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Regal 26 OBX (2017-)

1 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L V6 F300XCA

Brief Summary

The new Regal 26 OBX has an extended seating/lounging area forward plus an "Ultralounge" convertible seating/sun pad at the transom. RTM hatches are finished on the inside for ease in maintenance preventing mildew, and Faria fog-free analog gauges add a sporty touch to the dash. Fusion Marine sound with six speakers and Bluetooth is standard. She is one of the few 26' (7.93 m) outboards on the market with a stepped hull for added performance.

Key Features

  • Power Assisted Steering
  • Dual Bow Lounge Seats
  • Fusion Marine Sound - 6 cockpit speakers
  • Stainless Binnacle Control with Safety Lanyard
  • Bow Anchor Locker with Fiberglass Lid
  • Vinyl Ester Barrier Coating
  • Wraparound Swim Platform
  • Oversized Bow Seating

Test Results

600 3.6 3.1 0.6 6 5.2 556 483.7 54
1000 5.4 4.7 1.2 4.5 3.9 417 362.7 67
1500 7.3 6.3 2.1 3.5 3 320 278.3 66
2000 8.7 7.5 3.4 2.6 2.2 239 208.1 72
2500 11.1 9.7 5.4 2.1 1.8 192 167.2 75
3000 15.6 13.6 7.3 2.2 1.9 199 173.4 80
3500 24.7 21.5 8.8 2.8 2.4 260 226.3 84
4000 31.2 27.1 12.2 2.6 2.2 237 206.1 85
4500 37.2 32.3 15.2 2.5 2.1 228 197.9 85
5000 42.4 36.8 19.2 2.2 1.9 204 177.8 86
5500 46.5 40.4 25.3 1.8 1.6 170 148.2 87
5800 50.5 43.9 26.4 1.9 1.7 177 154.2 88


Length Overall 26' 6" / 8.1 m
Beam 8’ 6"
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,750 lbs.
2,155 kg
Tested Weight 5,710 lbs.
2,590 kg
Draft 36"
0.91 m
Deadrise/Transom 21 deg.
Max Headroom Open
Bridge Clearance 8'
2.44 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 103 gal.
390 L
Water Capacity 18 gal.
68 L
Total Weight 5,710 lbs.
2,590 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.2 sec.
0 to 30 9.3 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 7/8 load, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 72 deg., 64 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: 0'

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L V6 F300XCA
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 1 x 250-hp Yamaha V6 4.2L F250XB
1 x 250-hp Yamaha V6 4.2L F250XCA
1 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L V6 F300XCA

Captain's Report

Regal 26 OBX profile

The Regal 26 OBX has an LOA of 26’6” (8.08 m), an 8’6” (2.59) beam, and a max capacity of 12 passengers.


The Regal 26 OBX is an outboard version of the Regal 26 sterndrive FasDeck. She is designed for people who want a deck boat that has outboard power. Because she has a stepped hull, she should outperform conventional designs with the same power.

With a 12-person max capacity, this boat can be used for entertaining, cruising, and watersports -- and probably all on the same day. She is a good alternative to a pontoon boat.

Regal 26 OBX layout

The bird’s-eye view of the 26 OBX’s layout. Note the extended swim platforms for launching watersports.

Major Features
Regal 26 OBX stepped hullRegal 26 OBX stitching

  • Aft “Ultralounge” -- The 26 OBX has a convertible lounge in the transom that offers two distinct seating spaces with a backrest that can adjust to accommodate facing aft or fore and flatten out to create a large sun pad for basking in the elements.
  • Oversized Bow Seating -- With the 26 OBX’s concentrated focus on social, versatile seating spaces, the bow seating is the highlight -- a familiar design feature with added legroom and space for guests.
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel Hardware -- From cleats to rub rails to the stylish windshield, the 26 OBX has high-quality 316 grade stainless steel throughout.
  • Extended Swim Platform -- The swim platform on the 26 OBX’s stern is low-to-the-water and extends on both sides of the outboard to give increased deck space for launching watersports.
  • Lazarette Storage -- When entertaining or setting off for a day of watersports, the ability to stow any number of “just-in-case” items can be a huge benefit. The 26 OBX’s lazarette storage is ample and affords the ability to keep more than just the bare necessities at hand on any excursion.
  • Enhanced Upholstery -- In the 26 OBX, Regal has upgraded the look of its upholstery with more-comfortable contours, diamond stitching, and expanded seating.


The 26 OBX is a luxury deck boat with a stepped hull -- something rarely seen on deck boats.
From bow to stern, Regal has used diamond-patterned stitching to give the boat an upscale look.



Regal 26 OBX ultralounge sun pad

A view of the stern with the aft “ultralounge” in the “down”/sun pad position. Note the backrest can flip up to create two separate settees.

The 26 OBX’s single outboard sits flanked by the swim platform, which is covered by MarineTred non-skid surface. The platform has a walkway in front of the outboard with space for two guests at the same time, one port and one starboard.

The “Ultralounge.” The starboard side of the stern leads to a step-up and access into the ship’s cockpit. The remainder of the transom is taken up by the 26 OBX’s ultralounge, a versatile seating space that can provide versatile relaxation for multiple guests. The port side of this seating is a single seat with a fixed back and a stainless steel cup holder on the gunwale just in reach.

Regal 26 OBX stern

Our test captain easily walks around the stern of the boat from one side to the other thanks to the design which moves the outboard well aft of the flat swim platform.

Regal 26 OBX swim platform

The extended swim platform measures 3’4” (1.02 m) beyond the transom. The connecting walkway is over 1’ (30.5 cm) wide, making for easy transit.

Regal 26 OBX three step ladder

The swim platforms are lower to the water than the re-boarding ladder is under the port platform. It is a three-step ladder and it extends 22” (55.9 cm) under water, as required by ABYC standards.

The central part of the seating is made up of a large, flat, upholstered space split by an adjustable backrest. The backrest, when stood up, creates two distinct settees, with the ability to tilt the backrest to accommodate as needed.

Regal 26 OBX aft bench seat

The aft bench seat is a good place from which to launch watersports as well as a venue from which to watch the sun set.

Regal 26 OBX stern seat compartment

Under the stern seat is a large compartment that can be used for storage or as an ice chest. It drains into the bilge.

Regal 26 OBX chaise position

The “ultralounge” in chaise position for sunning.

Regal 26 OBX versatile seating

The versatile seat masks a number of different positions. Here, we see the back positioned all the way down, resulting in a large sun pad.

The ultralounge extends along the transom, with a connecting seating space wrapping along the remainder of the transom to the portside. The bulkhead has an upholstered backrest above a cut-out with stainless steel grab rails just below it.

Regal 26 OBX flat sun pad

Looking aft, we see how the flat sun pad opens the whole boat up to the stern.


Regal 26 OBX cockpit

A view of the cockpit, showing the expansive seating. Note the “pull” latch under the transom seating, which lifts to reveal the lazarette storage.

Access from the stern to the cockpit comes to starboard along a fiberglass walkway. This walkway has storage accessed via the stainless steel latches flush in the deck.

Forward the access walkway to starboard is a small seating space, extending from just behind the captain’s seat and tapering back to the gunwale at the access point. This seating space lifts to reveal storage.

Regal 26 OBX starboard side cockpit

A view of the starboard side of the cockpit looking forward from the transom. Note the high bolsters on the side which serve as a backrest.

Regal 26 OBX maximized cockpit space

Capt. Steve relaxes in the corner of the cockpit, which has maximized seating space.

Regal 26 OBX storage compartments

With all of the seats removed, we can see the storage compartments on three sides of the cockpit.

Regal 26 OBX ice chest

The transom bench seat drains into the bilge, so it can be used as an ice chest.

Regal 26 OBX lifted

The “ultralounge” lifts up at the push of a button thanks to an electrically-actuated device.

Regal 26 OBX available space

Once lifted up, one can see the space available. Our test captain was actually able to get into this compartment.

Regal 26 OBX scuppers

Scuppers on the side of the compartment drain into the bilge.

Finally, the backrest can be pushed fore and flat down to be flush with the flat space to make a large sun pad. The sun pad can be lifted on either side to reveal storage, with the entire structure lifting to reveal the massive lazarette storage.

Regal 26 OBX cup and rod holder

This clever piece of hardware on the stern is called a “combo” because it serves as both a cup holder and a rod holder.

Regal 26 OBX social seating

A closer look at the portside “social seating” space. The backrest swings fore and aft to reconfigure the seating.

A double-wide seat with an adjustable backrest allows one to sit forward in parallel with the captain or tilted toward the cockpit to engage a more social space. It can also, like the ultralounge, be adjusted to lay flat and flush with the seating in order to make one long, extended lounge space.

Regal 26 OBX companion seating

Capt. Steve demonstrates the ergonomics of the companion seating. The head resides behind the lockable hatch forward.

Regal 26 OBX companion seat storage

Under the companion seat is more storage.

Regal 26 OBX companion seat backrest

With the companion seat back in a down position, the cushion on the head hatch serves as a backrest, thus becoming a chaise or a spotters seat when towing.

Regal 26 OBX access door

There is a well-designed access door to the head which is cut away both at the side and at the top to make it easier to get inside. We see a Porta-Potti here, but an electric flush toilet is optional.

Regal 26 OBX cockpit table

A side-mounted table adds utility to the cockpit. We’d like to see at least one, maybe two, more so that six people could have lunch in the cockpit. This can be easily accomplished in the aftermarket.

Forward, the adjustable double-wide portside seat is the hatch for the optional head, which has a silent electrical flush.


Regal 26 OBX helm features

The helm on the 26 OBX. Note the stainless steel header on the windshield, as well as the Faria gauges on the forward wood panel above the steering wheel.

Regal 26 OBX console screen

A single, multi-purpose screen has been fitted in the console, which has all controls easily at hand.

Helm Seat. The 26 OBX features a double-wide helm seat with flip-up bolster and premium upholstery. The helm has a simple, streamlined design with a roadster style, wrapped steering wheel, tabs to the starboard side, and chartplotter/gauges above on the faux wood surfaced panel.

The helm features Faria gauges which, besides being very stylish on the wood panel, are fog-resistant and easy to read. The 26 OBX also comes standard with digital depth sounder, 12-volt accessory plug, and a stainless steel binnacle throttle control on the starboard bulkhead, ergonomically placed for the captain’s right hand.

Regal 26 OBX lowered power tower

When the power tower is lowered, there is still room at the helm with the captain standing to operate the boat in order to get it under a bridge.


Regal 26 OBX acrylic doors

Two acrylic doors close the passageway to the bow.

Regal 26 OBX bow seating

The bow seating section features a more spacious footprint typical of deck boats.

Regal 26 OBX hardware insert

Here we can see the hardware insert for the side-mounted table.

Regal 26 OBX struts

Seating opens on gas-assist struts to access storage.

Access to the bow on the 26 OBX comes down the middle through the windshield via a hinged “door.” The stainless steel windshield header is a step above the industry norm of anodized aluminum, and curves elegantly off to the port and starboard sides in single pieces.

Regal 26 OBX lunch table

The table can seat four for a light lunch.

The bow is lined with plush bolsters all around the space. The footwell is roomier than this familiar design pattern normally yields, though it isn’t revolutionary in this regard.

The seating wraps around in a “U” shape, with forward-facing backrests on the port and starboard sides accompanied by adjustable armrests. Just below the bolsters on each side are stainless steel grab rails and stereo speakers.

Regal 26 OBX wide seating

Kids love to sit forward, but seating is wide enough for large adults. There is a single grab handle in the cutout abaft the speaker.

Regal 26 OBX lumbar support

The backrests on the 26 OBX have double-stitched diamond patterns on the lumbar support.

Regal 26 OBX helm console storage

Storage in the helm console is accessed by pulling up the seat back.

Storage. Just as in the cockpit and transom, the seating in the bow lifts to reveal more storage. These storage spaces throughout the 26 OBX are Resin Transfer Molded fiberglass, providing super strength and reliability.

Forward the seating in the bow is the anchor locker, which has a latch and a flush “door” in hinges, keeping the anchor in a dedicated space away from other, more delicate, boat functions and spaces.

Regal 26 OBX reboarding ladder

Every deck boat has a beach re-boarding ladder; this is the one on the 26 OBX. The locker below is for the anchor.


The 26 OBX has three options for its single outboard engine:

  • 250 hp Yamaha V6 4.2L F250XB
  • 250 hp Yamaha V6 4.2L F250XCA
  • 300 hp Yamaha 4.2L V6 F300XCA


Choice of Outboard. Regal offers the option to purchase the 26 OBX “blank,” without one of their Yamaha power options installed. This allows the owner to have the outboard brand of choice.

Regal 26 OBX top speed

The 26 OBX handled well and had a top speed of over 50 mph.


Our test boat was powered by a Yamaha 4.2 L V6 F300XCA outboard. With 90% of fuel load aboard, two people, and 50 lbs. (22.7 kg) of equipment, our test boat weighed an estimated 5,710 lbs. (2,590 kg). Test conditions were calm and the temperature was 72 degrees.

We recorded her top speed at 50.5 mph. Her best cruise was at 3500 rpm, where she went 24.7 mph and burned 8.8 gph, getting 2.8 statute miles per gallon. That gave her a range of 260 statute miles.

Time to plane was 3.2 seconds. Zero to 20 was clocked at 6.2 seconds, and 0-to-30 was 9.3 seconds.

Regal 26 OBX running shot

Options to Consider

  • Power-Assisted Hydraulic Steering
  • Head with Silent Electric Flush, Overboard Discharge, and Pump-Out Fittings
  • Transom Shower/Washdown
  • Trim Tabs
  • Bow & Cockpit Cover
  • PowerTower in White/Black
  • Bow Filler Cushion for Conversion to Sun Pad
  • Teak Cockpit Table
  • Cockpit Carpet/Seagrass Mat
  • Stainless Steel Rod Holders
  • Stereo & Lighting Package



Regal offers a Limited Lifetime Hull warranty.


Regal 26 OBX family boating experience

The Regal 26 OBX is an outboard, excursion-ready boat well-tailored for the family-boating experience.

The Regal 26 OBX is unusual, as she is a deck boat with a stepped hull with a luxury package inside. She is large enough to use both in large lakes and for coastal cruising, which separates her from many deck boats which have low freeboard and are wet. As the kids grow older, they are not as likely to grow out of this boat as they might a boat that is 22’ (6.71 m) or smaller. Because she is trailerable, she can go to larger bodies of water as captain and crew become more comfortable.

Regal has been building sportboats for decades, and it knows what it is doing. The result is a vessel with systems that are reliable and installations that use industry best practices. Regal boats generally score well among owners that are BoatTEST members.

Regal 26 OBX high freeboard

The Regal 26 OBX has a relatively high freeboard for a deck boat her size.

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