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Westport Yachts Pacific Mariner 85 (2011-)

Brief Summary

Most people who dream of living on a boat imagine themselves tucked aboard a jaunty trawler yacht, or maybe a 40-something-foot double-cabin cruiser; one of our BoatTEST writers wants an old Bertram 46. None of the aforementioned can compete with Westport's Pacific Mariner 85, though, or at least with a boat like it. Why? A yacht this size – let's call it a "mini-megayacht" -- has enough room for two people to live comfortably over the long term; it has the range for serious extended cruising, and the speed for short hops; and it requires only a couple of full-time crew – maybe fewer if the owner and mate are skilled at boathandling and maintenance. Why the Westport PM 85 in particular? It's from a builder with a long history of launching excellent yachts in demand by folks who know what to look for