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Brief Summary

Sunseeker is one of those names that allows you to immediately put your mind onto a particular class of boat, but not necessarily a single boat in particular. We would even say the name could be regarded as iconic for style, quality, and yes, high cost. Some may view that last feature as a negative, but not Sunseeker. To them, it means that their customers are specific people who are looking for a certain style that few can provide. A style that says ''I’ve arrived'' and perhaps even ''I’ve arrived looking better than you.'' Think of taking a Bentley to your high school reunion. At 73’ (22.28 m) the Manhattan 70 is just at that size where you can have four staterooms. But are they real staterooms or berths in a closet? Has Sunseeker simply stuck with looks and speed and left out the comfort? It’s not likely, but let’s take a closer look and see how they’ve done.