen.
To say this boat turns like it is on rails is an understatement. She has extreme turning capabilities and can actually run through a water ski slalom course. We have never felt G-forces like this coming from a 24’ (7.32 m) LOA boat.
We got the 23 RX Surf to plane in 3.5 seconds, passed through 20 mph in 5.8 seconds and 30 mph in 8.2 seconds. We achieved a top speed of 46.2 mph at 5600 rpms.
If the watersports toys are staying stored for a day and you just want to take friends and family out for a cruise, we found the best speed to be at 4000 rpms, giving us 30.9 mph and a range of 171 statute miles.


With a base price of $91,870, Regal has nailed all the things needed to create a world-class wake generating boat. She also has a full list of amenities that guests will enjoy during a long day on the water.
Fit-and-finish is top-notch through the whole boat from the upholstery to the ballast tanks. The Regal Vue ballast control system with rider settings stored, makes setting the boat up easy. Even a novice operator should be able to drive this boat and create an impressive wake to ride.
Even when the water toys are stored, we think this boat shines as a general all-around boat for the whole family. Dad can have fun putting it through its paces, Mom can soak up some rays on the bow while the kids can figure out how to do the newest and coolest trick on the surf boards.
This is simply just a fun all-around boat that should bring many enjoyable hours of surf, sun and relaxation to any active family. Best of all, with the Forward Drive there is an extra measure of safety built-in.

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