Sirius Signal C-1002 Two-Color Electronic Visual Distress Device

Sirius Signal C-1002

The Sirius Signal Two-Color Electronic Visual Distress Device meets new Coast Guard standards.

Sirius Signal’s C-1002 Two-Color Electronic Visual Distress Device (eVDSD) is the first electronic marine safety flare to meet the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Standard 13200.0. It has an operational run time of six hours and provides an omni-directional display of 13 LEDs that flash USCG-specified SOS signals in red-orange/cyan colors and infrared. In November, Transport Canada also approved the C-1002 as a replacement for traditional flares.


The new device comes complete with a distress light, flag, whistle and batteries. Sirius says its 13 LED lights make the C-1002 five times brighter than any other approved unit on the market and it’s visible from up to 10 nautical miles away. It floats with the light output fully visible above the waterline in calm fresh or saltwater and it has a run time of two hours. The light continues after specified hours at half power, illuminating half of the LEDs for an operational run time of about six hours.

Sirius Signal C-1002

The electronic signal flare is safer to store and use compared to traditional smoke flares.

Staying current, the electronic flare is Bluetooth enabled with enhanced connectivity and it includes the Sirius Signal App for Apple and Android smartphones that uses LTE service. The app functions include float-plan notification, one-touch check-in capability during trips and instant 911 notification and location to first responders, towing services and other designated contacts.

Sirius Signal C-1002

The Sirius Signal app puts control of the electronic flare in the palm of a captain’s hand.

In addition to being a safer product to store on a boat, the C-1002 is a safer way to satisfy Coast Guard distress signal requirements and take the chemical perchlorate out of the water. Perchlorate is the chemical that’s released when a flare is ignited. On its website, Sirius Signal says it has removed 1,245,000 toxic flares from the environment.

The C-1002 Two-Color Electronic Visual Distress Device has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016 plus other environmental awards.


Taking a closer look at some specifications, the unit flashes USCG spec SOS signal in colors and infrared. The LED power rating is 610 to 620 nanometers (nm) for 6 red-orange lights, 490 to 520 nm for 6 cyan and 740 nm for the single infrared. It radiates an average effective intensity of 50 candela and the light display angle is full hemisphere. The flare activates with a self-cleaning lever switch and has accidental switch activation protection.

Sirius Signal C-1002

The C-1002 is compact and weighs less than two pounds with all the batteries installed.

It has a 4.92’ (1.5 m) lanyard and the dimensions are 8.5” (21.59 cm) tall by 5” (12.7 cm) in diameter. Without batteries the flare weighs 1.08 lbs. and the eight CR123As increase that number to 1.27 lbs. It cannot use rechargeable batteries. In addition to meeting the aforementioned USCG regulations and CE RoHS. Sirius provides a limited lifetime warranty.

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