SeaDek Marine Products

Selecting SeaDek non-skid foam decking is both fun and practical. SeaDek can mimic a traditional teak look for any boat or be as unique and colorful as one’s imagination. And now SeaDek offers an array of foam products to complement their decking - from retail items such as fenders, stair treads, and mats to sheets and templating kits for DIY boaters. SeaDek also offers a network of factory-trained fabricators and installers to customize any boat.

Editor’s Report by Capt. Peter d'Anjou




SeaDek adds pizzazz to this Super Air Nautique 230 with multiple color layers of foam, laser cut for a unique look and custom fit.

Key Features

  • Traction, even when wet
  • Comfortable when standing, walking, or leaning on boat surfaces
  • Shock absorption, which can decrease fatigue
  • Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips, and dents
  • Noise reduction characteristics


SeaDek is a product utilized not only by the top boat builders in the marine industry, but also in the aftermarket by boat owners seeking custom products. Made from closed-cell poly ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, SeaDek products offer safe and comfortable alternatives to a slippery deck. Easy to install and customizable, SeaDek improves traction, comfort, and looks over molded-in or painted non-skid surfaces.



Located in Rockledge, FL, SeaDek will perform custom installations right at the factory or provide factory-trained installers to bring the product to the boat.

Hyperform, SeaDek’s parent company started out making foam traction pads and a variety of other products for the surfing industry in the early 1980s. SeaDek’s rapid growth led to the purchase of a new 72,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in 2014 to meet demand and dramatically increase production capabilities.


Custom patterns are cut on CNC machines for a perfect fit.

SeaDek products can be patterned and installed by DIY boaters - SeaDek has a kit for that - but for a truly professional look, a factory-trained fabricator can take your project from start to finish. SeaDek Certified Fabricators and Installers can be located by accessing the Certified Fabricator and Installer Directory

certified fabricators

SeaDek Certified Fabricators digitally pattern boats, create CAD drawings, cut SeaDek PE/EVA material using CNC technology, and install the finished products with pressure-sensitive (3M) adhesive.

Real World Applications


Barefoot fishermen appreciate the cooler deck and anti-fatigue qualities of SeaDek.

decking panels

SeaDek’s decking panels are made to order and are fully customizable. These VX One sailors would much rather kneel on SeaDek than traditional non-skid.

casting decks

The patterns on the casting decks of this bass boat make a fun statement of individuality.

SeaDek comes in a variety of colors and patterns that complement any type of boat with rubber-like softness, flexibility, stress-crack resistance, and resistance to UV radiation. If it’s a flats boat or skiff, SeaDek will dampen sound and allow anglers to sneak up on those easily spooked schools of fish. It also works well if rebuilding or repairing an older boat, and even covers up spider cracks and chips in older gelcoat. 


Whether it is color-matched from the factory or applied in the aftermarket, SeaDek will add value and style to any boat.


SeaDek works in aftermarket programs such as 2018 Volvo Ocean racer Team Brunel to provide branding and a safe non-slip surface.

Deck Options

SeaDek is customizable and comes with many options, from color to thickness, to non-skid texture (brushed or embossed), patterns, and routing.

Options include:


Laminating multiple colored layers together allows buyers to choose a unique color scheme for customization.

SeaDek typically comes in 5mm, 6mm, or 9mm thickness but can be customized up to 23 mm (.91”) - which is SeaDek’s thickest and is commonly used in two-color bolsters.


There are up to 50 different laser cut patterns to choose from, including diamond plate.

routing options

Routing options can imitate wide or narrow planking, even fishscale.

color options

There are numerous color options to choose from in the deck panels, including Camo.



The texture (brushed or embossed) helps give SeaDek foam part of it’s non-skid qualities.

Other SeaDek Products

coaming bolster

SeaDek coaming bolster sets comes in three different color options: Storm gray (above), Cool gray and White.

SeaDek Coaming Bolsters are a comfortable addition to boats without bolsters or as a replacement for worn-out bolsters. 

dek decal

To really make a statement, get a Dek Decal to highlight your passion.

Dek Decals are a fun and easy way to show everyone what the boat is all about. Stick them on boats, consoles, coolers, steps, tackle boxes, or anywhere. Dek Decals use the same heavy-duty PSA adhesive as all SeaDek pads, so be advised that certain surfaces may be damaged upon removal.

dek decals

Dek Decals can personalize and protect the boat and equipment.

dek defenders

Dek Defenders are a new line of boat fenders offering protection for the boat in a sleek easy-to-stow package.

Dek Defenders come in four different color combinations in single or double packages.

  • Mocha over Black
  • Storm Gray over Black
  • Storm Gray over White
  • Bimini Blue over White

dek magic

Dek Magic is safe for the environment and meant for fighting tough stains from blood, wine, grease and oil, and more.

The closed-cell foam is fairly impervious to chemicals and stains – however, SeaDek makes Dek Magic for those really stubborn stains.

fish rulers

SeaDek Fish Rulers offer a permanent and attractive alternative to stickers, tape measures, and other measuring devices.

helm pads

Helm Pads are a soft comfortable pad and a welcome addition at any helm.

Helm Pads can come with various builder logos and in different styles, such as faux teak.

razor knife

Easily cut with a sharp razor knife, SeaDek sheet material can be used for many different applications, including seating, cooler tops, decking, and casting platforms.

SeaDek Sheet Material can be used for all types of DIY projects. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these sheets feature micro-dot embossed texture for comfort underfoot and non-skid properties.

  • Embossed 
  • Brushed 
  • Brushed with designer laser fish scales

step kit

Each step kit comes with four 3.75" x 12.75" pieces of soft yet durable, non-absorbent foam that provides excellent traction when wet or dry.

Step Kits are perfect for slippery steps, ladders, and trailer fenders. SeaDek Step Kits are made from 5mm thick PE/EVA material and have routed edges.

yeti cooler pads

Yeti Cooler pads will keep the cooler from sliding and are handy on top of the cooler as a non-slip seat, too.



SeaDek has a list of boats, like this Regulator, they have already templated, so not all boats need to be re-templated and price estimation is more accurate.

Two-color 6mm material is approximately $30/square foot plus labor for templating and installation. A boat already templated can save roughly half the cost of labor.

All SeaDek orders are made to order so contact your local SeaDek fabricator for estimates. A five-year warranty is standard.

Other SeaDek Product Pricing

  • Coaming Bolster Set ($105.95)
  • Dek Decals ($12.95)
  • Dek Defenders ($59.95 - $199.95)
  • Dek Magic ($24.99)
  • Fish Rulers ($25.95)
  • Helm Pads ($109.95 – $154.95
  • Sheet Materials ($43.95 - $174.95)
  • Step Kits ($28.95 - $34.95)
  • Yeti Roadie Pads ($34.95)



Whether customizing just the swim platform or a whole boat, SeaDek adds value, safety, comfort, and good looks to any boat.

SeaDek is an aesthetically-pleasing addition to any boat – whether it comes standard in a new boat or is installed on a used boat, it is sure to make a boat’s appearance pop. And with SeaDek’s fully customizable line, it is adaptable to any make or model with dozens of colors and or design options. SeaDek products are a stylish way to personalize your boat while improving safety and comfort onboard.