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Key Features

  • Touring mode/sport mode
  • Ergolock™ seat with stepped design
  • Reboarding ladder
  • BRP audio premium
  • Handlegrips with palm rest
  • Swim platform carpet with wood pattern
  • Wide-angle mirrors
  • Ski tow eye


Length Overall 135.9'' / 3.45 m
Beam 49.4''
1.25 m
Dry Weight 847 lbs.
385 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 600 lbs.
272 kg
Fuel Capacity 15.9 gal.
60 L
Water Capacity N/A


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 1 x 230-hp Rotax 1500 HO ACE
1 x 300-hp Rotax 1630 ACE

Captain's Report

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The latest version of the GTX Limited 300 combines improved stability and lots of new cool features in one package.

Mission Statement

Prior to our test of the GTX Limited 300, we asked the Sea-Doo representative what he felt the mission of the company’s new flagship model is. His reply? “Advancing the technology.” The manufacturer continues to evolve its craft by lowering the boat’s stance in the water by 1-½” (3.8 cm) and widening it by 1” (2.5 cm). This improves the center of gravity, handling, and overall stability somewhat.

A new stern cargo system includes a cooler, fuel can, and dry bag that can be locked in place. The GTX Limited 300 has the third generation Intelligent Brake and Reverse (IBR) and the Variable Trim System (VTS). Buyers also have a choice of a 230-hp or 300-hp engine.

Distinguishing Features

  • Rear Cargo LinQ System. Gas can, cooler, and dry bag all lock in place on the stern.
  • Bluetooth Audio System. Sea-Doo installs speakers at the front of the footwells and the rider uses his cell phone to supply the tunes. The phone rides in a padded watertight compartment that has a charging cord.
  • Intelligent Brake and Reverse. Sea-Doo says it stops the craft 160 shorter than a machine without brakes.
  • Intelligent Throttle Control. Starts the machine in neutral to make life easier around docks.
  • Ergolock Seat. The seat is narrower so it’s easier for a rider and passenger to squeeze with their legs. Additionally, the aft section of the seat can be removed.
  • Adjustable Trim. Sea-Doo’s Variable Trim System (VTS) adjusts the jet nozzle angle to improve performance and handling.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The Liquid Metallic and Equestrian Brown color scheme are part of the Limited Package.

Features Inspection

Limited Package. Our test model had the Limited Package, which includes the VTS, additional gauge functions, including a depth finder, an altitude indicator, and water temperature reading. Soft knee pads are designed to provide added comfort. For storage, the package includes a dry bag that converts to a backpack and an organizer for the storage bin in the console. A safety equipment kit secures in a dedicated slot on the underside of the hatch for the storage area. Finally, the package comes with a cover to protect the GTX Limited 300 when it’s not in use.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The cover is part of the Limited Package that came with our test model.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Another feature included in the Limited Package is the safety kit shown here with the arrow.

Hull Design

Sea-Doo combined its S3 and T3 bottoms to create the ST3 that is on the new GTX Limited 230 and 300. Basically, it takes the sharp entry of the T3 and blends it out to the strakes and chines of the S3 that make the boat more stable and smooth when running or at rest. We did notice that the trailing edge of the chines is stepped to help smooth landings on re-entry.

Part of the VTS system, the hull has small trim tabs in the aft corners. As mentioned above, the overall craft sits lower in the water than previous models and the aft swim platform is wider.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The blunt bow and chines and strakes do a good job deflecting water.

LinQd In. Optional upgrades worth considering are all badged with the LinQ name including a 4.2-gallon (15.9-L) cooler, a 4-gallon (15.1-L) fuel caddy, and a dry bag for storage. A LinQ retractable ski pylon is also available. There are quick release latches that secure the cooler or fuel tank in place.

The dry bag can be stacked on top of the fuel jug, but not on top of the cooler. Also, with the modular Ergolock seat design, the aft section of the seat can be removed and the cooler can be placed in the center to act as a mini table for a picnic lunch.

Not part of the LinQ system, the fold-down boarding ladder has been redesigned to extend deeper into the water.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

This custom cooler has space for a lunch and drinks and it secures in place on the stern.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Quick-release latches secure the cooler in place. Click the other side in place and then close the latch. The gas can and dry bag have similar latches.
For versatility, the aft section of the seat can be removed so the cooler can be placed in between.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

For versatility, the dry bag can latch in place on its own.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The dry bag can also be secured in place on top of the 4-gallon (15.1-L) fuel can once it’s latched in place.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Here we see a different machine with the retractable tow pylon and board holder.

Back in the Saddle. As mentioned above, the GTX Limited 300 has a new seat for 2018. The Ergolock saddle is narrower and it’s stepped for comfortable three-up riding. If a rider wants to go solo, the aft section can be removed quickly. Part of the Limited package, our test model’s seat was also finished in a diamond pattern with lightly colored piping that gave it an upscale look and feel.
Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The new seat is designed for comfortable three-up riding, and to be detached.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The aft section of the GTX Limited 300’s seat is removable.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The diamond pattern and lightly colored piping look like something found on a high-end motorcycle.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Here Captain Steve points out the padded underside of the handlebar console that’s designed to protect the rider’s leg.

The Controls

Now let’s take a look at the controls. The position of the handlebars can be adjusted and we liked that the instruments move with them so the rider always has a clean look at them.

The left handlebar has the start-stop button above the four-button pad that lets the rider select between ECO and sport modes on the side, and adjust the VTS up and down. On the front of the handle is the trigger for the IBR.

The right handlebar has the throttle trigger and the cruise control, plus the button to scroll through the upgraded multifunction display.

The gauge panel also includes a tachometer and speedometer. The iControl Learning Key lets owners limit the vehicle’s performance based on rider skill level. Additionally, the RF D.E.S.S. key uses radio frequency technology and a ball and socket design to provide riders with easy starts and enhance security.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The wide handgrip is comfortable during a long day on the water.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The pilot can use his thumb to scroll through functions on the digital display and to set the cruise control.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

We like the instrument pod moving with the handlebars so the gauges are always in sight. Notice that the rearview mirrors are tucked in tight so the driver can actually see what’s behind him/her.

Tune Up. There hasn’t yet been a stereo developed for a personal watercraft that works, but Sea-Doo may have come up with a solution on the GTX Limited 300 with its Watertight Phone Box and speakers. The padded compartment has a phone plug so a rider can crank up his playlist and charge it at the same time.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The watertight phone box is lined with foam to protect smart phones.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Plug in the phone to keep it charged and to crank out the music with the speakers in the footwells.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

If a buyer decides after purchasing the GTX Limited 300 that he wants the speaker pods, they can be added.

Improved Storage. One of the features we liked on the GTX Limited 300 is the Direct Access Front Storage. Instead of having to go around to the bow, the latch is now just ahead of the rider’s position. Just push a button and the handlebars and top of the console come up on a hinge. On the underside are the fire extinguisher and safety kit in dedicated compartments.

The Limited package has smaller compartments aft and a big open area forward that has enough space for the 5-gallon (19 L) dry bag.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Sea-Doo upgraded the handlebar console, hinging it at the front so locker contents can be accessed from the aft side.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The locker ahead of the driver is compartmentalized at the rear and has space for the 5-gallon (19 L) dry bag forward.


Handling. Conditions during our photo shoot weren’t flat calm, but they did give us a good idea of how the GTX Limited 300 would handle on a choppy crowded waterway. She’s a big machine at 135.9” (345.1 cm) in LOA with a beam of 49.4” (125.5 cm), and a dry weight of 847 lbs. (385 kg) with our test motor.

We were impressed with the boat’s stability and the fact that we could carve turns without the boat wanting to spin out. This is a large machine that people will cruise with and they’ll want predictable handling. The Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300 will deliver.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The GTX Limited 300 can carve smoothly through wide arcs or crank through solo aggressive maneuvers with ease.

iBR. Getting used to the iBR was easy. A squeeze of the trigger on the left handlebar activated the braking system, which let us stop. Keep squeezing and the propulsion system goes into reverse. It has an intuitive feel that is easy to understand and apply. Sea-Doo re-designed the bucket on the jet pump to improve the handling when the craft is running in reverse, directing the thrust to port and starboard.

Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

The bucket on the jet pump is redesigned with these side outlets that improve lateral thrust.

Power Choices. Sea-Doo offers the GTX Limited 300 with a choice of engines, the 230-hp 1500 HO ACE or the 300-hp 1630 ACE. Both have closed cooling and the ride plate has an integrated heat exchanger for the raw-water cooled exhaust. The smaller motor runs on regular fuel but the 300-hp model needs 91 octane.

Retail Pricing

  • • $15,899 with a 230-hp 1500 HO ACE engine
  • • $16,899 with a 300-hp 1600 ACE engine


One-year limited

Options to Consider

  • • LinQ cooler
  • • LinQ fuel caddy
  • • LinQ retractable ski pylon
  • • Wakeboard rack
  • • Ski module
  • • 12-volt outlet
  • • Bilge pump kit
  • • Sandbar anchor
  • • Fire extinguisher
  • • Snap-in fenders
  • • Trailer
  • Observations

    Serious enthusiasts looking for a luxury, well-equipped personal watercraft will want to take a long look at the Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300. She has a full host of smart features that improve the rider’s control and a braking system that works.

    Her redesigned hull that helps lower the boat’s center of gravity enhanced her stability and, while it may not seem like much, the extra inch on the swim platform made a big difference. Adding the optional LinQ system can only enhance the boat’s versatility.