Brief Summary

Siren Marine has been the leader in remote boat monitoring for over 10 years allowing boaters to stay connected to their boats anywhere, anytime. The Siren 3 Pro, the company’s third-generation product and one of Boating Industry’s 2021 Top Product Award winners, makes the boating experience better and more secure than ever.

This relatively low-cost unit monitors critical aspects of a boat such as battery voltage, bilge pump activity, water levels and much more. It also allows boat owners to know the precise location of their boats.  All of a boat’s vital signs can be transmitted through a wireless cellular network in real-time to the free Siren Marine App. By connecting owners to their boats 24/7, the Siren 3 Pro lets them know their boats are safe and secure – or if they’re not.

Fulfilling an Important Need

Since the earliest days of men going to sea in ships, those onshore have worried about the seafarers’ safety and whereabouts. And, since the advent of recreational boating, owners have sat at home and wondered if their boats are okay when left unattended.

With a main device and a cellular subscription, Siren Marine has attended to these basic questions but didn’t stop there. The company has gone much farther by anticipating questions all boat owners have when they are away from their boats through state-of-the-art, IoT technology:

  • Will the engines start when I get to the boat?
    • Siren Marine’s App shows the voltage of your boat’s batteries.
  • Is my boat taking on water or on its way to sinking?
    • Siren Marine’s high-water sensor will detect water that rises above a designated level and will send an instant alert to your phone.
  • Is the leaking of my shaft and rudder stuffing boxes too much?
    • Siren Marine’s Wireless Bilge Sensor and App monitors bilge activity and run time. It also lets you set an alert based on the number of times your bilge pump goes on per hour or day.
  • Is my boat still connected to shore power?
    • Siren Marine’s Shore Power Sensor keeps you informed should shore power be lost for example, if the plug gets disconnected.
  • Has someone entered my boat?
    • Siren Marine provides multiple sensors to detect unauthorized entry, so you’re alerted if someone boards your boat unexpectedly.
  • Is my boat where it should be?
    • See the map on the App’s home screen for real-time GPS tracking and monitoring. The App also allows you to set a geofence so you get alerted if your boat breaches the designated area – whether it be a windy day or theft attempt.
  • My husband and loved ones are late coming back from fishing. Where are they?
    • If their boat is within cell range or has optional satellite tracking with SirenSat, know precisely where they are, through Siren Marine’s GPS monitoring capabilities.

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons why boat owners need 24/7 connectivity. After all, boats are one of the most expensive and beloved assets owned.

Boats sink at the dock every year – not just old, poorly maintained boats, but new boats, commercial vessels and first responder boats as well.

Major Distinguishing Features of the Siren 3 Pro (… and their Importance)

  • Engineered and made in the USA. (Proudly designed in Newport, RI)
  • NMEA 2000 Built-in (Access engine performance data, tank levels and more)
  • CZone Compatible, Digital Switching (Turn on and off virtually all circuits)
  • Global LTE, 4G/5G (3G will be obsolete in time, 4G/5G ensures future connectivity)
  • Internal Back-up Battery (ensure uninterrupted connectivity should your boat batteries die)
  • 18+ Input/Output Connections (Monitor all critical systems)
  • Satellite Connection Option (Connect outside of cell range)
  • Clip-On Mounting Bracket (Ease of installation in hard-to-access areas)
  • Works anywhere in the world (Built-in global SIM card so you can connect anywhere, anytime)
  • No external GPS needed (Avoids wiring and redundancy)
  • Amazon Alexa Compatibility (She knows the status of your boat, too)

Sinking at the Dock

Insurance companies report that 70% of all boat sinkings occur at the dock, according to Boat/U.S. Since the average boat is only used 25 days a year, according to the NMMA, it is no wonder that most sinkings occur there. And, all of these boats sink for the same reason – no one was on them to stop it from happening.  

Boats sink at the dock for several reasons, including debris covering cockpit drains, particularly those that are too small, and rainwater pools in the deck until it spills into the bilge through hatches not designed to be submerged.  Another reason is that the stuffing boxes of inboard engines, or rudder posts, instead of letting a few drops of water in for lubrication, become worn and let in a steady stream.  It is only a matter of time until the battery is run down in these examples, and the bilge pump stops working.

Historically, sterndrive boats are vulnerable to sinking at the dock if the rubber on the bellows or through-the-transom tubes become brittle with age, UV degradation and crack. This usually happens in older boats. Another problem with old boats is that the rubber hoses below the waterline which pick up water for the engine, generator, air conditioning, or other purposes – simply rot out with age and give way to hydrostatic water pressure.

New boats sometimes sink at the dock as well. In fact, most boat builders have had the embarrassment of this happening at least once over the years. The reason is that a fitting wasn’t properly installed, or a hose clamp was forgotten or a combination of things. It happens.  

See precisely where your boat is on Siren Marine’s App – either on land or water. Use breadcrumb tracking to see exactly where your boat has traveled.

In 2019, 4,240 boats were stolen in the U.S., according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  75% of those boats were under 26’ (4.92 m), and only 10% were over 30’ (9.14 m).  The breakdown is as follows:

  • 46% Runabouts
  • 28% Cruisers
  • 13% PWCs
  • 8% Bass Boats
  • 5% All others

73% of the boats stolen were taken with their trailers and 17% were stolen from a slip. Thefts increase as the weather warms up with September being the busiest month for boat thieves.  Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 stolen boats is ever recovered.  

With a Siren 3 Pro, know exactly where your boat is 24/7. Set a designated geofence perimeter through the App, for example, at 350’ (106 m), and get an alert to your phone if the perimeter is broken. With real-time information, you’ll be able to take quick action including informing the authorities.

Siren Marine App Screens

The App’s home screen shows all of your boat’s information at glance. Click the map for a larger view of your boat’s position and set up a geofence so you know your boat is exactly where it should be. If it breaks the designated geofence area, you get an alert to your phone. See exactly where your boat has traveled with breadcrumb tracking.

Standard Features & Functionality

The Siren 3 Pro has many standard features including:

  1. Global LTE (4G/5G) connectivity. The Siren 3 Pro comes standard with a Global SIM card so you can connect anywhere in the world.
  2. Battery Voltage Monitoring. Monitor your boat’s battery and receive alerts if battery voltage is low.
  3. GPS Position/Geofence. Track your boat’s location and set a designated geofence area. Get alerted if your boat breaks the geofence area.

Siren Marine Sensors

A sampling of sensors available from L to R: wireless battery sensor, wireless high-water sensor, wireless entry (intrusion) sensor, cavnas snap sensor, motion detector sensor and SirenSat Offshore Antenna

Optional Add-On Functionality

The Siren 3 Pro offers advanced capabilities and functionality through additional sensors and accessories which make the Connected Boat® system even more robust. Examples include:

  1. Wireless & Wired Sensors. Several different types of sensors can be placed around the boat. Siren Marine offers five wireless sensors which boast a strong adhesive, which wirelessly communicates the data being monitored.  Because sensors are wireless, there are no bothersome wires to run, no holes to drill, no screws to get into tight places and hard fiberglass. These sensors can monitor:
  • Bilge Pump. Monitor pump cycles and run time.  Set alerts based on cycles and run-time per hour or day. Most inboard boats with straight shafts have a predictable bilge pump cycle. Boats in Florida that run their air conditioning constantly unattended also have predictable cycles.  Simply set the alarm to go off beyond these cycles or run times.
  • High-Water. This sensor detects if there is water in the bilge and instantly sends an alert to the Siren Marine App if water has risen above a preset level. Mount the water probe at the desired height in the bilge and plug the other end into the wireless module. This is an important feature when a boat is left unattended including when at the dock. This can also be helpful while on your boat. Boats can certainly take on water without you noticing due to the noise of the engines or the speed of the boat masking the sound of overactive bilge activity.
  • Security/Unauthorized Entry. Siren Marine offers multiple sensors to detect an unauthorized entry:
  • Wireless Entry (magnetic brake) Sensor
  • Infrared Motion Sensor (hard wired)
  • Micro ePIR Motion Sensor (hard wired)
  • Canvas Snap Sensor (hard wired)
  • This means that even a center console or sportboat can be protected with the addition of a snap-on canvas cover over the helm.

•  Temperature. Sensors can be placed in cabins, engine room, fridge, fish boxes or other places where you want to monitor temperature.

•  Shore Power. Marina shore power is notoriously unreliable for a number of reasons. Be alerted if your boat loses connection to shore power with Siren Marine’s wired sensors.

The three most important sensing functions are battery charge, bilge pump activity, and high water.

•  Engine Metrics.  Connection to the NMEA 2000 backbone is required to enable engine performance insights. Connect the Siren 3 Pro and engines to the backbone via an NMEA cable (sold separately) and monitor engine metrics such as RPM/speed, oil pressure, fuel burn and engine temperature, on the Siren Marine App.

This data can be displayed in chart form by hour, day, week or month. In this way, boat owners can analyze their boats’ performance at home, and look for ways to save fuel, or possibly spot anomalous engine temperature spikes, or low oil pressure, indicating trouble is brewing. You will also receive alerts any time an engine pushes an error code.

Chart functionality allows you to select different periods of time to show RPM/speed, fuel burn, engine temp and oil pressure over time. For this functionality, the unit must be connected to the NMEA 2000 backbone.

•  Tank Monitoring. With connection to the NMEA 200 backbone, fuel, fresh water and holding tank levels can all be monitored on the App. This helps owners plan their day should a fuel stop be needed. It is also a good way to monitor how much fuel son Johnny used when he took your boat out fishing.

•  Remote On/Off Switching of Systems. This is an important feature for many boat applications. The standard Siren 3 Pro includes two outputs that can be used to control two onboard devices, in addition to an Arm/Disarm switch. Typically, the two basic functions monitored are battery and bilge pump, but 18+ more items can be monitored.

Satellite Tracking

The SirenSat Offshore Antenna offers satellite tracking for offshore travels. Once a boat goes beyond cellular range, the SirenSat will automatically take priority to provide position tracking so users don’t have to make adjustments in the App for satellite services. Indicators at the top of the App show when the boat is being tracked by satellite or cellular.

The SirenSat satisfies most insurance requirements for boats with multiple outboard engines, we’re told by the company. The SirenSat Offshore Antenna is powered by the boat’s 12-volt battery and comes with four Lithium-Ion AAA batteries for internal backup power.

The batteries will power the SirenSat Offshore for up to fifteen days without connection to an external power supply. Should the internal battery power drain to low battery, an alert will appear in the App. Of note, an additional SirenSat subscription is required.

Compatible with CZone

CZone is one of the most popular onboard electrical circuit monitoring systems in the boating industry. Many large vessels and premium brands use CZone to easily manage a boat’s electrical system from a display installed in the boat.

Siren 3 Pro can remotely access the CZone system and boat owners can virtually turn on and off every circuit in the boat. It is necessary to first configure any compatible CZone system to enable remote mode access. The Siren 3 Pro will search for all of the available circuit IDs on the CZone system, which will then populate on the “Commands” screen/page of the App. They will all be labeled under “Circuits” and by default, will be inactive (i.e. toggled off). It is assumed that the boat owner/App user is aware of the CZone configuration and subsequently recognizes the labels.

All Riviera Yachts have CZone as standard equipment and offer the Siren 3 Pro for connectivity.

What Size, Type and Age of Boats Need Monitoring?

The simple answer is, virtually all boats need remote monitoring for peace of mind. Large boats are particularly good candidates because they’re more complex, with many more through-hull fittings, electrical systems and equipment, and other things that can go wrong. The older the boat, the more we would recommend the system. But, both new and old boats are vulnerable to theft.

Smaller day boats can also benefit from the Siren 3 Pro.  As all boaters know, there is nothing more frustrating and disappointing than arriving at the boat only to discover that the batteries are dead, and the engines won’t start. Avoid disappointing family and friends by knowing before you go. Plus, as we now know, 70% of boats sink at the dock and 75% of boats stolen are trailerable. 

The Bass Cat Jaguar is a premium boat in class, and much envied by bass fishermen. The builder makes the Siren 3 Pro available for factory installation for the obvious reason.

We think that any well-found boat should have a boat monitoring system such as the Siren 3 Pro. A number of premium boat builders concur so we’re in good company. Here is a list of the brands that make the Siren 3 Pro as standard or optional equipment in many different types and sizes of boats:

•Hinckley                                     •Bass Cat

•Riviera                                        •Midnight Express

•Cobalt                                         •Mag Bay

•MJM                                            •Falcon

•Solace                                         •Hell’s Bay

Boat clubs all over the country are using Siren Marine monitoring systems to keep track of their fleet, monitor if members are obeying the boundary rules and noting how much fuel each member uses. 

Sovereign Boat Club, a division of BoatTEST, located in Southwest Florida, has been using Siren Marine’s monitoring system since its inception 18 months ago and requires a Siren 3 Pro to be on every new boat in the club. Four members of the SBC staff have the Siren Marine App on their smartphones so each can follow members in real-time. They can also see where club members traveled to make sure that the boats are taken more than 100 miles offshore and tie up at a dock each night.

SBC staff monitor battery charge to make sure the boat is always ready for its members. Fuel consumption for each member is also monitored so it can be re-billed.

Hinckley is one of the premium brands that offers the Siren 3 Pro as standard equipment – part of Hinckley’s OnWatch powered by Siren Marine offering.

Installation of the Siren 3 Pro

The easiest way to have the system installed is to contract with a local marine electronics dealer, boatyard or boat dealer. Because the system is easy to install, without needing a lot of technical expertise, and because sensors can be installed with adhesives without drilling and screwing in hard-to-reach places, the installation bills should be reasonable.

DIY. Other owners might want to install the Siren 3 Pro themselves.  We have never seen an equipment company that has made available more instructions, how-to videos and step-by-step details on installation than Siren Marine.  For most DYI boaters we know, it will be a fun couple of hours of work installing a system that will be so useful.

The Siren 3 Pro main device and wireless sensors are powered by Lithium batteries that have a stated 2-year life. However, Siren Marine suggests batteries be replaced every year to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Insurance Companies Reward Remote Boat Monitoring

It is not hard to understand why boat insurance companies are very supportive of a monitoring device such as the Siren 3 Pro – it can help prevent boat loss.  It is for that reason that many insurance agents offer a 5-10% discount to qualified individuals depending on the experience and record of the owner.  For veteran boaters with a clean record, our advice is to search for an agent/carrier who will give you the discount.

What Does the Siren 3 Pro Cost?

The Siren 3 Pro sells for $749.99 at marine supply stores such as West Marine, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and One Water. It can also be ordered on the company’s site,, for the same price.  Wireless sensors retail for $129.99 each and the Siren Marine SirenSat Offshore Antenna sells for $249. Finally, the Siren Marine App is free.

Cost of Cellular Subscription Plans

The annual cellular subscription plan is $180 per year. Siren Marine also offers a monthly plan for $18 per month and a seasonal plan for $125 which provides service from April 1st to October 31st, automatically renewing on April 1st each year.

The SirenSat Offshore Antenna device requires a subscription that costs $300 per year. Owners can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 years of uninterrupted service.  

Yamaha and Siren Marine

Yamaha Motors formed a strategic alliance with Siren Marine in March 2021, solidifying Siren Marine as Yamaha’s smart boat technology partner of choice. Yamaha’s validation of Siren Marine’s technology and infrastructure should be a reassuring signal to anyone thinking about buying a boat monitoring system. Look for a co-developed product ahead which will integrate Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® technology into Yamaha Outboard systems.

The BoatTEST “Recommended” Gold Seal is freely given to products and services that its captains have used and determined them to among the best in class, if not the best.


We have been watching Siren Marine since it went into business many years ago.  We loved the concept, and for the last 18 months we have owned a Siren Marine system – the Sovereign Boat Club staff checks the Siren Marine App almost every day.  SBC now requires that the Siren 3 Pro be installed on all club boats – from the Everglades 230 to the Regal 33 SAV.  (All Siren Marine units were purchased at full retail – in case you are wondering.)

This might be some indication of how BoatTEST thinks of the Siren 3 Pro.  And, that is why we have given it our “Recommended” Gold Seal.