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Brief Summary

The Scout 245 Abaco offers serious fishability and comfort in a compact package. Its 60-gallon fishbox, 20-gallon aerated livewell, well-equipped bait-prep station and its 126-gallon fuel capacity give this trailerable fishboat clout both inshore and where the big ones live. But because she has a comfortable bench seat across the transom (which folds out of the way for fishing), a head and cuddy, she also makes a comfortable day boat or coastal cruiser for fun in the sun with Mom and the kids.

Key Features

  • Self-bailing cockpit with overboard drains
  • Courtesy lights
  • Wave gate with stern seat
  • 316 S.S. bow rail
  • Spring line cleats
  • 316 S.S. bow cleats
  • Companionway hatch with lockable door
  • Full windshield
  • Full swim platform
  • S.S. scout indicator / S.S. rub rail
  • Charcoal grey boot stripe
  • Jump seat cushions with backrest
  • Shrink wrap
  • Yamaha command link gauges (round shaped)


Length Overall 24' 5'' / 7.44 m
Beam 8'6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 2,800 lbs.
1270 kg
Draft 17''
0.43 m
Deadrise/Transom 20 deg
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 126 gal.
476.96 L
Water Capacity 6 gal.
22.7 L

Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Scout 245

The Scout 245 Abaco is a tough little fishboat and a fine platform for tooling around inshore with the family (or with two gorgeous models like the lucky bloke at the wheel in this photo). The single outboard makes her very economical.

As a serious fish chaser, the Scout 245 Abaco is no wuss. It comes exceptionally well equipped for piscatorial pursuits both inshore and off where the big dogs hang. At 24’5” with a beam of 8’6”, she can be operated from a slip or off a trailer. Some so inclined might fret over the presence of a single outboard, but modern units in the bread-and-butter 200- 250-hp range have proven exceptionally reliable. And with a basic, rough-water-hungry deep-V hull (20 degrees at the transom) enhanced by some bow flare to keep things dry, those with a yen for chasing species such as tuna and stripers as they migrate up and down the coast, needn’t be too concerned reaching out with this boat.

Scout 245

The Scout 245 Abaco has a basic multi-purpose layout suitable for most boating pursuits, although fishing is the boat’s main mission. A ski tow is available, but that would be strictly a secondary function.

Scout 245

The 245 Abaco’s helm is simple, yet functional. It has room for two small screens or one bigger one that you could split between a fishfinder and a chart plotter. Note the handy storage at right behind the net for your cell phone and glasses. As with all boats, when you are sitting at the helm, check to see where the windshield frame hits your field of vision. Also make sure the helm seat allows room for you to stand and drive comfortably.

Scout 245

The bait-prep station on the Scout 245 Abaco features a 20-gallon aerated live well and is located in the gunwale on the starboard side of the cockpit, something that we have rarely seen on a 24 express. When fishing, a rounded fiberglass covering board protects the bait prep area, a sink and generous tackle storage space.

Scout 245

A 60-gallon fishbox gives the catch a fighting chance to chill out on the ride back to port. Note that this large fish box is in the port cockpit gunwale and not in the deck where you will find the fish box in most boats of this size. By using both cockpit gunwales for both the fish box and bait prep, Scout has utilized space in a clever and innovative way.

Scout 245

The removable jump seat is a good place for family and friends to interact when fishing isn’t front and center. It also makes a fine place for crew to doze when running to and from the fishing grounds. She has four rod holders: two at the stern quarters and two forward of the hatches over the fish box and bait prep.

Scout 245

Interiors like this—with props like the fruit and juice—are intended to attract women to boats. Guys chasing fish all day in smelly clothes with dried blood on their hands just need a place to crash and round out the sleep lost from the pre-dawn alarm. That said, a dry V-berth beats the heck out of napping in the cockpit sitting up, and one with 6’ of stretch will improve the quality of whatever you use it for. As for the props, most anglers would be happy with a beer, a bag of soggy chips and handful of Chips Ahoy.

Scout 245

Well now; who among us wouldn’t prefer to sit on a proper seat when nature calls, as opposed to a bait bucket? The Scout 245 Abaco has a proper head with sink and a manual china bowl toilet with a 15-gallon holding tank. Just don’t forget to remove the cushion before you sit down. The interior also has a butane stove with a cold-water sink. Mama will like the palm trees on the fabric.

There are many advantages to a single-outboard-equipped boat, not the least of which is economy. Scout maintains a business arrangement with Yamaha and recommends the engine builder’s F225 for the boat. Max horsepower is 250.
We haven’t tested the boat, but the folks at Scout tell us that her best cruise with the 4-stroke Yamaha F250 BTXR engine is 25.8 mph getting 3.71 statute miles per gallon. That gives her a 420-statute-mile range (365 nautical miles) with 90 percent of her 126-gallon fuel capacity. That is terrific range and it is due to the 25 mph speed and the single 250 4-stroke.
For you speed freaks that want to know her WOT, at 6050 rpm she will go 49.8 mph, according to the builder, and 43.9 mph at 5500 rpm. She still is fairly impressive on fuel burn, getting 2.49 mpg at 5500 rpm. Scout tells us she was fitted with 15.25 x 19 when they got those numbers.
This little boat isn’t a battlewagon, but she’ll take on most skirmishes. And when fishin’s not the mission, she’d be a fine boat to just go tooling around with the family.
Scout has been very careful about the price to value relationship of its boats. If you have not seen a Scout, then we advise you to do it, as we consider this company a major player in the center console market.