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Regal LS4 Surf (2019-)

1 x 350-hp Volvo Penta V8 350 FWD Catalyst

Brief Summary

The Regal LS4 Surf is a sport bowrider that the builder has positioned to the thrill of tow sports and the acrobatic excitement of wakesurfing. The boat has ample, versatile seating in the cockpit and bow area, large lockers, a stereo system, a stepped hull, and a sleek profile. To that Regal has added a water-ballast system and a Volvo Penta Forward Drive propulsion system to increase the appeal to wakesurfers, in addition to waterskiers and wakeboarders.

Key Features

  • Power assisted steering
  • Double wide social seat
  • Double wide helm seat
  • MarineTred non-skid
  • Helm with blue back-lit dash
  • Pop-up stainless ski tow
  • Transom with dual multi-position UltraLounges, a low-to-the-water swim platform, and 2 fold-away rumble seats
  • PowerTower canvas sunshade

Test Results

660 3.7 3.2 0.9 4.4 3.8 219 190.8 61
1000 5.5 4.7 1.5 3.8 3.3 189 164.7 66
1500 7.3 6.3 2.2 3.4 3 171 148.8 71
2000 8.5 7.3 3.7 2.3 2 115 100.1 77
2500 11.6 10.1 5.4 2.2 1.9 109 95 82
3000 22.6 19.7 6.2 3.6 3.2 184 159.8 83
3500 29 25.2 8 3.6 3.1 182 158.6 83
4000 34.7 30.1 10 3.5 3 175 151.9 85
4500 39.9 34.7 13.5 3 2.6 149 129.5 87
5000 45.8 39.8 17 2.7 2.3 136 117.9 88
5500 50.6 44 23.5 2.2 1.9 109 94.4 86
6000 54.2 47.1 27.5 2 1.7 99 86.3 89


Length Overall 24’ 2'' / 7.37 m
Beam 8’ 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,600 lbs.
2,087 kg
Tested Weight 5,198 lbs.
2,358 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 22-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 7' 9''
2.36 m (max)
Person Capacity 13
Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
212 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 5,198 lbs.
2,358 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.5 sec.
0 to 30 8.4 sec.
Ratio 2.32:1
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 3/5 fuel, no water, no gear
Climate 82 deg., 86 humid; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 350-hp Volvo Penta V8 350 FWD Catalyst
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 6.2 300 DTS Catalyst
1 x 350-hp MerCruiser 6.2 350 DTS Catalyst
1 x 300-hp Volvo Penta V8 300 DP Catalyst
1 x 350-hp Volvo Penta V8 350 EVC Catalyst

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Regal LS4 Surf forward drive

With Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive and 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) of ballast, the Regal LS4 Surf is a serious wakesurfing machine.


Regal Marine’s engineers designed the LS4 Surf to be a luxury wakesurf boat that offers optimum passenger space and stowage in a boat that targets serious wakesurfing enthusiasts who want the luxury and amenities for which this Orlando-based boatbuilder is known. The surf designation also gives owners a broader choice of graphics and colors to give the boat a snazzier look.

Regal LS4 Surf layout

The LS4 Surf offers seat backrests that can be adjusted to myriad positions.

Distinguishing Features

Forward Drive. Forward Drive is Volvo Penta’s forward-facing DuoProps on the lower unit of a sterndrive. The result is that the props are 26” further forward than where they would be if they were facing aft on the lower unit as they are on conventional designs. This means that the props are 26” further away from a surfer and that there is the lower unit housing between the surfer and the props. The result is a relatively safe design for wake surfing – something that should never be done with a conventional sterndrive or outboard.

Increased Space. The LS4 Surf has 11 percent more seating space, according to Regal, with a 6” (15.2 cm) wider interior space and 31 percent more storage capacity than previous models.

PowerTower. The watersports tower folds down with the push of a button, but what sets it apart from others is that it does so in a position that lets the captain still drive the boat.

Regal LS4 Surf

It may look like an awkward position, but for passing under bridges, it’s important the folded tower allows the captain room at the helm to operate the boat.

Four Forward-Facing Helm Seats. Double-wide seats with bolsters are placed at the helm and on the port side, something that is unusual in this type of tow boat.

Removable Ballast System. 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) of ballast can be added to rubber sacks that can also be pulled out quickly if cruising is the order of the day.

FASTRAC Hull Design. Regal says this single-step bottom improves efficiency, ride, and overall performance. While in tow mode, the stepped hull makes no difference, but when the boat is in “sportboat” mode, top speed and fuel efficiency will become more important.

Regal LS4 Surf hull

Here we see the cushion of air that the FASTRAC hull creates when the boat is running.

Features Inspection

The Cockpit

Wakesurfing is as much a social activity as it is an athletic pursuit so Regal made it a priority to provide as much interior space as possible. The cockpit has port and starboard lounges with forward and aft convertible backrests for maximum versatility. The aft backrests can be set so passengers can face aft to watch the action on the water or face forward for the cruise to the restaurant for dinner.

The helm and companion seats have the same type of backrest, and between them are long lounges that have space for an adult to stretch out facing aft or a crowd can pack the cockpit with passengers facing inboard. The gap between the cockpit lounges is 34” (.86 m) wide.

Regal LS4 Surf cockpit

With nearly 3’ (.91 m) of space between the lounges, the cockpit has plenty of space for folks to move about and the grass mat feels good underfoot.

Regal LS4 Surf aft lounges

Here we see the aft lounges with the backrests adjusted for forward-facing travel.

Regal LS4 Surf lounges

The backrests are now set for aft-facing travel and notice the substantial steel rails on top of the seat.

Outboard on each side, the gunwales have padded bolsters, plus stainless steel grabrails, cupholders, and speakers. Another focal point for Regal on the LS4 Surf was an upscale feel and that’s evident in the upholstery details with contrasting-color piping, top-quality French stitching, and a textured diamond pattern. Overhead, the tower is 6’7” (2.0 m) off the deck, is equipped with LED lights and Fusion speakers to go with the Apollo stereo.

Regal LS4 Surf tower speakers

Speakers on the tower help keep the tunes going throughout the cockpit.

Regal LS4 Surf led lights

LED lights are recessed into the underside of the tower and the access plate lets owners check on the fastening hardware for the towrope attachment point.

Regal LS4 Surf cup holders

We see cupholders, grabrails, and speakers in the gunwales, but one thing is missing — USB connectivity.

Regal LS4 Surf upholstery

Regal creates its upholstery in house, and the details and craftsmanship are evident.

Regal LS4 Surf cockpit scuppers

Cockpit scuppers are well positioned aft but we wouldn’t mind seeing less restrictive grates on them. They can easily be clogged by debris.

Cockpit stowage is primarily located beneath the lounge cushions on each side in the cockpit. The cushions raise on gas-assist rams to provide hands-free access to large lockers. The bottom cushion on the companion seat also pulls out to make it easier to get to accessories at the front of the compartment. In the starboard compartment, there’s a 25-quart cooler and a battery with plenty of leftover space for gear.

Regal LS4 Surf cooler

A cooler will easily eat up space in the cockpit so Regal provides space for it in the cockpit lounge bases.

Surf features in the form of rubber ballast bladders are housed in some of the lockers. In the center of the cockpit deck, the ski locker has a 1,000 lb. (454 kg) bladder and there are two 500 lb. (226.8 kg) sacks under the aft lounges.

Regal LS4 Surf ski locker

There’s 1,000 lbs. (455 kg) of ballast in the ski locker and it can be removed if needed.

Regal LS4 Surf ballast

In each aft corner are 500-lb. (227 kg) ballast bladders. Fill one or the other for a left- or right-hand wake.

The Engine and Lower Unit

The aft lounges and walkthrough can be raised on gas struts to provide a look at the Volvo Penta 350 V-8 catalyzed engine, which is matched to the Volvo Penta Forward Drive. This engine block is made by GM and comes with direct cylinder fuel injection which is generally more fuel efficient than most multi-port intake manifold injection systems on the market. Volvo Penta marinizes these engines and works with each builder to ensure proper installation.

Regal LS4 Surf engine

We like that there are composite partitions on each side to ensure that the ballast bladders don’t contact with hot engine parts.

Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive uses a forward-facing, contra rotating dual-prop configuration similar to what the company used on its IPS pod-drive system used on larger boats. Volvo Penta says the forward-facing propellers get better performance in clean water. The setup on the LS4 Surf positions the propellers even farther from the stern area where swimmers and wake-sports participants may be but is still trim-able to some degree.

The obvious disadvantage of the forward facing props is that they cannot be tilted out of the water as with conventional, aft-facing prop units. This means that while they are fine in freshwater, in saltwater they should be hauled out after use and not be left in the brine for extended periods. Also, since they are forward facing, the lower unit will not bounce up harmlessly if the bottom is hit.

While it may seem as if by tilting the front of the unit down, it might create greater wake, this is not the case. The unit operates just fine at normal trim angles.

Regal LS4 Surf drive

The Volvo Penta Forward Drive puts the power where boaters want it, away from swimmers and wakeboarders.

The Stern

Moving aft from the cockpit, there’s a 14” (35.6 cm) wide passage between the two aft “UltraLounges” to the LS4 Surf’s swim platform, which is a 12” (30.48 cm) step down to water level. The platform is 2’3” (68.58 cm) long and spans the width of the boat. The walkway and platform on our test boat were covered in SeaDek foam.

Regal LS4 Surf swim platform

The swim platform is near water level and covered in SeaDek foam so it won’t scratch boards like conventional nonskid would. Note that it extends past the lower unit.

To starboard are the stereo remote and trim switch and to port there’s a stainless steel grabrail. Of course, there are twin speakers on the transom. There are recessed cup holders for each aft lounge and outboard of the port lounge is a pull-up shower.

Regal LS4 Surf stereo

The remotes for the stereo and the drive trim are to starboard on the transom.

Regal LS4 Surf transom seats

We like the rails on the backrests. Rails are not put along the sides of the aft-facing seats as they are never to be used when the boat is underway.

Regal LS4 Surf tow pylon

The retractable tow pylon in the stern passageway provides an alternative attachment point for towlines for activities like tubing.

The Helm

The helm is equipped with a pair of displays that preclude the need for traditional analog gauges. Located on the upper panel of the helm dashboard, these two touchscreen displays can be set up to display course, engine functions, and/or towsports functions. The dash panel is recessed beneath an upholstered brow that cuts some of the glare and gives the helm an upscale feel.

To port of the tilt steering wheel is a stowage compartment, and to starboard is an accessory switch panel. On the starboard bulwarks, the digital shift and throttle control has settings that make it easier to maintain consistent speeds for surfing. The seat has a fold-up bolster and is double wide so a companion can join the driver. To port, the companion seat is the same width and has a glovebox forward in the dash.

Regal LS4 Surf helm seat

The driver’s seat features the same detailed upholstery work and it’s wide enough for two people.

Regal LS4 Surf glass dash

The dash is free of analog gauges and the wrapped steering wheel is hand-stitched.

Regal LS4 Surf digital controls

The digital controls are smooth to operate and have a number of presets that can be activated with the push of a button.

Regal LS4 Surf accessory switches

The accessory switches are clearly labeled and illuminate when activated.

Regal LS4 Surf companion seat

The companion seat, shown here, and the driver’s seat both have fold-up bolsters.

Regal LS4 Surf dash

The port-side dash has the Fusion Apollo stereo, twin beverage holders and a locking glovebox.

The Bow

The passageway to the LS4 Surf’s bow is 22” (55.9 cm) wide. The area is set up for forward-facing travel with comfortably angled backrests built into the forward ends of each of the consoles and are equipped with fold-down armrests on the inboard sides of the seats.

Regal LS4 Surf bow

The LS4 Surf’s bow is deep enough that an adult will feel comfortable sitting in the forward section.

Regal LS4 Surf arm rest

The fold-down armrest adds a comfort touch, and check out the finish on the heavy-duty stainless steel hinge.

There is 20” (50.8 cm) of space between the seats and Regal provides a filler cushion to turn the area into a playpen or sunlounge. As we saw in the cockpit, there are cup holders, grab handles, and speakers in the gunwales. There’s stowage under the lounge cushions outboard on each side, plus an anchor locker in the foredeck.

Regal LS4 Surf bow storage

The bow cushions open on gas struts so passengers can use both hands to retrieve gear.

Foredeck hardware is well executed with a latching locker door, flip-up navigation light, and a pair of beefy mooring cleats to either side. We wouldn’t mind seeing a hanger for the anchor, or a gas-assist strut to help hold open the anchor locker hatch. The bow tow ring is backed by a substantial stainless scuff plate.

Regal LS4 Surf anchor locker

Regal provides dedicated anchor storage in the foredeck.

Regal LS4 Surf bow hard ware

The LS4 Surf comes with a bow scuff plate, cleats, and a flip-up navigation light.


The Regal LS4 Surf measures 24’2” (7.37 m) LOA with an 8’6” (2.59 m) beam, and is powered with the 350-hp Volvo Penta V8 350 matched to the Volvo Penta Forward Drive sterndrive unit. With two people, 38 gallons (144 L) of fuel and the ballast bags empty, our test boat had an estimated test weight of 5,198 lbs. (2,358 kg).

We recorded a top speed of 54.2 mph at 6000 rpm. Best cruise came at 3000 rpm, where we saw 22.6 mph and burned 6.2 gph, which translates to 3.6 mpg and a range of 184 statute miles with 10 percent of the boat’s 56-gallon (212 L) fuel capacity in reserve.

Regal LS4 Surf running

With her single-step hull and trim-able drive, the LS4 Surf still gets up and runs like a bowrider when she’s not loaded down with ballast.

Wake surfing speeds of 11.6 mph came at 2500 rpm where the boat turned 5.4 gph and got 2.2 mpg, which means riders can surf for 109 miles before needing to gas up. Of course, this is with the ballast bladders empty. Fill them up with 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) of water and it will make a difference in efficiency.

In acceleration tests, the LS4 Surf planed in 3.5 seconds and ran to 20 mph in 5.9 seconds and to 30 mph in 8.4 seconds.

Regal LS4 Surf

Get a closer look at that Volvo Penta Forward Drive, tucked beneath the swim platform, with forward-facing props.


With calm lake conditions, we couldn’t comment on the LS4 Surf’s ride in chop, but she crossed another boat’s wakes smoothly. A dry ride is enhanced by the 3’5” (1.04 m) topsides height aft and 3’10” (1.17 m) forward. The weight of one driver only caused a slight lean that was easily handled with a touch of opposite tab.

Regal LS4 Surf running

The Regal LS4 Surf can plane out in under four seconds.

With the Forward Drive, the handling response to turns is quick. The combination of drive trim, ballast, and trim tabs let the driver fine-tune the wake so this is a more versatile boat than an inboard version that can’t be trimmed.

Regal LS4 Surf running

The LS4 Surf turned predictably and transitioned smoothly from side to side when we crossed our photo boat’s wakes.


$128,435 MSRP.


The Regal LS4 Surf is a viable alternative to inboard-powered wakesports boats. The ability to add 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) of ballast, the Forward Drive, and trim tabs let the driver shape the wakes for myriad on-water activities.

When it’s time to just go for a ride, though, the ballast can be emptied and the boat will get up and run like a sportboat. It will take waves better than an inboard that can’t be trimmed and the LS4 Surf’s taller hullsides and deeper cockpit will provide a more comfortable ride for a family. Specialize inboard-powered tow boats are a one-trick pony – but the Regal LS4 Surf can tow, cruise, and do coastal work with confidence.

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