Handheld Control


Delivering precise wireless control over all your engines, thrusters and more, handheld Yacht Controller devices can make getting your boat or yacht in and out of any slip safe, easy and comfortable in a wide variety of circumstances including proper sightlines, wind, current and close quarters.

Yacht Controller offers a wide range of hand-held components

With units able to manage precise docking and departing, Yacht Controller technology offers a wide range of handheld components covering smaller boats and larger yachts and providing a wide variety of features.

Major Features

  • Wi-Fi management allows remote viewing and handling of the Yacht Controller Receiver via Wi-Fi from any smart device.
  • Ability to fine-tune the receiver for optimum performance and adjust ramp-up time and proportional speed of engines and individual thrusters.
  • Receive firmware updates and software remotely.
  • Supplied remote technical support without the need to have a tech on board for real-time customer service.
  • Owner can direct all settings.
  • Available range of up to 650 feet.
  • Advanced technology with powerful, industry-setting 64-bit quad processor.
  • Dual-band frequency scrolling allows for speeds in nanoseconds—equal to one billionth of a second—over 100 channels.
  • Several models and features to choose from give the boat and yacht owner a wide variety of control options to fit individual needs.
  • Built-in radio spectrum analyzer constantly checks for wireless radio communication interruption for added redundancy.

Technology and Operation

Since 1998, when the first Yacht Controller device was introduced, to today’s Supremo system for mega and superyachts, the company’s cutting-edge and visionary technology has been at the forefront of providing hand-held remote-controlled mechanisms to boaters. Besides its patented and FCC-certified advanced equipment, as well as getting NMMA’s award for most innovative product, Yacht Controller possesses many safety and operating features.

One of the most important of these elements is the fact that it does not bypass any of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) control systems. Instead, all the regular readouts while the Yacht Controller unit is in operation, will be identical with the traditional throttle and shift control information you usually monitor while in docking or departing maneuvers. 

An easy way to understand the basic concept of how a Yacht Controller works is to think of your boat as having a central nervous system. Instead of a spine, with nerves coursing out and connecting to all parts of your body, your boat possesses a CAN Bus, for Controller Area Network, which is a series of wires attached to various applications throughout the vessel. For marine purposes, this is known as NMEA 2000 and is the industry standard protocol for interconnecting devices and sending and receiving data and therefore, instructions for operations. 

Once the Yacht Controller is wired in and activated, this includes speed and ramp-up time of throttles, shifting transmissions, direction of and duration of thrusters, pod drives, windlass, and other functions, the operator can use the device from anywhere on board. An FCC-approved, band-coded signal between the hand-held transmitter and properly installed receiver allows for seamless, dependable, and reliable operation. While a proper learning curve, including a necessary onboard training program, is expected, proficiency with the system, practiced in various conditions including wind, current, and close quarters, can be achieved in a relatively short time by a seasoned operator.

Yacht Controller, wiring is integrated into the vessel's electrical system

Installed by expert technicians, the wiring for a Yacht Controller is integrated into the vessel's electrical system resulting in safe, fast, and reliable operations.

Another safety factor is the proprietary dual band frequency giving the operator peace of mind that should some outside interference occur, rendering one band inoperable, the redundancy of having another at the ready will continue the operations now set in motion. Think of a single band controller going down as you are negotiating a tight space with boats fore and aft as you find yourself already within the point of no return. 

Yacht Controller, operation in a busy marina

While in operation, Yacht Controller's dual frequency ability all but prevents dicey situations from occurring especially in a busy marina with close quarters situations.

Yacht Controller, safely docking

Despite the stiff wind, as indicated by the direction of the flag, the owner of this boat, and the only person aboard, is able to get her safely to the dock with his Yacht Controller.

Yacht Controller Models

There are Yacht Controller units designed for a wide variety of boats and yachts. 

Yacht Controller Sport

Designed for center console and boats up to 40-feet in length, the SPORT Joystick Control System (JCS), allows for control over the engines and thrusters, if so equipped, in a uniform manner for optimum performance to achieve movement and direction according to where the joystick is positioned. 

Yacht Controller's Joystick Control System (JCS) utilizes an LCD helm display.

Yacht controller's Joystick Control System (JCS) utilizes an LCD helm display.

Yacht Controller, Sport joystick

When combined with an optional hand-held, the SPORT JOYSTICK can now be used from anywhere on board.

Yacht Controller, Sport hand-held unit

Operating this 37-foot boat from the bow, the owner is using his SPORT hand-held unit.

Wireless POD Control

Control over bow and stern thrusters, anchor system, as well as the Volvo pods is possible from the palm of your hand with this wireless hand-held.

Yacht Controller, hand-held unit offers joystick control for operation anywhere on the vessel.

The hand-held unit offers joystick control for operation anywhere on the vessel.

The YAMAS CONTROL SYSTEM has been designed for those boats equipped with cable or hydraulic systems. Once installed, and with the push of a button which disengages the old system and energizes the new, wireless one, utilizing the silicone levers, allows the operator to control engines, transmissions, bow thruster, stern thruster or anchor. Once done with the maneuvers, simply turn off the system and control is returned to the cable or hydraulic system. YAMAS also has a safety factor built in, just in case your traditional operations fail. Simply energize, and you are good to go.

Yacht Controller, connected to the existing cable or hydraulic system

Once connected to the existing cable or hydraulic system, via the smart actuator control, to the transmissions and then to the central command receiver, Yacht Controller’s YAMAS hand-held is ready to go.

With the meteoric rise in the popularity of center console and boats up to 50 feet in length being outfitted with more powerful outboards, often hanging tri, quad, and even five of these powerhouse engines across the transom, Yacht Controller’s NEMESIS system is the one remote control designed for these applications. With this advanced system, taking its foundational abilities from the highly successful MAXIMO and SUPREMO series for mega and superyachts, the ability to improve both docking and anchoring situations is as good as it gets.

Yacht Controller, the NEMESIS system

The NEMESIS system is compatible with several Yacht Controller hand-helds.

The launch of the new Nemesis system is designed for vessels under 50ft, including cruisers, yachts and center console boats many of which powered by outboard motors where Nemesis will be able to turn the motors in unison with the bow thruster for ultimate control. The advanced NEMESIS system allows for multiple channel combinations on dual frequencies, can control proportional and/or incremental engine speed as well as thruster speed, has an automatic mode feature for simplified automated docking assistance, and of course, is equipped with wireless charging. Other features include a remote range limit approach, Wi-Fi connectivity to smart devices, and remote Wi-Fi accessibility via VPN for real time customer service, upgrades and modifications from anywhere in the world.

The MAXIMO and SUPREMO systems are specifically designed for large yachts and have capabilities resulting from decades of research and success in the field.

Yacht Controller, toggle controller or joystick option

Available in a toggle controller (left) or with a joystick option (right), these MAXIMO Yacht Controllers bring a new dimension to big boat operations.

Using advanced technology, these dual band models are able to communicate over wi-fi to any smart device to set or modify speed limits. In addition, these high-tech systems have remote wi-fi accessibility via VPN for real time customer service, upgrades and modifications from anywhere in the world, can operate swim platforms, dual anchors, cable masters, do remote scanning for spectrum analyzation trouble shooting or bandwidth antenna tuning, and a host of other state-of-the-art capabilities.

The SUPREMO system has everything the MAXIMO possesses plus a transceiver antenna with CAN Bus data cable communications. This allows for ranges in excess of 200 meters, remote mounting of the antenna without signal reduction, and greatly increases computer power with significant channel expansion for greater redundancy and safety.

Yacht Controller, Supremo system

The SUPREMO system offers greater control for mega and super yachts with a CPU powered transceiver with CAN Bus data communications for faster command responses and increased range.


Yacht Controller is part of The Yacht Group, an industry leading provider of premier luxury marine consulting and manufacturing services. The Group stands on its ability to provide its customers with the satisfaction, enjoyment, and safety of the on-water experience. Yacht Controller has been in business now over 20 years with over 27,000 delivered systems and shown the continued ability to evolve as technology does as well as meet the needs of the boater. 

To that end, Yacht Controller has become the industry standard for remote vessel operations and has utilized all research and development, the latest in innovative technology, and exceptional service for its model line-up. If you have ever considered this advanced system for your boat, get in touch with them at https://www.yachtcontroller.com/contact/ or call them at 305-667-5811