SeaRanger 43 Double Cabin

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British Cruiser

 SeaRanger 43 Double Cabin

The SeaRanger 43 is a versatile cruising boat that has been designed for northern
climes or for someone who would like to use their boat year round. When the Brits
go cruising they must be ready for nearly anything as gales can cook up in the North
Atlantic in the drop of a tea cup and come sweeping in on the United Kingdom. The
English Channel and Irish Sea tend to have short, steep waves so their boats need
to be strong and water tight, and the SeaRanger 43 has been built to that spec.
Ahhh, its $2 to the pound, you say, I'll wait a few years. You don't have to. The
price tag on the Sea Ranger 43 is similar to what you'd pay for a boat built in
the U.S. of the same size and class.

lighthouse 5

The SeaRanger 43 shown in her natural habitat
off the south coast of England.

Double cabin yachts used to be quite popular in the U.S., but over the years they
have pretty much been over shadowed by express cruisers and more recently, the new
coups. These days in North America you'll find only a few builders offering double
cabin motoryachts. If you want to do some serious cruising in the north then a double
cabin is a wonderful option.

SeaRanger 2
Note Isinglass buttons up the flying bridge making it

a great entertaining space even in England in August.

Rule Britannia

SeaRanger has done what we think is a superb job of designing a 43' double cabin
that has made good use of space below, but it has also designed a profile that is
attractive and not high and boxy-looking. She not only looks seaworthy and shippy,
she is. And to the Anglophiles among us, she has a distinctive British look about

Built on a 13'7" beam, drawing 3'7", this 27,000-lb. (dry) vessel is designed to
be easily driven by twin Volvo Penta 330-hp or 370-hp diesels. Since Europe has
been living with high fuel prices for 50 years, designing fuel-efficient boats is
nothing new. SeaRanger says she goes 28 knots, but we'll have to wait for our tests
to find out the specifics.

SeaRanger 3
This view shows the galley down (l), part of the dinette (r), and the saloon
in the background.
The companionway leads to the flying bridge.

SeaRanger has chosen to make this boat a galley down
version. This has the advantage of opening up the salon -- or the ‘saloon" as the
Brits call it -- for entertaining and a bit more elegance. Even though the galley
is down, the forward cabin is functional.

She’s Made for Cruising

The boat has a number of features that are a bit out of the ordinary: a hot air
heating system, "domestic-sized" toilet bowels (Yeah!), an extensive electronics
package including chartplottter and 4kw Garmin radar, triple seating at the flying
bridge helm station, Aikone teak on the swim platform, and granite counter tops
throughout the boat.

SeaRanger 4
We like the three helm seats side-by-side,

something one rarely sees on U.S.-built boats.

The boat comes with an optional hard top, which we
would recommend. With hard top and Isinglass all around, you will have a huge observation
deck for a party, rain or shine.

If you are interested in this boat, may we suggest that you consider taking delivery
in Europe. Cruising the Baltic is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the boat
has a relative low "air draft" which means she can get under many of the bridges
across Northern Europe's canals and rivers. When you are tired of cruising Europe,
you can ship her back to North America on Dockwise.

Now to the price: 375 Pounds Sterling, or about $750k U.S.

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