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Regal 33 SAV (2019-)

2 x 300-hp Yamaha F300XCA

Brief Summary

The Regal 33 SAV has a main deck with various gathering areas designed for a range of onboard activities. The acronym in her name stands for Sports Activity Vessel and she’s ready to help family and guests to fish, dive, or enjoy tow sports – or cruise. She also has spots for lounging or entertaining guests, with seats that unfold or transform into sun pads, and a hardtop design with a large windshield that adds shelter while not limiting the flow of guests between onboard spaces. The 33 SAV is also equipped for overnighting, with berths to accommodate two couples.

Key Features

  • Asymmetrical design with side deck passageway
  • Hardtop with full windshield
  • Refreshment center with refrigerator, sink, and grill
  • Cockpit dive door
  • Swim platform with outboard reboarding ladder
  • 20-gal. (76 L) livewell
  • In-deck fishbox that doubles as dive-tank or fender stowage

Test Results

600 3.8 3.3 1.3 2.9 2.5 584 507.9 51
1000 5.8 5 2.5 2.4 2.1 479 416.9 59
1500 7.8 6.8 4 2 1.7 395 343.4 66
2000 9.5 8.2 6.7 1.4 1.2 286 248.4 72
2500 10.3 9 10.8 1 0.8 194 168.7 76
3000 13.3 11.5 13.9 1 0.8 193 167.9 79
3500 17.3 15 18.5 0.9 0.8 189 164.7 81
4000 31.2 27.1 22.5 1.4 1.2 281 244.7 80
4500 36.9 32 30.5 1.2 1.1 245 212.7 80
5000 41.2 35.8 38 1.1 0.9 220 190.9 82
5500 44.8 38.9 40.3 1.1 1 225 195.8 82
5800 48.6 42.3 52.2 0.9 0.8 189 163.9 82


Length Overall 34' 2'' / 10.41 m
Beam 10' 4''
3.15 m
Dry Weight 11,750 lbs.
5,330 kg
Tested Weight 12,458 lbs.
5,651 kg
Draft 35''
.89 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 10' 9''
3.28 m
Fuel Capacity 225 gal.
852 L
Water Capacity 38 gal.
144 L
Total Weight 12,458 lbs.
5,651 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.3 sec.
0 to 30 9.5 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 17T 15 1/2 Saltwater Series 2
Load 2 persons, 1/4 fuel, no water, no gear
Climate 86 deg., 85 humid; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: <0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Yamaha F300XCA
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 2 x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L F300XCA
2 x 350-hp Yamaha 5.3L F350XCA

Captain's Report

Contents of Report

Regal 33 SAV running

The Regal 33 SAV is an ambitious bowrider with lots of features that simplify a wide variety of onboard activities.

Regal 33 SAV layout

The Regal 33 SAV combines a variety of design features in one activity-oriented package.


The Regal 33 SAV is loaded with features to appeal to boaters who like to spend their time on the water doing a range of different activities. It’s no wonder then, that SAV stands for Sports Activity Vessel and she’s a crossover design that combines bow seating, a versatile cockpit, and space belowdecks for overnighting.

With a boat like this, the power and speed of outboards just make sense, especially when we consider the additional onboard space that results from putting the engines on the transom.

Regal 33 SAV running

The Regal 33 SAV has a slightly bow-high running attitude, as is proper.

Distinguishing Features

  • • Outboard power
  • • Walk-across swim platform
  • • Hullside door
  • • Hardtop
  • • Asymmetrical helm console design


The Regal 33 SAV has a LOA of 34’2” (10.41 m), a beam of 10’4” (3.15 m), and a draft of 35" (89 cm). With an empty weight of 11,750 lbs. (5,330 kg), one-quarter load of fuel and two people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 12,458 lb. (5,651 kg).

WOT Speed. With the twin 300-hp Yamaha F300 engines turning 17T 15 ½ Saltwater Series II propellers and spooled up to 5800 rpm, we reached our top speed of 48.6 mph.

Best cruise was measured at 4000 rpm and 31.2 mph. It was at that speed that the 22.5 gph fuel burn translated into 1.4 mpg and a range of 281 statute miles, all while still holding back a 10-percent reserve of the boat’s 225-gallon (852 L) total fuel capacity.

Regal 33 SAV running

The Regal 33 SAV has an inboard lean on gradual turns that helps give her operator confidence.

Hole Shot Times. She reached planing speed in an average 3.3 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 5.8 and 30 came and went in 9.5.


She’s a boat that is easy to drive and remains comfortable regardless of how heavy-handed we got. She rolls a comfortable 14-degrees into the turns. For safety, there’s 33” (84 cm) of cockpit depth, and notice the 7” (17.78 cm) caprail extension that brings the amidships topsides up to 6’6" (1.98 m) above the waterline.

Regal 33 SAV running

The Regal 33 SAV cut through the wake of our camera boat and stayed dry.

Regal 33 SAV running

One gets a sense of the design of the Regal 33 SAV, from her asymmetrical hardtop and wide windshield to her high bulwarks and the multiple strakes of her running surface.

Features Inspection

As a day boat, the Regal 33 SAV has many features for those who may not intend to take her cruising and overnight aboard.

Swim Platform

Regal will power the 33 SAV with either twin 300- or 350-hp Yamaha outboards. The installation is in a minimalist engine well that is clear of excess rigging and deep enough to allow the engines to tilt fully out of the water.

At the stern, Regal did not let her outboard power interfere with a full-beam swim platform. Other builders have simply added extended swim platforms to either side of the outboards, but this one has a walkable section across the middle.

The long outboard platforms extend 2’10” (0.86 m) abaft the bulwarks, and there’s a pull-up cleat on the end of each. There’s also a cleat mounted vertically on the aft end of the bulwarks to either side for mooring. Two shore-power connections and a TV hookup are on the inboard side of the port aft bulwarks.

There are five optional rod holders mounted across the aft side of the transom. Under a hatch on the outboard side of the starboard swim platform is a folding stainless steel four-step reboarding ladder. ABYC specifies a re-boarding ladder that extends 22” (.56 m) into the water. We liked the outboard location of the ladder (away from the engines) and the molded-in handle in the hatch lid, which will help someone in the water to deploy that ladder by giving them something to grab.

Regal 33 SAV outboards

There’s room to walk around the outboards without having to put a foot in the splashwell, a smart design that will help ensure proper outboard checks are done.

Regal 33 SAV stern ladder

The stern boarding ladder is situated on the outboard side of the starboard swim platform.

Regal 33 SAV remote

A remote for the stereo, a freshwater pull-out shower, and a courtesy light are all built into the inboard side of the bulwark abaft the transom. And in case you missed it, the bulwark is molded to serve as steps for boarding from a fixed pier.


This is a versatile cockpit that stays true to the intended mission of the 33 SAV: activities. To enter the cockpit from the swim platform, there’s a starboard gate that is held open with a magnetic catch.

The entry is 20” (51 cm) wide and there’s a 6” (15.24 cm) step up. The cockpit measures 4’7” fore and aft by 6’8’ (1.40 m by 2.03 m) wide and presents an open layout for added versatility. There is a large in-deck locker for dry stowage with a gasketed lid with aft hinges and gas-assist rams to hold it open. Dedicated stowage for the optional bow table is on the underside of the hatch lid, and the genset is in this space as well.

An optional 35-gallon (133 L) fishbox is in the sole, located just forward, and is plumbed with a macerator and drains overboard. The standard storage compartment is also designed to stow four dive tanks, or even large fenders. Both boxes are served by the same drainage gutters.

Regal 33 SAV cockpit

By not cluttering up the cockpit, Regal can add large hatches in the sole. Note the padded aft bolster, which has a fold-out seat along the transom.

Regal 33 SAV sea keeper

If one were to spec an optional Seakeeper gyro stabilizer on this boat, this aft locker is where it would be placed.

A flip-out bench is recessed into the transom. There’s an optional 20-gallon (76 L) baitwell in the aft port quarter of the cockpit. It’s insulated to serve as a cooler, and is painted blue inside and has rounded corners to help keep bait healthy. It’s got a clear, gasketed lid that latches so it can be pressurized.

Regal 33 SAV aft seating

The exterior seating is finished with Spradling vinyl and has detailed stitching with diamond-pattern accents.

Regal 33 SAV bait well

The 20-gallon (76 L) baitwell is ready for anglers but it can also serve as a cooler and it’s deep enough to stow a pair of fenders out of the way.

A fixed, molded-in lounge is positioned to starboard with a padded coaming bolster that acts as a backrest, and there’s also an angled backrest positioned at the forward end, allowing chaise-style lounging. There’s stowage underneath the middle cushion. Beverage holders are in the caprails, and they serve double-duty as rod holders.

Regal 33 SAV chaise

This bench doubles as a chaise-style seat and is just the spot for relaxing in the cockpit with friends or alone. It is the perfect spot for spotting wakeboarders.

Regal 33 SAV locker

A locker in the seat keeps gear handy and has a gas-assist ram.

To port in the cockpit there’s a hullside dive door that’s standard. It closes with a stainless steel latch and gasket, and, when it’s open, it recesses into a bulwarks cutout.

Regal 33 SAV coaming pad

There’s no coaming pad on the dive door on the port side of the cockpit, nor is there a place to affix a side-mounted dive ladder.

Regal 33 SAV side door

The side door also serves as convenient dock access.

Forward in the cockpit is a refreshment center with an optional drawer-style refrigerator and a Corian counter with an optional barbecue grill and sink set into it beneath hinged lids. There are two drawers on the port side, while there’s a trash receptacle to starboard.

Regal 33 SAV grill

Lids over the sink and optional grill ensure there’s plenty of counter space in the cockpit. The stainless steel refrigerator is optional.

Regal 33 SAV drawers

The standard drawers can stow lures and terminal tackle or kitchen tools as needed.

Regal 33 SAV lower drawer

The lowest “drawer” is actually a fold-down cover for the battery switches.

The Hardtop

The standard hardtop has an asymmetrical design that may catch boaters off guard at first from some angles, but when we look at the design as a whole, we see how many smart features have been incorporated. The hardtop is molded and finished top and bottom with gelcoat.

Regal 33 SAV

The hardtop’s angled supports and built-in windshield and side windows create a rugged structure that shelters the helm deck.

Supports aft that bracket the refreshment center have integrated polished stainless steel grab handles, convenient for the chef or standing passengers in the cockpit to hang on. Between the supports there is a hatch that conceals a drop down 28” (71 cm) TV that can also be linked to the helm display.

Regal 33 SAV hardtop

When hardtop supports are as rugged as this, they’re hard to grab, but Regal added some rails of a more manageable diameter.

Regal 33 SAV cockpit crew

The cockpit crew can check out the helm display on the TV. We see a great application for the fishfinder display here to improve angling success.

The hardtop has LED spreader lights aft to illuminate the cockpit for low-light conditions for fishing or entertainment, and fore and aft speakers make sure everyone can hear the tunes. Optional integrated telescoping outriggers make it easy to put out a world-class trolling spread.

Regal 33 SAV hard top

The hardtop is substantial and finely finished, and supports a pair of outriggers and other features fishermen and non-anglers will appreciate.

The forward hardtop supports are integrated into the helm console and there’s a wide, integrated, single-pane windshield with an electrically actuated vent at the top. A single wiper at the bottom clears the starboard side of the windshield for the helmsman.

Regal 33 SAV wind shield

The windshield vent opens with an electric ram and offers ventilation for the helm running on hot days, or on breezy days at anchor.

Side Deck

The Regal 33 SAV is definitely not a center console, and nowhere is that more apparent than when making the transition from cockpit to bow. Her asymmetrical layout provides an 18-inch-wide (45.7 cm) side deck to port to allow transitions fore and aft, with no hardtop supports outboard.

From the cockpit there is a 6” (.15 m) step up onto what amounts to an elevated helm deck, and the bulwarks increase in height as well, with padded coaming bolsters all the way forward. The side deck is protected by the 6’10” (2.08 m) high extended hardtop overhead. The hardtop supports are integrated into the cabin sides, which is very tidy, but we would like to see a grab handle on one side of this deck or the other, even with the 33” high bulwarks that exceed boatbuilding standards.

Regal 33 SAV side deck

This side deck walkway also has four under-gunwale rod racks.

Regal 33 SAV wash downs

Also on the side deck, pressurized raw- and freshwater washdowns are available as pull-out hoses, which helps keep everything tidy as well as clean.


At the forward end of this side deck there’s a 5” (15.24 cm) step down into the footwell for the seating in the bow. U-shaped seating offers many options, including a forward-facing two-across seat with a flip armrest across the front of the deckhouse.

The wraparound bolsters on the coamings act as backrests to the bow seat for two, which connects to the starboard side bench. There’s a bow rail atop the covering boards on each side of the bow, in accordance with ABYC specification.

Beneath the bolsters are four beverage holders and two grab handles, well recessed so as not to interfere with the comfort. There is stowage under the forward and side seats. Remember: The bow tabletop stowed in the locker in the cockpit.

Regal 33 SAV bow seating

The bow seating area has a step down as we enter from the side deck, indicated by the green arrow.

Regal 33 SAV bow storage

The base for the bow table stanchion has dedicated stowage on the lid of the starboard locker.


The foredeck is finished with nonskid and has a bow navigation light, cleats for tying up and a pair of beverage holders serving the bow seating. There’s a hatch concealing an optional windlass leading to a through the stem anchor roller and an optional polished plow-style anchor. A cleat is provided for securing the rode and there is rode access to the starboard side, along with a master power switch and up-and-down control for the windlass.

Regal 33 SAV fore deck

The foredeck area is handy to the anchor locker, where one can kneel on the forward seat to deploy or recover the anchor.

Regal 33 SAV windlass

The optional Lewmar windlass is prominently placed and the snubber is a good addition, as is access to the rode locker.


The helm is amidships with a starboard wheel position. The soft-touch dash is upholstered in vinyl that is lightly colored to reduce glare, but we’d like to see it much darker. There is no compass on this helm.

The helm-dash panel on our test boat had two 12” (30.5 cm) Garmin multifunction displays, and one is standard. Below the electronics are a pair of air-conditioning vents flanking a steering wheel mounted on a tilt base. The wheel is wrapped and has an integrated steering knob.

Rocker switches for electrical systems and a VHF are below and to port, and the ignitions and engine starts are to starboard. The Yamaha engine display is to starboard, and along the starboard side is a horizontal panel housing the optional bow thruster joystick, the engine controls, and the trim tab controls.

Regal 33 SAV helm

The helm is positioned to starboard and the sliding companionway door is to port.

Regal 33 SAV dash

The helm dashboard is clean thanks to a pair of large Garmin touchscreen displays.

Regal 33 SAV panel

The lower panel of the helm is a useful spot to place rockers and the VHF…

Regal 33 SAV dash

We’d like to see the bottom row of the dash reconfigured to get that equipment out of range of the knees when the footrest is used.

Regal 33 SAV cooler

An insulated cooler is positioned just aft, plumbed for drainage and convenient to both the helm and cockpit. Captains will welcome this feature to keep cold beverages handy.

Three people get individual seats at the helm, each equipped with its own flip-up bolster and flip-down, powder-coated armrests with laser detailing. Regal paid close attention to the upholstery with Spradling vinyl with diamond-patterned hand-stitched details and custom embroidery. The same attention to detail in the upholstery is present. A footrest is molded into the console and a drop-down wooden platform elevates the shorter operators.

Regal 33 SAV helm seatRegal 33 SAV foot rest

A fold-out footrest adds comfort to the companion seats, and that’s a Yeti cooler beneath the seats on a pull-out tray. Notice the drop-down wooden platform that can be used to improve the operator’s lines of sight.

Regal 33 SAV helm

The helm has excellent ergonomic design. Notice there’s a grabrail on the hardtop support.

Regal 33 SAV running

The helm is perched in a prominent spot with excellent sightlines all around the Regal 33 SAV.

Regal 33 SAV grab rail

There’s a grabrail on the port-side hardtop support as well to allow an observer to hang on.

For Overnighting

For boaters who want to cruise the Regal 33 SAV and spend the night on board, the area has an amidships berth that measures 94” by 66” (2.39 m by 1.68 m) making it a queen-size mattress. The aft-berth area also has a seat positioned just under a hanging locker. Forward is a convertible berth, wherein a settee backrest folds down at the push of button to create a berth measuring 7’4” by 3’4” (2.23 m by 1.01 m).

Decking is wide-planked engineered wood with a locker in the center of the deck. An opening portlight is to starboard and the main electrical panel is right alongside the companionway ladder. To port, there’s also a microwave, a drawer for stowage (that’s actually two drawers), and a Fusion stereo.

Regal 33 SAV lower deck

The lower-deck layout makes the most of the space beneath the many social areas on the main deck.

Regal 33 SAV below decks

The belowdecks living space has a portlight that opens onto the side deck for natural light and ventilation. Note the high, fiddled shelf and forward windows that look onto the foredeck, as well as an easy-to-see electrical panel.

Regal 33 SAV settee

This settee transforms into the forward berth at the touch of a button.

Regal 33 SAV guest

Guests will be grateful for this comfortable spot.

Regal 33 SAV berth

The amidships berth is always ready without requiring any type of conversion, which makes it handy for a quick nap.

Regal 33 SAV storage

Stowage and entertaining components await along the port-side bulkhead.

The head really improves the comfort level through some good design. It’s got a hullside window, vessel sink, and electric flush toilet, as well as stowage behind the mirrored cabinet doors. But what really sets it apart in a boat of this size is that it’s not a wet head. There’s a separate walk-in shower with fiberglass lining, and a teak seat and shelf, and a teak-grate sole.

Regal 33 SAV head

By adding a shower, Regal improved the finish level on the head compartment.

Regal 33 SAV shower

A separate shower is a luxury in and of itself on a 33-footer, but this one has teak accents and a place to sit.

Options to Consider

  • • Air conditioning with reverse heat
  • • Cruise package, including fenders, docklines, life vests, first-aid kit, boathook, deck brush
  • • Optimus 360 Joystick for control of outboards in close quarters
  • • Seakeeper 3 12-volt gyro stabilizer
  • • Bow thruster
  • • Cabin portlight
  • • Manual bow sun-shade system
  • • Canvas covers for bow and cockpit seating
  • • Canvas helm enclosure
  • • Manual cockpit sun-shade system
  • • Bow table with filler cushion
  • • Electric grill in refreshment center
  • • SeaDek cockpit sole
  • • Anchor windlass with chain and rope or all-chain rode
  • • Swim platform cleats
  • • Fish package includes livewell, macerator in in-deck fishbox, transom rod holders, and raw-water washdown
  • • Watersport tow pylon
  • • 15’ Top Gun Revolution outrigger
  • • Dual 30-amp shore power connections


5-Year limited protection plan covering engine and boat accessories.


This is clearly a boat where the product managers wanted to fit in amenities and features that would open a world of possibilities for a wide range of owners. By making many of the items optional, each owner can specify items that will allow the boat to fill his needs, without having to pay for things not wanted.

She is part center console, part express cruiser, part bowrider, part tow boat, and part dive boat. She is more than a crossover, and one of a new breed of boat that we see developing.

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