SeaKits Essentials Damage Control Kit

Question: The hose clamp failed on your livewell intake thru-hull and water is pouring in.  What are you going to do?  Hurry, the clock is ticking…

You probably answered that you’d reach for the ball valve handle and pull it to “off.”  But if you haven’t exercised that in a while, and who has, it’s probably frozen solid.  How about putting another hose clamp on it? Got one in your toolbox?  Do you even have a toolbox on the boat?

Problems occur when we least expect them and that’s why we need to be prepared for them.  Well, the folks at SeaKits have made that a lot easier for us all by doing the work for us.  They’ve assembled the most needed emergency tool together into the SeaKits Essentials for the coastal boaters among us.  It has the tools we need to save our boat from the problems that may pop up. Once it’s saved and we’re out of danger, it provides the means to signal for help.

Inside the SeaKits Essentials box is everything the coastal boater needs to repair what might be damaged, and even signal for help. 

The SeaKits Essentials comes in a bright yellow Pelican-like box that is watertight and floats.  It’s designed to be the first thing that is grabbed when a problem occurs and, in most cases, it will solve the problem.  We think it should be on every boat short of a Laser sailboat or PWC.  At 11 lbs. (4.99 kg) it will hardly be noticed otherwise and will make the difference between getting home and getting salvaged.  Take your pick.