Superior Life-Saving Equipment Halo Compact Life Raft

Superior Halo+ Life Raft Canopy

The waterproof, windproof canopy on the Superior Halo series provides protection from the elements, while large ballast bags stabilize the raft in rough water.

Every boat that operates offshore should carry a life raft, even though they’re not required for private boats and yachts in U.S. waters. For the relatively modest investment, a quality raft provides long-term insurance against the time when everything goes wrong and you have to depend on the raft to keep your family and crew safe for hours or perhaps days offshore.

The Superior Life-Saving Equipment HALO+ is part of the next generation of ultra-light, ultra-compact life rafts offered in today's boating market. 

Superior Halo+ Life Raft Canopy automatically deploys when raft is launched

On Halo+ canopy models, the canopy automatically deploys when the raft is launched, giving protection from wind, rain and spray as well as excessive sun.

The HALO+ includes an automatically deployed canopy with no need to manually or orally inflate like other rafts on the market. The canopy can also be removed and reapplied if needed. 

The HALO and HALO+ are also the only vacuum-sealed rafts in their class, allowing for three-year service intervals in line with the rest of Superior Life-Saving Equipment's lineup. 

Each HALO+ comes standard with an automatic canopy and light, insulated floor and offshore ballast system to provide safety and additional stability on the water. HALO life rafts are ultrasonically welded, giving a much more durable and long-lasting product compared to hand-glued rafts, per the company.

Superior Life-Saving Equipment Halo Compact Life Raft

Ballast bags stabilize the Halo series life rafts in rolling seas and a ladder eases boarding from the water. This four-person design stows easily even on smaller open boats.

The Halo series includes a long list of features that ensure dependability and safety in rafts that are easy to transport and stow aboard.


  • Vacuum sealed for increased protection against the elements 
  • Automatically deployed, removable canopy, easily reapplied if needed
  • Canopy light
  • Heat-welded seams for increased durability and a long-lasting service life
  • Removable insulated floor for protection from hypothermia
  • All models have 4 oversized and weighted offshore ballast bags.
  • Exterior automatically activated strobe light with manual override
  • Bright and highly visible Superior green hull
  • Stainless steel tow ring and hardware
  • Sea anchor and buoyant rescue ring included
  • Easy to transport with weatherproof valise 
  • Large surface area with room for 2/4/6/8 people
  • 6-Year warranty

Superior Life-Saving Equipment Halo Compact Life Raft

The Superior Halo series comes packed in a protective valise for easy carrying and stowage.


  • Color: Green Raft/Orange Canopy
  • Application/intended use: Coastal
  • Pack type: Valise
  • Capacity: 2/4/6/8 People
  • Packed dimensions: 
    • 2 People: 20" x 15" x 9"
    • 4 People: 23" x 17" x 9"
    • 6 People: 24" x 17" x 10"
    • 8 People: 25" x 18" x 10"
  • Weight: 
    • 2 People: 22 lbs
    • 4 People: 29 lbs
    • 6 People: 36 lbs
    • 8 People: 39 lbs
  • Inflated dimensions: 
    • 2 People: 55.25" x 55.35" x 8.66" Freeboard
    • 4 People: 72.91" x 72.91" x 9.85" Freeboard
    • 6 People: 88.82" x 88.82" x 11.61" Freeboard
    • 8 People: 100" x 100" x 12.6" Freeboard

Superior Halo+ Life Raft Canopy compact case

The compact case and moderate weight make it easy to move the Superior Halo life rafts from boat to boat as needed. 

In the Box:

  • Sea anchor
  • Rescue ring with line
  • Sea sick tablets
  • Floating knife
  • Automatically activated strobe light with manual override
  • Topping off pump
  • Bailer