Sionyx Nightwave

The new SIONYX Nightwave is a game-changer for those who enjoy boating at night, but can’t afford an expensive infra-red camera system. 


SIONYX Nightwave: Ultra-Low Light Navigational Camera 

Brief Summary

Taking a natural step forward from the popular handheld night vision cameras, the Nightwave is a hardtop mounted camera that allows for lowlight visibility.  Being much more cost-effective than a thermal-imaging camera, Nightwave targets the owners of smaller boats that can benefit from the advanced imagery that gets displayed either on the boat’s MFD (Multi-function Display) or to a remote device via wifi. 

Major Features (Including Distinguishing Features)

  • Seamless integration with major brand MFDs (Multi-function Displays) via analog video
  • IP67 rated: Rugged and water-resistant – submersible up to 3’ (.91 m)
  • Allows visibility well beyond human eyesight
  • 44-degree field of view increases situational awareness
  • Stream video over analog or WiFi

Product Inspection

The SIONYX Nightwave is an end-user mounted remote night vision camera that allows boaters to turn nighttime into daytime.  All that’s required is the minimal lighting of the stars to allow the functionality… without the costly infra-red technology or white light. 

Sionyx-HUman Eye

With the SIONYX Nightwave, boaters can see well beyond the ability of the human eye.

The SIONYX Nightwave is built around the company’s most advanced sensor, the Black Silicon CMOS.  It’s available with a variety of mounting options allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere on the vessel, be it on top of a hardtop, underneath the hardtop, on a rail, via suction mount, Ram Mount… the possibilities are endless.  For hard mounting, the company includes a mounting template. It can be hard-wired for maximum versatility or connected via WiFi to remote displays such as a tablet or smartphone. Power is supplied either directly from the vessel’s 12v DC system or from a USB connection. 

Sionyx Rail Mount

The versatility of the mounting options allows the SIONYX Nightwave to be placed virtually anywhere in the boat.

SIONYX Nightwave

With suction cup mounting brackets, the SIONYX Nightwave can be mounted right to the console.  It can also be easily removed for anti-theft consideration. 

SIONYX Nightwave

The Sionyx Nightwave can even be mounted upside-down.


Thanks to the SIONYX app, the Nightwave is easily updated allowing the end-user to always have the latest software and firmware available. This keeps the unit “bug-free” and always in peak operating condition. Downloads are through the IOS or Android app store.              


The SIONYX Nightwave has a retail price of $1,595 and is scheduled to begin shipping in June of 2022. You can pre-order a Nightwave here.


The SIONYX Nightwave brings an end to the “camera envy” small boaters' experience whenever they look at a camera dome on a luxury yacht.  Night vision isn’t reserved for the elite boaters anymore. It's now in the hands of the everyday average Joe.  And the Nightwave is a camera that is anything but “average.”